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Launch of www.factory.com creates a one stop checkout point for customers shopping online.

Los Angeles, California (28th November, 2014) – Thanksgiving is going to be even better this year for online shoppers as they have a feast set up for them by the top ten online stores on the internet. However it takes time to login to all these sites, note down the best product deal and then compare it to the next best site selling the same product. Also with millions shopping at the same time, many spend precious time to access these websites. All this can be remedied easily. People can check out their favourite brands and compare deals offered by different websites on a single page without having to open ten different web pages. All they have to do is visit www.factory.com which is a premier products comparison website, featuring merchandise from top ten online sellers.

With Black Friday, Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday becoming the major online shopping time year after year, leading online retail stores do roaring business by offering amazing deals. So at www.factory.com to compare simply choose the product, then checkmark the same products from different retailers and compare them side by side. The benefits of shopping through factory.com are:-

• Instant access to products from top ten retail
• Latest discounts available
• Compare prices side by side
• Wide variety of products included
• Save time shopping
• User friendly website.

According to specialists, maximum discounts are offered online during Thanksgiving time due to Black Friday phenomenon. However to gather information on best offers from different websites at the same time is too time consuming. So to make it easy for people to shop wisely, factory.com was created. Users can compare products, checkout the product description as well as read product reviews from these websites before making up their mind about a product. Top retailers like EBay, Amazon, Costco, Walmart etc sell heavily discounted products at this time of the year, consumers can easily compare the discount rates and after sale services on the same site. This user friendly website provides value for both time and money for all at the touch of a button.

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You Tube Channel Launches Video To Promote And Explain The New Trend For Cashback Sites.


London, UK, October 2014 – Video Marketer Katie Heard announces the launch of her newest video, which explains the new trend for cashback sites whilst shopping online.

“I have just made a video called cashback sites as I think YouTube is an excellent medium to communicate, and it is becoming the preferred method for people to look up information and reviews, across all sectors” says Katie.

“YouTube is now one of the most popular search engines, and in my opinion, video does seem to be the wave of the future on the internet”.

“The popularity of video makes complete sense when you think about it, as a review for whatever product or service, does seem much more genuine when you can see a person talking and giving their review, rather than some faceless words on a website. Also, it is easier to sit back and watch a video. This format is also easier for phones, as it is so easy for anyone to watch and listen to a YouTube video on the go” adds Katie.

The latest video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SW1zievSBzs entitled ‘Cashback Sites’, explains the benefits of a cashback program, and demonstrates how one can save a lot of money on any online purchases.

“Most people do not fully understand how cashback programmes work, and because of this are missing out on the potential to save themselves at lot of money throughout the year. I have made this video to encourage viewers to sign up and start saving, as throughout the year, cashback earnings can really add up. It’s a shame for people to miss out on the financial rewards, just because they don’t understand how cashback works” says Katie.

For more information on cashback, please visit http://whatiscashback.co.uk/

About Me – Katie Heard, is an online marketer who has always preferred to communicate through YouTube rather than websites, as she believes videos are more powerful than the written word. She has worked in the Marketing industry for 20 years, and started to make money saving videos on YouTube last year.

Address: Sutton Road, Muswell Hill, London, N10 1HK, UK



PremiumPress Helps Businesses Embrace Booming Online Shopping Trend With Cost Effective WordPress Themes


A forward thinking WordPress themes site is making ecommerce easy with the launch of an innovative Responsive Shop Theme specially designed to make online browsing a breeze. Designed by PremiumPress, the easy to use, SEO friendly shopping cart theme package allows aspiring entrepreneurs to set up a fully functional ecommerce store in just minutes. With online shopping representing a significant chunk of modern business profits, the opportunity to establish a 24/7 transaction hub is a clever move for businesses operating in all market sectors.

Online shopping is rapidly growing in popularity across the globe, with recent statistics revealing that in the US alone, online retail sales exceeded $225 billion. The trend is only expected to grow, with experts predicting that by 2017, this number will have increased to a colossal $434 billion. It’s therefore essential for businesses to establish an online presence in order to take advantage of growing consumer preferences for online shopping. The Responsive Shop Theme from PremiumPress helps businesses tap into the huge potential, making it effortlessly easy to set up an efficient ecommerce store in just a few clicks of the mouse.

Mark Fail, CEO said, “Online shopping is continually gaining momentum however for business owners that aren’t tech savvy, setting up an ecommerce store can be both expensive and time consuming. We offer a cost effective solution to the issue with our incredible Responsive Shop Theme which lends itself to an array of different market sectors.”

The theme features a variety of fantastic features designed to optimise the online shopping experience and make store management simple and stress free. The built in shopping cart is one of the major perks, embedded with a complete range of premium features including 20+ payment gateways, stock management, checkout, tax and shipping. Multi-currency and language options offer customers an enhanced online experience while efficient stock management settings make keeping track of inventory and new orders wonderfully simple.

Store owners also enjoy complete control over their sites with the user friendly drag and drop home page management tool and easily adjustable text and colour change options. For businesses wishing to customise their sites, a huge range of plugins are available covering everything from additional tax and shipping options to affiliate marketing products.

Catering to small, medium and large businesses across the globe, PremiumPress has emerged as the go-to supplier for cutting edge WordPress themes at incredibly competitive prices.
The Responsive Shop Theme for WordPress is currently on sale for the special price of just $79 for a single theme or $249 for access to all themes. This represents respective savings of $20 and a huge $350.

To find out more about PremiumPress, purchase the Responsive Shop Theme and browse the full collection of top quality WordPress themes, visit the website at: www.premiumpress.com
Watch a video about Premium Press here:

About PremiumPress: Established in 2010 by Mark Fail, PremiumPress has quickly grown into a leading WordPress themes retailer for businesses across the globe. From retail and services to B2B and manufacturing, the user friendly themes are professional and effective.

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