A brand new Horsham marketing agency has opened its doors. JUMBO Marketing has been set up by local man, James Mumford, to help B2Bs and SMEs from Horsham plan and deliver effective marketing campaigns across all the popular channels.

JUMBO Marketing will offer assistance to customers in four main areas: marketing strategy, digital marketing, copywriting and what the company refers to as ‘managed marketing’. Mr Mumford explains:

‘I think that this is actually the most important part of the service. I know from experience that the majority of leaders in SMEs struggle to find the time for marketing activities. Even if they are excited about getting involved and working on campaigns, other responsibilities get in the way and marketing falls to the bottom of the list.

‘Our managed marketing service make sure that doesn’t happen. Unlike some agencies that operate at a remove, we’ll work as an integrated part of your team, attending relevant meetings, liaising with your staff and even working from your offices if necessary.

‘Essentially, you’ll have an experienced Marketing Manager overseeing all aspects of your marketing, driving your projects forwards and making sure the work gets done.’

Having served time as an account manager in digital marketing agencies and as an in-house PR in the financial sector, Mr Mumford believes that the knowledge and expertise he has developed in these areas will add real value to customer relationships.

‘Effective delivery is key, but it’s also about the depth of knowledge and experience you can bring to the table. I’ve worked across many different marketing disciplines and developed a very broad skill-set. That puts me in an excellent position not only to advise on tactics from the perspective of someone who has ‘been-there-done-that’, but also to get my hands dirty and deliver the work.

‘If you need Search Engine Optimisation, I can help with that. If you want to improve your Adwords campaign, I can help with that. If you want to build relationships with the press, I can help with that. The list goes on.

‘Even if I don’t feel that I am the best person to deliver a project I’ll still have relevant project management experience, so I can help to select and manage a 3rd party supplier. In fact, I have a great network of contacts who are able to help with more specialist tasks such as technical website development or high quality graphic design.’

Finally, Mr Mumford is keen to point out what makes JUMBO Marketing a breath of fresh air for Horsham businesses.

‘I think that marketing people aren’t always great when it comes to gaining their clients’ trust. Whether it’s resorting to jargon that leaves the client unsure of what is happening or allowing unrealistic expectations to go unchecked, a lot of people end up feeling like their marketing partners haven’t been entirely straight with them.

‘In contrast, many of my past clients have commented on how clear and transparent I am in my communications and in my approach to the relationship as a whole. I always give honest feedback and try to tell it like it is. I think clients really appreciate this because they know they can always rely on me to provide an accurate picture of what is going on with their projects.’

Horsham business owners who are looking for help with their marketing can find out more about JUMBO Marketing at the company’s new website:

Alternatively, they can send email to

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