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Framework Cycles Opens Its Doors for Bike Service and Repairs.

Denver, CO – Beginning Wednesday, April 8th, Framework Cycles will be open to provide maintenance and repair services to first responders and other essential employees. The bike shop will be open on an appointment-only basis and will be offering heavily discounted rates with 75% off all services.

With the stay-at-home order in Denver likely being extended until April 30, and severe cuts to rail and bus services, the shop has decided to provide discounted rates as a way to support essential workers and members of the local community.

“We feel that by providing first responders and other critical employees with lower service rates, we are making reliable transportation more accessible,” said Jake Covert, shop manager at Framework Cycles. “This is our way of doing our part to help ease the stress during this very difficult time and its an opportunity for us to show our support for those who are in service of others.”

As part of the shop’s safety measures and precautions, Framework Cycles will be limiting the number of customers to one person at a time, wiping down all surfaces between customers, and using a disinfectant to deep clean daily. The shop is asking those interested to use their website to schedule an appointment in advance as walk-ins will not be accepted.

To schedule your appointment, visit

About Framework Cycles:
Framework Cycles is not your average local business. We strive to uphold our commitment to the community through a rigorous selection of technology, top-notch service and an inherent passion for the future of transportation and commuting in Denver. In addition to being a full-service shop, Framework Cycles doubles as a real-world classroom for an integrated micro-middle school called Embark Education. The students benefit from a truly integrated curriculum in which math, English, science, and history are artfully woven together so that no content or skill is learned in isolation.

For Further Information Contact:
Brian Sense
Phone: 303-638-1897

EzFill App Launches A Convenient On-Demand Fuel Delivery Service For Miami Drivers

MIAMI, Florida, Dec. 04, 2019 (RT News)- EzFill App, a rising global player in fuel delivery services today announces the launch of safe, on-time, and convenient on-demand fuel delivery services for Miami. The launch of Miami on-demand fuel delivery service is another milestone achieved by the company whose reputation is growing rapidly across the United States.

An average, an American spends at least 40 minutes every 3 days driving to the gas station to fill up his car. If you live in a big city such as Miami-Dade with lots of traffic, you could spend significantly more time just to fuel up your car. Besides, you burn more fuel whenever you go in search of a gas station, which also contributes to more CO2 emissions which is bad for the environment, and the time you spend refueling your car is time you could have used to do more at the office or spent at home with family and loved ones. EzFill App – a company with a fast-rising profile, recently announced a convenient solution to Miami’s fuelling problem.

EzFill on-demand fuel delivery service allows drivers to get fuel delivered straight to their vechile at their convenience. Speaking on the launch, Charles David, the spokesperson for the company, said that the most satisfying thing about launching their service is the ability to help their customers save time and money. “Our customers love being able to spend more time with their family and friends, and don’t have to worry about stopping for fuel”. The great thing about our service is how we use tech-friendly vehicles to deliver fuel to our customers’ doorsteps. This way, we help them emit less CO2 emission to protect our environment – He added.

EzFill App on-demand fuel delivery service is already available in various areas throughout Miami-Dade county and many locations in South Florida. Customers who already use the service agree that EzFill has an unbeatable edge in customer service and fuel delivery prices. “Five Stars! The truck came a few minutes after I put in the order! He was very gentle and careful with my car (I watched him from my window) Thank you for this amazing service that has changed my life!”, says Gabrielle, an excited customer who is already using EzFill since moving to Miami, and has recommended us to everyone in her family.

The company’s modern approach was simple: use the mobile device to modernize fuel delivery and cut the middleman out by bringing the gas station service directly to customers, while helping reduce road congestion, CO2 emissions, and protect community land and water from the negative effects of underground fuel storage tanks. You can now choose to fuel-up in an environmental-friendly way by eliminating the gas station experience. With the launch of the service, you can now download the EzFill App on your smartphone or visit

About EzFill
EzFill is an on-demand mobile app service combining the latest advancements in technology, safety, and security to bring the gas station to you at your convenience. The company serves various locations in South Florida such as Miami Beach, South Beach, Venetian Islands, Bal Harbour, Wynnewood, Hallandale, and many more.

Media Contact
Name: EzFill Media Manager
Phone: 1-000-000-000

Catalytic converter cleaning product recommended for longevity, fuel efficiency

Most outside of the vehicle enthusiast industry do not know what a catalytic converter is or does. Chances are they have heard of it, but they do not know what it does, where it is located on the car or the value it has.

The catalytic converter reduces the overall amount of harmful fumes that come as a result of the internal combustion engine in a car or truck. It is an integral part of the emissions system. Proper working condition is required to pass emissions testing. Problems stemming from O2 sensor codes or the catalyst are common, with the check engine light coming on as an alert of a potential issue.

If there is a potential issue stemming from the catalytic converter, many times it can be remedied by a quick and simple cleaning with professional grade cleaning products. MotorPower Care offers the best possible cleaning products on the market. Simple and easy to use, almost anyone can use the cleaning products. The cleaning system requires no special tools or understanding of a vehicle. A complete, step-by-step guide is included with each purchase.

Regular flushing of a catalytic converter will extend the life of it, reduce fuel consumption and help the environment by lowering the number of emissions.

“The saving of the environment is important, but most people are more appreciative of the fact a clean catalytic converter can save them hundreds if not thousands of dollars in necessary repairs, all thanks to a simple cleaning additive done at regular intervals,” said Sam Tarabay. Brand Manager for

Their catalytic converter cleaning kit is a two-part cleaning system. The system starts with an additive that flushes the system, allowing the vehicle to run more efficiently and cleanly. The second is a foam sprayed into the oxygen sensor port and flows directly into the catalytic converter, where it cleans the interior before flushing through the remainder of the exhaust system.’s catalytic cleaning kit uses the latest technologies from Germany and is designed with the high quality German made vehicles in mind.

MPCare catalytic converter cleaning kits are available at their e-store or on their website.

Visit either site for additional information, reviews, how to order and more.

MotorPower Care
Sam Tarabay. Brand Manager

Auto Body Repair Offers More for their Customers

Brooklyn, N.Y. – For a business to survive for three generations, something must be working well. For Salerno, the secret lies in two things: how they treat the customer and the different services offered.

The Salerno family have run the shop since 1959 when Salvatore opened the doors. Still a major part of the day to day business, son Mario and grandson Sal handle the majority of the day to day operations.

“We opened the business and realized one very important thing. We are neighbors. The customers we are going to serve will be the same people we will see on a daily basis. My dad made sure that no matter who the customer was, each and every customer was going to be treated like family. And since we are Italian, you know what that means,” said Mario Salerno, owner of Salerno.

The Salerno family made it a point to be available when it came to their auto body repair there was only one thing to do. They decided to be available 24/7. Even if there is a car crash at 3 a.m. on Christmas, the Salernos will be there for the car, tow it back to the facility and make sure the car is safely stored until the next full work day. The professional and fully trained staff will review the damage and get an estimate to the car owner as soon as possible.

“We can return an estimate to the customer in as little as a few hours, depending on the situation. Regardless, the customer will have an answer within 24 hours of reception of the car at the shop,” said Salerno.

The company accepts all major insurances and works with the adjuster teams to help the customer get back on the road with as little hassle as possible. Should the car be beyond reasonable repair, the team can help the customer with salvage. This, however, is rare for the Salerno family to encounter this particular problem.

“The only times we have the issue of repair is when the cost of the repair exceeds the value of the car. Otherwise, there are very few times when we cannot make the damage look like it just rolled off of the assembly line,” continued Salerno.

Salerno offers general auto repair in addition to body repair. The technicians can do most light repairs on all makes and models, foreign and domestic. The services are limited to the weekdays.

“As much as we would love to be open 24/7 for repairs, it would detract from our auto body repair. This is where Dad [Salvatore] started and expects it to remain that way,” continued Salerno.

More information, including estimates over text messages and the remaining services, is available at the website. Visit Salerno.

Salerno Auto Shop

Tillsonburg C.A.R.S Now Trades as Upon Taking a Bold Step to Rename and Rebrand their Business

Ontario, Canada – October 30, 2018 – The industry is ever changing and so are businesses. After operating for 18 successful years as Tillsonburg C.A.R.S, the company commits to a change setting another milestone for them. They took the significant step in rebranding and renaming their business to

From the beginning 18 years ago, they have remained consistent in delivering acomplete range of quality auto repair services. The former Tillsonburg C.A.R.S was managed and operated by Pat Buyse and his wife, Nora. The company was a known family owned and community-based business.

Along with the change,there are also remarkable alterations, more improved service offerings and a larger team, ready to assist clients in their needs. Now, the company is no longer only a full-service garage. It offers superior quality, pre-owned cars for sale. The company is a well-established classic muscle and restoration company. Upon successful renaming and rebranding, takes pride in its better services and excellent, reliable team.

According to the owner (Pat Buyse), they are car enthusiasts first and secondly have a passion for selling, buying, restoring and servicing cars of any make or model. He even revealed that if he didn’t own a shop, he would still be working on cars. They have always been a great obsession and interest to him.

Prominent car collector and businessman, Mike Perovich, met Pat due to his need for service repair and to help enhance his own collections. Mike Perovich instantly recognized Pat’s excellent talent and knowledge in the field, so he decided to buy into the business. Now, Pat and Mike are business partners. They continue to develop, as well as, build the business together.

Part of this rebranding and further development is the introduction of a few new members in the staff. Dale Thibeault has been appointed as the new Sales Manager. He is responsible in overseeing the procurement and sales of pre-owned vehicles. He is noted for his 20 years of knowledge and experience in the car trade. He has built and managed new car franchises. He is an enthusiastic, hardworking dedicated and customer driven individual and considered as the company’s great asset.

Calum Nairn, has been appointed Service and Marketing Manager and is currently being schooled in the motor trade. Calum is no stranger to customer service and marketing. Spending most of his working life in Retail, Sales and Online Marketing.

The owner Pat still assists the other Licensed Technicians, Lee Pinylo and Brandon Young.

Lee has a background with GM for over 10 years and spends his spare time working on both of his daughters’ junior dragsters.He is currently working on his own and hopes to race alongside his family.

Brandon Young, who has been with the company for more than 3 years now, is a hard-working dedicated father of two girls. His attention to detail and care make him a highly valued member of the team. He has recently accepted a position as a volunteer Fire Fighter.

Here at, we understand that everyday can be hectic. Finding the time to service your vehicle or look for a new to one can be stressful. The team here wants to do our part to help minimize, or even better, eliminate that. We have a unique service that we offer called MyMotors 4 you!

What MyMotors 4 you means is, if you need your vehicle serviced and live or work in the area, we will provide you with a loan vehicle or even pick up and drop off your vehicle at your home or place of work. If you are in the market for a vehicle and don’t have the time to make it in for a closer look and take it for a drive, no problem! We will bring the vehicle right to you, in the comfort of your driveway. The last thing we want is for you to miss out on the new vehicle you want because of your busy lifestyle.

For more information about the company and for further assistance and inquiries, call 519-688-3202 or email at

Address: 7 Rouse Street Tillsonburg
Ontario, Canada, N4G-5T5
Contact Number: 519-688-3202