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Post-COVID in California – Nuzuna Wellness Centers Open Where Technology Meets Fitness for EveryBODY

Nuzuna logo

Offering a completely wireless and Bluetooth EMS suit that contains 20 pre-placed electrodes on all major muscles for clients to use at the wellness centers.

(Newport Beach, Calif.) – The COVID-19 pandemic is slowly fading thanks to science, social distancing and personal protections. The past year and a half has many people suffering from weight gain as many are working from home and staying at home, and the lack of physical activity is evident.

Nuzuna Wellness Centers are actively working to reverse this situation as they are opening a chain of wellness centers across California with a new training system. The Nuzuna Power Driven Training, PDT, system. What is going to set Nuzuna Wellness Centers apart from the rest of other exercise locations is the open arms mentality the chain has.

Nuzuna Wellness Centers want any and all body shapes and styles to feel welcome and without fearing being judged. Their goal is a brand with a concentration on health, well-being and empowerment. Participants can use the PDT workout system with careful observation and consultation. As the chain puts it, “This is for everyBODY.”

“We are very excited to bring this technology for health and wellness that includes not only physical therapy for those who need it but training in our facilities with or without a personal trainer,” said Charles Laverty, Founder of Nuzuna.

Nuzuna Wellness Centers are working on a new proprietary fitness suit using EMS, electro-muscle stimulation. This system is designed to provide a total body workout equivalent to a four-hour workout in just 20 short minutes. EMS is designed to stimulate 90 percent of the muscles in the body from large muscle groups to the smallest. The program is safe for almost everyone but checking in with a physician is strongly recommended just like any exercise program.

Nuzuna Wellness Centers has also taken the EMS system one step further and is developing the network for a home EMS suit. The EMS suit means a full body, intensive workout can be done for the busy individual who is staying at home for health or personal reasons to gain the benefits of a workout and exercise without leaving home. The EMS suit is wireless, made with a bi-elastic material and machine washable. The lined silver inside the suit has antibacterial qualities that neutralizes odors and maximizes hygiene.

About Nuzuna Wellness Centers
Nuzuna Wellness Centers is the first company in Southern California that incorporates Germany’s revolutionary Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to enhance a traditional workout for clients to use at the wellness centers. EMS has been making its way into the fitness industry, promising to strengthen muscles, boost stamina, increase flexibility, and much more internal health benefits that are still under clinical research. Using this training system with Nuzuna’s trainers can provide visible results after just four sessions, whether through one-on-one or group training programs. Nuzuna Wellness Centers offer various class styles, including Kickboxing, TRX Training, Personal/Group Training, Yoga, Pilates, and Indoor Cycling as well as Physical Therapy and Cryotherapy services.

For more information, including information about the EMS suit, visit www.nuzunafit.com. Follow Nuzuna Wellness Centers on social media on Facebook @NuzunaWellness; Instagram @nuzunafitness; YouTube @NuzunaZoneFitness and LinkedIn @nuzunafit. Learn more about EMS at this video.

For media inquiries and interviews, please contact Kelly Bennett of Bennett Unlimited PR (949) 463-6383 or kelly@bennettunlimitedpr.com.

Curves Clear Lake Announces New Ownership


Houston, Texas 77062– October 04, 2014 – Curves is pleased to announce that the Clear Lake City location at 1956 Eldorado Blvd, Houston, Texas 77062 has been acquired by Jeff & Rebecca Moore.

Curves Clear Lake will be managed by Rebecca Moore. Rebecca is a very successful business woman with strong ties in the local community. She has a keen interest in health, fitness, and nutrition. With the acquisition come plans for renovation of the fitness center. Rebecca has already begun putting her personal touches to work!

Curves members should expect no disruption in normal business hours. In fact, they may very well be surprised by the new attitude and outlook the new management brings to the table.

Rebecca Moore states, “I am thrilled to be a part of Curves, International. I look forward to bringing my business skills and enthusiasm to this club and to share my knowledge with its many members. I can’t wait to meet everyone!”

About Curves International, Inc.
Curves International, Inc. is the largest chain of fitness centers for women in the world and is famous for its 30-minute Circuit with a Coach that works every major muscle group with strength training, cardio and stretching. The new Curves Workouts with Jillian Michaels* offer cutting-edge total body workouts that feature the Curves strength training machines in conjunction with functional bodyweight-based exercises that ramp up metabolism and transform physique. With Curves Complete, women have a fully integrated, personalized weight loss and weight management solution that includes the Curves fitness program, a customizable meal plan and one-on-one coaching and support. Each Curves Complete Coach has completed a certification program developed in conjunction with Cleveland Clinic, one of the most respected hospitals in the country. Curves is committed to providing women with the tools necessary to empower them to live more fulfilling lives. For more information please visit curves.com. *Scheduled workouts vary by location.

Rebecca Moore
Curves Clear Lake
1956 El Dorado Blvd
Houston, TX 77062






September 28, 2014 — FitnessRebates.com, an online website that sources out fitness related deals and coupons, is proud to announce Fitness Rebates breast cancer awareness workout t-shirts.

Fitness Rebates has three different breast cancer awareness workout t-shirts that you can choose from. There are two styles available in black as well as a brand new pink one. The t-shirts are men’s sizes. They are short sleeve and made from 100 percent cotton. Each workout t-shirt features the “Lift Away Cancer” Fitness Rebates logo.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! This is an annual campaign that helps raise awareness of this deadly disease. While most people are aware of breast cancer, many women forget to take the steps needed to detect the disease in its early stages. You can help raise awareness this October by purchasing one of these brand new Lift Away Cancer t-shirts.

These shirts are available for purchase right now on eBay. To help support breast cancer awareness, ten percent of each t-shirt sold will be donated to the Susan G Komen foundation via eBay’s Giving Works. With eBay’s Giving Works, you are connected to the causes that you care about. eBay’s Giving Works provides shoppers with a trusted way to help donate to their favorite nonprofits while shopping on eBay.

The Susan G Komen Foundation is one of the largest, most widely known, and best-funded breast cancer organizations in the United States. Since its inception in 1982, Komen has spent nearly $1.5 billion on breast cancer research, education, and social support programs in the U.S., and through partnerships in more than 50 countries.

“We are proud to offer these brand new breast cancer awareness t-shirts. Our stylish workout t-shirts are a great way to help promote breast cancer awareness throughout the month of October.” said Alex Schelowski, owner of FitnessRebates.com.

Help support the fight to end breast cancer. Lift Away Cancer today with a Fitness Rebates t-shirt! Purchase one right now on eBay at http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_trksid=p2050601.m570.l1313.TR0.TRC0.H0.Xfitness+rebates+lift+away+cancer&_nkw=fitness+rebates+lift+away+cancer&_sacat=0&_from=R40.

About FitnessRebates.com

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Learn more about Fitness Rebates’ breast cancer awareness workout t-shirts at http://www.fitnessrebates.com/lift-away-cancer-breast-cancer-awareness-fitness-rebates-gymwear-available-now.


Alex Schelowski,


Sol D’Licious Combines with Indiegogo to Seek Funding


Your local business Sol D’Licious Café is turning to a new forward way of funding; Indiegogo. Using social media to support a dream. Crowd funding is the practice of aiding a venture by raising many small donations from a large number of people.

Check them out: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sol-d-licious-cafe–2/x/7907708

Who is Sol D’Licious Café?

The vision for Sol D’Licious Café is to be a resource to the community. Whether it’s learning the benefits of eating a whole food plant based diet, along with regular detoxing, incorporating working out in your busy schedule or just de-stressing with a massage. All are a part of living a “Wholistic” healthy lifestyle and all have tremendous benefits. Sol D’Licious Café has provided a “one stop shop” for all your health and wellness needs. To make the vision a reality they are using crowd funding to raise money for necessary equipment to become a more efficient and competitive business by having a full kitchen to ultimately give back.

The Impact

It is the owners’ mission to make Sol D’Licious Café more than just a vegan café that serves great food; their vision is to have Sol D’Licious Café be a rich and meaningful resource to the community to whom they serve. Sol D’Licious’ focus is on the whole individual; mind, body & soul. The owners want to help educate those who may not know what living a complete, well-rounded healthy lifestyle mean or those who are searching for a resource to assist them on their journey. That is the purpose of Sol D’Licious Café, to help raise community awareness of the importance of mental, physical & spiritual health. It wants to make a difference by creating an overall healthier option for all because we know how hard it can be with endless amounts of processed foods and stress surrounding our everyday life.

1351 52nd Street Kenosha, WI 53140



Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Former Assistant and Personal Trainer Team Up on Business

New York City, New York- – This week, veterans of Sean Combs’ multifaceted entertainment powerhouse united for a new venture, fitness-based tech startup BodyStre.am. The company, co-founded by Combs’ former assistant Sarah Melton, has hired Celebrity Trainer Mark Jenkins as its new Fitness Director. Jenkins, one of the most in demand trainers in the business, is recognized for getting Mr. Combs in shape for the New York City Marathon in 2003.

Prior to his new role at BodyStream, Jenkins has been best known for training superstars like Beyonce, D’Angelo, LL Cool J and Mary J Blige. He also starred alongside Combs in the documentary Diddy Runs The City.

BodyStre.am is a social media platform all about fitness that allows users to share health and fitness content on the go. Content can include text, photos, videos or results from fitness tracking tools like Nike Fuelband. All content is organized into categorized “streams” like diet (‘In The Kitchen’ stream), workouts (‘In the Gym’ stream) or progress pictures (‘In the Mirror’ stream). For a more intimate experience, users can also create private circles to share content in smaller groups. This feature is often used by personal trainers or workout buddies that cannot train face to face.

In recent months, a number of high profile fitness users have began migrating their content to BodyStream, including celebrity trainers like Jenkins, Oscar Smith, Kali O’Mard and Madison Chase and social media fitness stars like Instagram’s Lita “@FollowTheLita” Lewis.

“We are ecstatic to have someone like Mark Jenkins joining the team. He is an amazing trainer and has such great insight into what our users need and will want in the future” said Sarah Melton this week. BodyStre.am‘s executive leadership team also includes business leaders like Branding Consultant Jai Manselle, NBA Players Association VP Roger Mason Jr. and eVerifile CEO Mark Wilson.

Riley Wilkinson
275 7th Avenue, 7th Floor
New York City