Ghana Track Cycling Club Launch in Glasgow


Global: The Commonwealth games have hosted some of the most successful cyclists in the world since the first-tournament way back in 1954. Before that time, the event was known as the British Empire Games, but many of the same sports were used. This year will be the first time Ghana have entered a track cyclist. The whole world is excited to see how Jedidiah Amoako-Ackah will perform against some of the most respected peers in his field.

Local entrepreneur Mr. Sean Dyantyi made a decision to open the Ghana Track Cycling club in September 2013. Mr Dyantyi has many varied business interests outside of sport. They include property and investment company based in Ghana, Property Catalogue. Hence the interest in ensuring cyclists from that great nation have the same chance as everyone else in the games.

Also owned by Mr Dyantyi, Junk Me is a rubbish removal company based in Glasgow which operates within the central belt of Scotland. The company serves both domestic and commercial customers within Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Ayr and the surrounding areas.

Ghana Track Cycling affiliated to Ghana Cycling Federation, which is part of UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) You can find out more about Ghana Track Cycling by visiting them website at:

Mr. Dyantyi was recently quoted as saying “In September 2013, Jeddie was introduced to me by Mr. Samuel Okraku, a Ghanaian nationalist, as a sportsman undertaking Judo and boxing. Mr. Jedidiah Amoako-Ackah accepted the invitation to join the club and to take on Track Cycling as a new career in sports. I had started making all the preparation required for equipment and logistics. I worked with Jedidiah to meet the requirements to participate at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. This is the first participation of a Ghanaian track cyclist at the Commonwealth Games. Part of the project is to inspire generations into actively taking part in non-traditional sports in Ghana. On this occasion, we aim to open opportunities for youth sports development in Ghana through the support and contribution from corporate organisations, family and government, we believe we can help. It is an opportunity for Ghana to rebrand itself in international sporting associations and also to showcase Ghana’s investment opportunities in the cause of <<Invest in Ghana>>.”

With so many people getting behind the Ghanian cyclist, we’re expecting to see impressive results at the games. The event kicks off on 23rd July and runs through to 3rd August, so there’s only a couple of weeks to wait.

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