Florida-based Direct Importer/Manufacturer Offers Authentic Moroccan Decors on Limited Sale Prices


Clearwater, FL- 29 October 2014. Moroccan d├ęcor and furniture products are commonly imitated for its exquisite and unique designs. These fake items outsourced from the far east abound many online shopping gateways today. Just Morocco, a Florida-based company producing Moroccan products, has their own authentic Marrakesh workshop right in the heart of Morocco to battle these imitations. Their Moroccan team strive to make the best handmade pieces of furniture all with authentic raw materials. They always have a wide selection on a regularly updated catalog with new items fresh from Marrakesh. Their Florida showroom will soon expand with another showroom in Marrakesh alongside their workshop.

Just Morocco Difference

To combat imitations, Just Morocco made sure that their Moroccan tiles, lanterns, beds and other numerous home furniture are authentic, that is made and sourced from Morocco itself.

Moroccan furniture has a rich historical background. With influence from many other cultures that resulted in modern yet mysterious designs. Through Islamic influences, it has retained its elaborate arches, sketches and domes. Moroccans also almost always prefer wooden furniture that are accented with intricate Islamic geometric designs. Wood also represent the color of the earth which is featured in many other types of Moroccan home decors.

Mass production of such beautiful ornaments had been a practice in other countries especially China to sell cheap yet low-quality products. Just Morocco has always been against this type of business as authentic Moroccan exports are always handcrafted to ensure sturdiness and quality.

One such definitive product that is ingrained in the very core of their culture are Moroccan lanterns. Artistically shaped and used in many Arabian legends, these lamps or lanterns have been the traditional lighting source for many Moroccan homes who then used candles as fixtures inside the lamp. Today, light bulbs have replaced this commodity.

Other products include cabinets, containers, tiles, special gifts, chairs, tables, pottery, and even fabrics and book interiors.

JustMorocco.com is a direct importer and manufacturer of the products seen on their updated online catalog so they stock a huge variety of their products to make wholesale services. They also sell semi-antiques and other high end furniture products coming straight from Morocco.

Their new showroom will soon open at Tamesslouht Route d’Ourika Marrakesh in Morocco.

As their items are all original and handcrafted by master Moroccan artisans, they are usually highly priced compared to competing sellers. To solve this, JustMorocco frequently offers on sale items with varying price discounts on limited time offers so regular and potential customers can get their authentic items at lesser prices.

About Just Morocco

Founded in 2000 as a propositioned Moroccan furniture distributor, Just Morocco is now one of the leading distributors of authentic Moroccan furniture exports in Florida; selling single and wholesale items to Trade partners and discounted items to the general public. Their products come directly from their Marrakesh workshop and handmade, by real Moroccan master artisans. They also sell not just in Florida but elsewhere in the USA and the world. They also cater special and personalized orders.

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