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Appeal filed to Third Circuit Court

An appeal to the US Third Circuit Court of Appeals is asking the judges there to overturn decisions by a lower court and send the case back to the lower courts in front of another judge.

John F. Marchisotto filed the appeal for a variety of reasons, chief of which is the court system and those working for the court conspired against him to deny his rights.

Mr. Marchisotto is a retired New York City police department sergeant.

“I personally always treated people properly, and professionally, in my career in law enforcement, and never abused my authority, or power against anyone,” he said.

The way he was treated by the New Jersey court system was not equitable, not legal and against the provisions guaranteed in the Constitution.

“I am hoping to make changes in a very broken judicial system. Pro se litigants, should be treated fairly, and not be abused by state, and federal court judges, police, prosecutors, and other officials who enjoy abusing their authority or powers,” he said. “The judicial system should be helping Pro se litigants rather than trying to hurt them. NJ Courts make it almost impossible for a non-attorney to succeed.”

“NJ Superior Court Judge’s, Margaret Goodzeit, and Alberto Rivas “Abused their Authority” “Rigged” manipulated, and controlled by deceptive or dishonest means. This is what they do to Pro se litigants. “The Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct is an useless organization put in place to appease the public,’ he said.

His appeal says in part, “A jury trial was also demanded by Appellant, and the district court was only interested in dismissing his complaint against the high-profile state and judicial defendants.”

In his appeal, Mr. Marchisotto says Judge Margaret Goodzeit, and Judge Rivas “Abused their Authority”,  improperly “rigged” and dismissed his entire case they heard.

Among other things, Mr. Marchisotto said another District Court judge should have recused himself because of a previous relationship with one of the defendants. “The Chief Justice was his boss, and accelerated his career, and someone who he would be very loyal to. It is the simple basis that humans develop relationships with people they work with and for,“ he said.

By taking his case to the Third Circuit court, he said this sends a message to the court system in New Jersey. He also hopes the cease will bring needed reforms to the courts.

“I am one of a few Pro se’s that has the privilege, to bring my appeal before the 2nd highest court in the land. I hope my voice will pave the way to a better future for all other Pro se litigants that could not get their voice heard,” he said. “The New Jersey Courts are very poorly run, and it’s time for change and new leadership.”

He also objects to the “judicial immunity” judges like to use when someone threatens to sue.

“If a judge does something wrong form the bench, something has to be done. Unfortunately in New Jersey, it seems the entire judicial branch covers up for each other. Bad judges are allowed to stay put and can continue to hand down miscarriages of justice.

For more information, including a copy of the full appeal, contact Mr. Marchisotto at .

John F. Marchisotto
Pro Se Appellant
15 Topaz Drive
Jackson, NJ 08527
(732) 536-7732

Author Radhaa Nilia and Actor Raymond Bagatsing support kids during the world’s most prolonged Corona-Virus lockdown in the Philippines.

The Philippines’ lockdown has been one of the strictest, longest-lasting in Asia and the world. Most stores, schools, and offices have been closed along with public transportation. A health pass from local officials became a requirement to be able to move around. Manila was supposed to be open again by April 13th, but instead, the lockdown was extended repeatedly to this day.

Filipina-American Author Radhaa Nilia and Actor Raymond Bagatsing find joy in volunteering in book distribution for Filipino kids.

With schools shut down, kids are unable to get an education. Radhaa Nilia and Raymond Bagatsing teamed up with Deo Palma, founder of “Maharlika Ang Kasama,” a non-profit social service group providing feeding programs, daycare centers, distribution of clothes and kids supplies to local and surrounding communities.

The duo took part in book distribution for children in one of the Philippines’ isolated communities. Joining with Maharlika Ang Kasama along with the Maharlika Artists and Writers Federation (MAWF), the children’s books for distribution received support from Barangay San Rafael, Montalban, Rizal in hopes that kids can still study even when they are staying at home with their parents during this pandemic.

Kids lined up to receive the books along with their parents.

Raymond and Radhaa with Filipino children

Raymond is an avid supporter and sponsored a preparatory school in the province for over five years. Radhaa believes children are the future and have participated in mentorship programs for kids in the US, now in the Philippines. Raymond and Radhaa enjoy reading to the children and giving books that help kids learn to read English and Tagalog.

The children’s books were donated by CANVAS (Center for Art, New Ventures and Sustainable Development) through Ms. Tracy Tarongoy aka Tapati Itapat. The same books were given to Maharlika Day Care Centers located in Bukidnon, Iloilo, Ormoc, Pampanga, Camarines Norte & Sapang Palay. They are currently accepting educational and empowering book donations.

Along with his humanitarian work, Raymond Bagatsing is also the lead star of an award-winning international movie “Quezon’s Game.”

In Quezon’s Game, Bagatsing plays the titular role of Filipino President Manuel “Manny” L. Quezon. New York Times described his performance as “sincere, [and] rousing.” While the Hollywood Reporter calls Bagatsing “charismatic” as he “delivers a nuanced, compelling turn in the titular role.”

Raymond received international recognition for his work in Quezon Game, which won him the best actor at Cinema World Fest AUTUMN Awards in Ottawa, Canada. Raymond also received the best actor at California Indie Film Festival for his portrayal of President Quezon. Claimed and proven by his talents, Raymond is one of Asia’s most acclaimed actors.

Raymond Bagatsing is a seasoned Filipino actor starring in both television and films.

Raymond stars in the hit series, Almost Paradise, Episode six. A new show created by writer, producer Dean Devlin. Dean is one of Hollywood’s most prominent producers. Raymond plays agent Rabara in episode six, which can be found on Amazon Prime.

Being in the spotlight comes naturally to Bagatsing. His grandfather Ramon D. Bagatsing Sr. was the longest standing mayor of Manila for 17 years. The Bagatsing family has staying power, and Raymond is just getting started as far as he is concerned.

Bagatsing has received the highest achievements and Acting awards in the Philippines, Singapore, Canada, and the USA.

Radhaa Nilia and Raymond Bagatsing at RK Bagatsing “US Again” Premiere

Radhaa Nilia and Raymond Bagatsing at RK Bagatsing film premiere, “US Again.”

Radhaa and Raymond are also filmmakers working on a documentary film called “Maharlika, In Search of Our Identity.” They intend to educate and inspire the remembrance of pre-colonization culture in the Philippines.

Radhaa Nilia, born of a Filipina mother and American father, embraces her Motherland roots. Giving back is something that Radhaa has always wanted to do for her people in the Philippines.

Radhaa Nilia is known for her work as a coach, author, publisher, and producer in the USA. She is the author of “Memoirs of a Galactic Goddess, Quan Yin Goddess Activations and the Curator of Awakening Starseeds series.” She is also the founder of Radhaa Publishing House and Goddess Code Academy with her primary healing modality called “Goddess Activations.” With a background in entertainment and media, Radhaa is an award-winning actress, director, and indie filmmaker. In the past, Raymond Bagatsing and Radhaa Nilia have teamed up to work on a short Indie Film called Freight Train, Directed by Zen Freese in the USA. It won the best short film, and Raymond picked up the Best Actor award at OneFilAm in Los Angeles, California. The duo recently teamed up again in co-directing a documentary film about the pre-colonial Philippines with a working title: “Maharlika, In Search of Our Identity.”

To get involved in these humanitarian projects in the Philippines, donate food, books, or volunteer, contact Maharlika Ang Kasama founder Deo Palma: Phone: 09273175265. Email:

You can find Radhaa Nilia:

You can find Raymond Bagatsing:

Contact: Lyn at Golden Light PR
Phone: 865-322-9606


BOSTON, Mass., NOV 14, 2019 – Slick Energy and The Slick Degrees Foundation recognize Veterans Day and National Veterans and Military Families Month by announcing a special initiative that honors American service members, past and present.

Slick, a regional leader in home heating oil delivery, is offering free oil to select veterans and active duty military families. To spread the warmth and expand their impact, Slick is kicking off a GoFundMe campaign on Veterans Day. 100% of the funds raised during this campaign will go directly to military families in MA, NH, and RI. And there’s more: Slick will match current customers’ referral bonuses, and new customer bonuses, too–more ways to meet their $10,000 goal.

Slick is confident that this targeted outreach will benefit some of the approximately 330,000 veterans and 18,000 active duty military/reservists* who call Massachusetts home.

Slick Co-founder Chris Buchanan explains the reasoning behind the initiative: “Heating a home throughout the winter can cost upwards of $2500. By implementing this special offer and encouraging others to join us in honoring those who currently serve and those who have defended our country in the past, we are actively engaging in the communities Slick serves.”

In 2018, Slick’s philanthropic arm, The Slick Degrees Foundation, dedicated Veterans & Military Families as a top funding and service priority. The impact is twofold: ease the worry of active duty military service members and support veterans who may struggle to pay costly home heating bills.

Slick Co-founder PJ Solomon adds: “Last month, we rolled out our Tank You For Your Service initiative for active duty military families and now, on Veterans Day, we decided to open this effort up to other Massachusetts businesses, Slick customers, and community members. We take care of the logistics and give our predetermined amount, but GoFundMe allows us to optimize our impact. Collectively, we can help these very important community members prepare their homes for the winter months.”

As a leading provider of home heating oil, we are not only deeply committed to providing the best service and price, we are committed to improving the communities where we operate and the lives of the people who call them home.

Currently, a portion of every single gallon of heating oil purchased through Slick goes directly into The Slick Degrees Foundation, which focuses on the following impact areas: Kids & Education, Food & Housing Insecurity, and Veterans/Military Families.

Chris Buchanan
*source: Massachusetts Military Support Foundation


The American Legion is welcoming more members from more than 6 million Veterans who were ineligible to join prior to the passage of The LEGION Act. With Bi-partisan support, on July 30, 2019, President Trump signed a bill that declared the United States has been in a state of war since December, 7, 1941. Before July 30th, many veterans were ineligible to join because of the war eras were defined by Congress. The recent bill passage and the President’s signature immediately reduced the number of war eras from seven to two.

The bipartisan LEGION Act (Let Everyone Get Involved In Opportunities for National Service Act) fully supported by the American Legion enables thousands of American Veterans who fought for this country but whose service fell into previously defined war eras are now eligible to join the American Legion.

The LEGION Act also honors the 1,600 service members who were killed or wounded in undeclared periods of war spanning the last 78 years by extending honors to those veterans, their spouses and descendants. Membership eligibility has been opened eligibility to The American Legion Family to hundreds of thousands who had previously been excluded.

For 100 years the American Legion has provided critical resources and created a community for veterans, the passage of this legislation will ensure that everyone who puts on the uniform has the privilege to join the Legions’ ranks.

Regardless of when a service member served, every veteran is a hero and has earned our respect and full access to their benefits.

The LEGION Act honors and acknowledges all the service members who were killed or wounded in undeclared periods of war spanning the last 78 years by extending honors to those Veterans, their spouses and descendants. Membership eligibility has been expanded through the American Legion Family of organizations such as the Sons of the American Legion (SAL); The American Legion Auxiliary and the American Legion Riders, many who had previously been excluded are quickly joining the family.

Jean Wilson, a resident of Harrison Ohio, who likewise made 2019 history was elected the Department of Ohio’s first female, 1st Vice Commander. Jean is a dual member of both the American Legion as a Legionnaire (United States Army 1969-1971 Veteran) and is also a member of the American Legion Auxiliary (the daughter of a Veteran). Jean stated “I love explaining American Legion Membership benefits. The American Legion wrote the GI Bill of Rights, so if you have ever attended college or received help buying a home by way of the GI Bill; or if you have ever needed help processing complicated VA medical claims; you can thank the American Legion since these services are available free of charge to all members. The American Legion is actively seeking ways to help all Veterans yesterday, today and tomorrow.”

Since 1919 the American Legion has provided critical resources and a community for Veterans, the passage of this legislation ensures that anyone who puts on the uniform has the privilege to join the American Legions’ ranks. Nevertheless when a Veteran served, each is a hero who has earned our respect and deserves full access to their benefits.

Frances Arroyo
American Legion Auxiliary Historian
Yeager Benson Post, Unit 199 Harrison, Ohio

National American Legion Press Association
Director Area 1

Nicole’s Nannies Offering Professional Nanny and Child Caregiving Services

Madison, NJ – For every parent, nothing can be more important than finding the right caregiver or nanny to look after their bundle of joy and keep them safe while they are focused on other responsibilities. Making the right choice can be a difficult and stressful task, but not with the right resources. Nicole’s Nannies, a nanny agency located in Madison, NJ is dedicated to helping parents make the right choice on the perfect caregiver for their family. Servicing New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut since 2015, Nicole’s Nannies is gradually becoming the go-to nanny agency for both families and experienced caregivers. The company, which was founded by a former nanny with over 10 years of experience, is set to redefine the nanny workspace, ensuring that while families find the perfect caregiver for their kids, nannies can also find the best positions essential for their job satisfaction.

Heather, the founder of Nicole’s Nannies, said: “I know the ins and outs of the nanny world, and now as my own family is growing I get to see the ins and outs of motherhood and the needs of a family. It is my goal and my passion to not only make sure that families are receiving qualified nannies but to make sure nannies are receiving the benefits and pay that they deserve.”

Nicole’s Nannies is a member of both APNA (a Premier Nanny Association) and INA (International Nanny Association) and follows strict regulations and standards when screening nannies and making placements to make sure the children in their care are as safe as possible. All nannies are fully screened in person prior to sending them to meeting families. They undergo 3 professional reference checks, a 5 point background check, and a DMV record check before they are qualified to meet with families. With Nicole’s Nannies, placements are not made in a rush and care is taken to ensure both the family and nannies are happy with the placement.

As part of its services, the nanny agency also helps to create a contract for families and direct them to a payroll system. As stated by Nicole’s Nannies, “Your child’s happiness is our business!”.

For further information, be sure to visit

Media Contact:
Heather Pentz