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SWTOR Servers taking offline on December 9th

In a multiplayer game, it is hard sometimes to experience the story solo with all the group-only material. However, with the coming of Shadow of Revan, it creates an amazing opportunity for the solo MMO player to really experience the full story it has to offer. So Star Wars: The Old Republic comes back again. Currently, to apply Star Wars: The Old Republic Patch 3.0.0a, the servers of SWTOR is taking offline today (December 9th). Details in the following:

Date: Tuesday, December 9th, 2014
Time: From 3AM PST (11AM GMT) to 5AM PST (1PM GMT)
Version: 3.0.0a

Fixes and adjustments for the issues are included in this patch. Here are some main issues as follows:
Issues you encounter in “The Enemy Within” will appear.
The wrong or incomplete gear is given by Mission Reward Gear Packs.
The tree becomes unusable, which is used to summon the Tonitran Beast on the Mission “Jungle’s Bounty”.
“The Ravager” final encounter does not give loot.
“Temple of Sacrifice” final encounter does not give loot.

However, IGXE will always provide Star Wars: The Old Republic Credits for gamer, even if the servers in Star Wars: The Old Republic is taking offline. The reason is that gamers need SWTOR Credits in the game and need to stock the Credits to play Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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