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1Choice Garage Door Repair San Antonio Listed Their Helpline Number On Its Website

1Choice Garage Door Repair San Antonio, a pioneer in the garage door services industry, has added a helpline number on its website to make communication with clients a smoother process.

USA – 1Choice Garage Door Repair San Antonio, a major garage door services provider, recently listed a helpline number on its website to help the clients who want to contact the customer care service desk in emergency situations. The garage doors San Antonio business, which has often hit the headlines for introducing a host of new services for the people of San Antonio, wants to deliver services at a faster and more efficient manner. The owners said that the inclusion of a helpline number would help them connect with their prospective buyers faster than usual.

George Davis, the CEO of the San Antonio garage door repair company, had laid emphasis on customer satisfaction. He reiterated his points. “Now that a helpline number is listed on our website, we hope that people can talk to our experts more easily, which would ultimately translate into increased sales for us”.

As garage doors are one of the major security components of a household or a commercial space and it adds beauty to the entire place and provides security too, the San Antonio garage door services company aims to treat each and every case with equal importance. If something goes wrong with garage doors, it calls for real and immediate attention, which is why the company recently listed his helpline number.

“Sometimes, it becomes a real headache and we don’t want our clients to go through such times. Our professionals are always ready with the best equipment available. They will be rushing to a client’s place and diagnose whichever issue has cropped up. Once they are done with that, they will be solving it within a matter of minutes.”, added Davis.

“Till now, our clients have been communicating us through emails or by dropping in at our shop. The inclusion of the helpline number will help to save that effort and time as well. All they need to do is ring us up on that number and our garage door services team will be zooming towards them to bail them out as soon as possible.’’

About the Company
1Choice Garage Door Repair San Antonio is a local garage doors services provider in San Antonio, TX.
To know more, visit:

Full Address: 1003 jackson keller, suite A. San Antonio TX. 78213
Phone: (210) 802-3590
Email Address:

California Horse Barn Manufacturer Launches New Website

Castlebrook Barns, a California barn manufacturer, recently announced the launch of their new website. The new website features multiple photo galleries highlighting the company’s barns and various barn designs, including Shedrow barns, RCA barns, Gable/Gambrel barns, as well as multiple other structures including Round Pens and Custom Workshops.

“We are happy to have our new website up and running to provide a premium experience for our customers,” says Castlebrook Barns’ Marketing Director, Alexis Park. “We have been working hard to create a platform highlighting our barns, and we wanted to make sure that it supported our brand properly and showcased all of our broad product line.”

The new website is responsive, designed for mobile, and includes information about the company and its product offerings. Users are able to take advantage of features like pinch zoom, to allow for viewing all aspects of the horse barns, and click-to-call for ease of communication. “We wanted to ensure our customers were able to see our products clearly,” explains Park, “including all of our stall options, accessories and upgrades.”

Castlebrook Barns produces a premium product line featuring the highest quality horse barns, barn accessories as well as products for improving existing horse barns and stalls.

The new website also features a “Latest News” blog which will feature original content regarding new barn designs and accessories, barn maintenance tips, and tips and information regarding horses, horse care and more as it relates to owning and maintaining a barn.

About Castlebrook Barns
As leaders in the horse barn manufacturing industry, Castlebrook Barns utilizes the highest quality materials and the latest technology to create the best barn at the best price on the market today. For more information call 800-522-2767 or visit:

Contact info
Marketing Director Alexis Park

MPB Temporary Classrooms Labelled ‘Quality and Competitive’

United Kingdom: A highly regarded Staffordshire company has received notable recognition for its timely completion of the Temporary Classrooms Project for the Tor View Community Special School. The company, MPB, have been paving the way in temporary classroom projects for over thirty years. But, now they have received the attention that they deserve. Their classrooms have been labelled both quality and competitive. It’s a fantastic accolade to receive.

MPB started life in the Brocton area of Staffordshire over thirty years ago and have gone from strength to strength ever since. MPBs company ethos is based on delivering a robust, quality service at a highly competitive rate. Little wonder that MPB have grabbed the attention of schools and learning facilities around the country.

The project, in which they received their recent accolade, was undertaken this year. The school required extensive work, to which MPB performed this significantly. Tor View Community Special School had required a great deal of work to accommodate its growing facilities in the field of music and literature. What is more, MPB ensured that the temporary classroom structures catered to the needs of the specialist and therapeutic needs of the students. MPB reconfigured the school and improved the learning environment for the students in its attendance. Aside from providing a high-quality learning space, at an affordable price, the schools aesthetic appearance was greatly enhanced following the project. State of the art materials was used to ensure the highest possible quality. Care and diligence are at the heart of MPBs strategy.

Carl Greenwood, the Site Operations Manager, has stated that MPB is one of the best companies that he has worked with. “Our School budget restraints meant we looked to purchase a refurbished building to accommodate a new library and music room provision. We chose Midlands Portable Buildings for being the most competitively priced and their willingness to work around our busy schedules. I was particularly impressed with the advice we were given at the design stage utilising a foundation pad used when previously hiring a building. MPB not only sourced a similar manufactured building to the one we had previously, they adapted the foundation to suit, saving a considerable amount of money!

Our School provides education for children with a vast spectrum of learning difficulties therefore we needed the rooms to be light and spacious. The refurbishment was carried out to our complete satisfaction following delivery and everyone here at the school, teachers and children alike, is suitably impressed with our new building.”

Affordable quality is right at the heart of MPBs company philosophy. They are committed to delivering excellent results that are in line with the budgetary restraints that many schools face.

Should you want to speak to their dedicated workforce and find out more about temporary classroom projects, the contact information is detailed here:



Midlands Portable Buildings Ltd
Brocton Business Park
Cannock Road (A34)
ST17 0SU

Handyman Painters: Committed to Keeping your Basements Dry

Toronto, CA – 13 November 2014 – Handyman Painters, the leading painting service providers from Toronto truly understand the damaging effects that water can have on any edifice, especially in the basements. To help the residents of the Toronto enjoy a safe and healthy life, Handyman Painters provide guaranteed services for waterproofing the basements. Their expert staff is experienced and proficient in handling the problems associated to Wet Basements. They are quite efficient and dependable in their services and are experts in their domain.

Their vast experience in dealing with this problem makes them the best choice for the said task. They use the latest techniques and state of the art tools to ensure that your basements remain dry, clean and water free. It is a relief to take in the dry air after the waterproofing job is done. They are your best choice to get rid of the dark and damp. Their effective and established methods will ensure that all the reasons for dank and moist are eliminated form your basements. The large area of the basements is not only rendered inoperative and unusable due to the moisture permeating it but is also a leading cause for devaluing of any property. The waterproofing job by Handyman Painters can aid you in transforming these vast areas for storage, workspace and studio or even into a stylish living area. The waterproof renders and waterproof paints are so effective that you can even convert your basements into your bedroom once the job is done. The techniques prevent the water from seeping into the walls, floors and other structures around the house.

From interior redecoration to wet basements, Handyman Painters Toronto has a solution for all the household problems. Since its inception in 1987, the Handyman Painters have brought life to many a dull homes. The motivation that drives the company is to provide the customers with affordable remodeling and repairing solutions without compromising in the quality of the work done. Thousands of satisfied customers over a quarter of century are testimonial to the quality of their services.

The Handyman Painters Toronto is proud to have enhanced and improved a number of commercial and residential properties throughout the neighborhood. Their quality paints provide maximum stability, enduring performance and ensure a healthy quality for all including the pets and children. Throughout a job, the environment preservation is given preference.

The company ensures that the painters performing the job for you are the best and trustworthy. Complete background check is run on every individual who is hired therefore all reasons for doubt are eliminated. Each repairing job is performed with utmost care so as to safeguard the properties of our valued customers.

Handyman Painters Toronto is proud of the quality of services it offers. It is dedicated to bring comfort to its customers and offer inexpensive solutions to their problems.

About Handyman Painters Toronto
It started in 1987 with just a few residential customers who trusted a new name in commercial and domestic painting and handyman services. It has outperformed every competition along the way with its milestones in citations, TV features, charity work and eco-friendly painting and handyman procedures. Now they aim to establish better business culture be it on site or online.

Brian Young
100 Rose Park Drive
Toronto, ON M4T 1R4
Tel: 647-494-5545 (24/7)

PBTP Garage Doors Launches New Services for Garage Door Repair New York


PBTP Garage Doors has launched its new services for garage door repair New York. The company is catering its services to various states and is now catering its services to New York. This is sure to be an advantage for those who are trying to get quality garage door repair and installation services just within New York.

Residential and Commercial Garage Doors Repair!

There are many people who encounter sudden problems with their garage doors and when finding professional repair services for the problem, PBTP Garage Doors is always there to provide their services to homeowners who are in need. The fact that the company is catering its services to various states only shows that it is the ultimate Garage Doors Company New York that should be trusted.

For more information about “PBTP Garage Doors” visit their website!

PBTP Garage Doors is now offering their services as a Garage Doors and Gates Company New York and is sending licensed and experienced technicians to handle the job of discovering the problem within a short period of time, apply necessary work quickly and make sure that the problems will be fixed professionally. Aside from repair services, the company is also offering installation services that are sure to help those needing new garage doors for their homes and ensure the security of their homes. The company is also offering their services on suggesting great selections of practical yet modern garage doors that are durable and strong enough to last.

Garage Door and Gate Services
Residential Garage Doors
Commercial Garage Doors
Garage Tips

Through the launching of the Garage Doors Repair New York, people will have an easy time identifying what company they should call for whenever they notice that their garage doors need repairs or even when their garage doors already needs replacements. This new service is sure to help those who are trying to get the assistance of experts when it comes to such immediate needs.

PBTP Garage Doors is now serving the New York area!

PBTP Garage Doors is a company catering its professional garage door repair and installation services, not only in New York but also with other states where professional garage door services are needed. The company is equipped with skilled technicians that can take care of whatever jobs given to them whenever clients call for their help.

About Us:
Our business was founded in Los Angeles 20 years ago and quickly grew to one of the biggest garage door repair and installation networks in the country. We originally built the company to just service Southern California but soon word spread about how good our service was and we started driving further afield to carry out jobs.

For any Garage Door Repair call (888)673-1325!

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Company: PBTP Garage Doors
Contact Number: (888) 673-1325