Walnut Creek anxiously awaits change as Matt DeLima runs for California City Councilman

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Local businessman announces his candidature for the California City Councilman in an effort to empower citizens with a voice that is rightfully theirs


Dwgpr.com (Press Release) August 29, 2014

Walnut Creek, CA (August 28, 2014) – Local citizens jubilate as business owner Matt DeLima is set to run for the California City Councilman Walnut Creek with a view to change the approach of the government in handling citizen issues. Best loved for his simplicity and genuine efforts to help the public, Matt DeLima is determined to use his vast experience in public relations for the betterment of citizen lifestyles. He has been the bold voice of citizens even before the commencement of his campaign by making efforts to improve the treatment of local drivers in Walnut Creek, a cause that is remembered to this day.

The populace saw his campaign gravitate around his primary philosophy that an average citizen is the most important element of any governing body and that the elected officials should never forget the fact that they too were once ordinary citizens. His grounded personality reflects this philosophy that has taken the center stage in his campaign. Matt DeLima altruistically attributes his success as a businessman to the help rendered by his fellow citizens as a result of which he aims to direct the attention of the government toward the welfare of the people.

The main goal of a councilman, as he states, is to reconnect public with governing bodies in order to enhance communication between the two parties for the smooth functioning of the system. “A Citizen – Not A Politician” is his popular campaigning slogan that yet again stresses the significance of the voice of common individuals in running a community.

Matt DeLima’s exceptional communication skills have undoubtedly made an impact on the citizenry as he campaigned throughout the community expressing his views and ideals of governance. He is also known by the people to be an advocate of volunteerism and contributes his time and energy to local charities, especially those that aid valiant veterans of the country.

About:Matt DeLima’s campaign will stress on lowering taxes, improving regulations and their efficacy, promoting volunteering work and implementing policies that are specifically directed to help the citizens.

Media Contact: Matt DeLima
Email: marketing.mattdelima@gmail.com
Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Website: http://www.matt-delima.com/


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