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Hello World – The place to get stunning wallpapers and find out more about exciting travel destinations!

Hello World combines the feature of a wallpaper app with the engaging content of a travel discovery app. Users can browse through a comprehensive database featuring thousands of high quality images from some of the most exciting and wonderful places all around the world.
Hello World is not only a great way to find an amazing new wallpaper for your screen, but it is also a great platform to discover new places and new unique locations from all corners of the world.

As they say an image is worth more than a thousand words. However, Hello World is not only about stunning photographs. Beautiful images from exciting travel destinations are always catchy, but it is often challenging to find out a little bit more about the places depicted in the pictures. This is exactly why the team at Hello World made sure to also include a lot of interesting facts! Each location featured within our app is accompanied by many different shots and some nice highlights and information about each place. Learn about the best local sights, the weather, the wildlife, the culture, the local cuisine and a lot more!

Hello World hopes to inspire you to travel and discover beautiful new destination all around the world! The app is currently available for download on Google Play
Find out more and feel free to get in touch for further information:

Video of Hello World! in action:
Screenshots about the app:
App in Google Play:

During it’s open beta stage the app was showcased in this year’s Google I/O – in “Firebase recipes to bootstrap your app“ session (
Here is the video about the session (

The New York Jet Club Unveils Its Membership Plans

New York – 22/05/2017 – The New York Jet Club, a private jet charter company is pleased to announce its new membership plans. The plans are designed in such a way as to help business owners travel to and from the world like Fortune 500 executives for a fraction of the cost. Intending members of the New York jet Club can now choose between a “Pay As You Fly” annual membership plan or an “All You Can Fly” membership plan.

By partnering with the Global Exec Aviation, New York Jet Club has been able to reduce their cost of operations to the barest minimum and assure members of nothing but the best in terms of service and pricing on any of their membership plans.

Some of the member benefits include:

• Deciding either taking a private car service or flying over traffic in a helicopter
• Have a personal concierge to help with everything and anything needed for a lovely trip including, hotel bookings, restaurant reservations and much more.
• An additional vacation flight for every 2 round trip flights.

In a recent interview, Ms. Saunders, the founder, and CEO of the New York Jet club revealed, “What we have created is a private airline that specifically caters to affluent business owners and executives who fly regularly between the business capitals of the world. We encompass all of our client’s needs. Where it be helicopter transfers and car-to-plane boarding or private valet, all services are included in the price of their premium private jet flight.”

If interested in learning more about New York Jet club or becoming a member, please visit

About the New York Jet Club
The New York Jet Club acts solely as an agent for its members in facilitating private jet charter flights and other membership benefits. All NYJC flights are managed and operated by partners, all of which are Gold Plus or Platinum ARGUS rated and under the FAA-certificates Part 135 carriers.

The Media Team
New York Jet Club

Now Pay Only for the Time You Stay at a Hotel – MiStay Launches it’s Mobile App

Bangalore, 16th May, 2017: MiStay, a travel-tech company which allows booking hotel rooms by pack of hours with flexible check-in & check-out times, has launched its Android app.

Available now on Google Play Store, MiStay’s hotel booking app lets users’ book hotel rooms only for the hours they need. A complete day has been divided into 3 slots based on different use cases – Morning (8 am – 11 am), Day (12 noon – 7 pm) and Night (8 pm – 7 am). Users can select one or a combination of multiple slots based on their need.

MiStay was launched in April last year, though the booking was early restricted only though the website. “We have been experiencing a constant increase in mobile traffic in the last two months. Mobile constitutes around 60% of our website traffic and 80% of them are android devices. The launch of the android app is an initial move to our increased focus on mobile”, said Pranav Prabhakar, the co-founder and CTO of MiStay.

Travellers who reach a city early morning and want to freshen up before a meeting or attending an interview can book the morning slot at MiStay’s partner hotel and save up to 60%. Travellers who have a long layover before a connecting flight/ train can book day use hotels near the airport and refresh before the onward journey.

MiStay is currently operational in 8 metro cities in India – Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Gurgaon and Hyderabad. In these cities, MiStay has partnered with around 120 hotels including 5 star hotels as well as branded hotel chains such as Pride Hotels, Sarovar Hotel, Keys Hotel, Kenilworth Hotel & Mango Hotel.

The app is available for free on Google Play Store and supports devices running Android 4.0 Kitkat and above. “We aim at delivering a seamless booking experience to our users. There is no sign-up or registration process required. Users can book a hotel in 3 simple steps”, said Pranav.

Please visit for more information about MiStay. To download the app, visit:

For further information, please contact:

Pranav Prabhakar

Ody Travel Gear Luggage Locks Awarded The Amazon Choice Award On Amazon

Ody Travel Gear Luggage Locks have been awarded as the “Amazon Choice” award by the popular e-commerce platform, Amazon. The company expects that this will likely have a positive impact on the sales output of the product too.

Luggage locks are one of the necessity products which finds its use in nearly all trips – vacations, business or family. The luggage locks by Ody Travel Gear were recently listed as on Amazon .com as Amazon Choice and this is definitely great news for the brand and a useful accolade.

CEO of the company, Guy Fisher was quoted as saying, “Being listed as the Amazon Choice product is definitely a great news for us. We are aware of how this listing can have a huge positive impact on the sales number. We are hopeful that it will bring in the right kind of results for us and our quality commitment gives us the push to reach higher sales numbers.”

This luggage lock is quick and easier to use because it comes with the U-clasp on the luggage locks. The push button which is present at the top of the lock makes it simple for users to both open and close it quickly. Further, the dial for setting the lock has been smartly designed and it makes both locking and unlocking very convenient when you know the dynamics.

In addition, as it is a luggage lock, care has been taken to ensure that is secure and durable and can’t be easily broken by thieves. The design is travel sentry TSA approved and those who have chosen to buy this product have been extremely happy and have rated it positively.

The company is known for making quality travel accessory products that acquire positive reviews and the right kind of response. Those who want to get acquainted with the different features which this luggage lock has to offer or to place an order can find them on with Free shipping for Prime customers at:

Ody Travel Gear™ provides quality travel items for discerning travellers. All products come with No Questions Asked Money Back Lifetime Guarantees. The company is founded on an ethos of premium quality products backed up with world class customer service. Products are available to buy on

Company: Ody Travel TM
Contact: Brenda Johnson
Contact No.: (707) 813 2275
Address: US-Office Suite #8811 3422 SW 15 Street
Deerfield Beach FL 33442 United States

Email Address:

A Cheap and Reliable Quality Travelling Service from NY Tri-State Area to JFK Now Serving Clients for the Holiday Season


New York, NY (12th December, 2014) – Cheap travelling services are rare to find during the holiday season. There is a lot of travelling freight during the holiday season because there are families flying in and out of towns and cities to reunite and enjoy in joyous merriment the spirit of holidays with their loved ones. A cheap Car Service, JFK, New York is now being offered by one of the best names in New York. The company believes their services to be completely reliable and one of the most cost effective travelling services in the entire Tri-State area.

The company has been in business for a long time and with their skilled staff and proficient working methods they are just about one of the most ideal travelling services in the New York Tri-State area. The service is specially customized for families or groups travelling to the JFK from any part of New York Tri-State area. The spokesperson for the company spoke about the company’s philosophy and pursuit towards their work and their clients.

“Our company has valued the clients more than anything else because we understand that a satisfied and happy clientele is the key to a successful business. We work hard to ensure that the clients are always satisfied from our service. We give them the best service and extremely cheap rates. Our vehicles are the most top quality vehicles that are maintained regularly. We also take the one step extra and perpetuate our service further by hiring professionally trained chauffeurs who are the further trained on a regular basis at the work place. Our staff is always the best with years of extensive experience in the field.”

The spokesperson further spoke about the company’s brilliant customer support and management staff that proficiently manages all reservation schedules and delays/ time changes “We efficiently manage all our client inquires through two of our locations. Our management and reservation centre is based in Las Vegas, Nevada where we manage all changes in schedules and handle the client inquiries. Our second location is our satellite office based in Long Island where we also handle customer inquiries and schedule changes/ delays etc. We provide utmost client support so that there is no hassle or fret on the client’s part and everything is efficiently handled with.”

The company has a team of customer care representatives which is present throughout the hours and the entire week so that we are always available for our clients. The spokesperson for the company also stated about their customer care representatives being extremely skilled and they answer all the inquiries genuinely. So, this Holiday season when there is already so much to spend on, a cheap yet reliable car service is just one needs for carefree travelling.

Media Contact: Tommy Villanova
Location: New York, NY