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NJ Web Design Company Uses One “Ugly” Weird Trick for Conversions


Most business owners believe having a website is all it takes to begin receiving more leads and phone calls through the internet. Web design is usually an after-thought or something hastily rushed, but we are seeing now more than ever, the critical role it plays in converting traffic into leads. One web design company in New Jersey has stumbled onto a technique that psychologically eases the potential customer into emailing and calling businesses.

What Should I Do On Your Website? – Hand Holding Through the Sales Funnel

Your potential customers should instantly know what your website is about, the options you present, and the action you want them to take. Too often billboards, television commercials, magazines, and radio advertising catches our attention, but we don’t remember what the product, or brand was, or better yet what actions they want us to take. Unless your website is part of a large multi-million dollar branding campaign, chances are you want direct responses from your traffic; allowing traffic to bounce from your website into the arms of a competitor means lost business for you, and inadvertently boosting up the competition.

The “Ugly” Weird Website Trick That Began to Convert like Crazy

NJAnton.com is a web design firm in New Jersey that hosts thousands of client websites. One client, Timinteriorsystems, a home improvement contractor wasn’t receiving leads. Why were so few people clicking on the “Contact Us” section, and filling out the form? The web team decided to take drastic measures and place a contact form on every single webpage, and results will shock you. Leads went up over 600%; turns out it takes more energy, will-power and overcoming inertia to click on a completely separate contact page, knowing full-well they are now mentally and possibly financially investing themselves with your business. By placing this “ugly”, ubiquitous contact form, customers could make spontaneous decisions. The barrier to entry was lowered, making the decision psychologically easy.

Contact Forms are Not Enough – Satisfy their Fears and Doubts

No one wants to trust a business or website that looks sloppy, rushed, or second rate. All things being equal, a professional website will always outperform an amateur one. With the proper logos, images, graphics, content brand messaging, reviews/testimonials, and of course the ability to be contacted, websites can go from dormant “brand ambassadors” to lead generating machines.

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