Sfoodle.com is the New and Only Slow Food Marketplace

London – 7 October 2014 – Using organic products is gaining attention day by day because of it health benefits, and to fulfill the needs of the buyers looking for certified organic products and to help producers sell their organic food items, Sfoodle is launching Sfoodle.com, the new and only slow food marketplace.

Making a healthy choice regarding food has become an important criteria because of the unhealthy effects of pesticides and chemical fertilizers that are used to grow food. Consuming such foods is harmful to health and to the environment because it causes soil destruction. Today, people prefer to go in for organic foods, which are foods that are not grown with pesticides and fertilizers and are sold free from any type of artificial coloring or preservatives, using methods that preserve the environment.

Organic foods produced by organic agriculture, promote biodiversity, reduces carbon footprint and has greater nutritional value and Sfoodle understands the need to provide the purest and healthiest foods and drinks to people all over the world, and has launched Sfoodle.com with this vision. Sfoodle.com is a reliable source for all kinds of organic cooking ingredients, foods, organic drinks, wines and beers that are supervised and certified and which are processed in sustainable farming environments and getting products directly from Sfoodle.com assures less food safety risks.

Sfoodle.com is the best selling platform to import and export premium quality foods. Cheese, sauces, wines, beer, cooking ingredients, bread, biscuits, balsamic vinegar, preserves, whatever the patrons are looking for, Sfoodle.com is the only online market place that satisfies their needs.

Sfoodle.com is ideally designed for international wholesale buyers, who can access a huge variety of quality and genuine products in one place, without wasting time in online researches and excellent and trained customer service of Sfoodle provides proper guidance for all import procedures.

Organic food producers can market their products to international consumers through Sfoodle.com, which offers translation services, so that the products can be displayed to potential customers in their native language, which can help to increase sales and profit.

Apart from international wholesalers and artisan food producers, Sfoodle.com also caters to the needs of private individuals, who can enjoy a spectrum of organic items, which cannot be found in ordinary super markets.

About Sfoodle
Sfoodle is a game changer in the artisan food field. It is a market place where carefully selected and certified first class organic food items, wines and beers are made available to wholesalers, retailers, importers and private buyers. Organic food items and drinks can be shipped and imported to any part of the world, and Sfoodle operates a hassle-free buying and selling platform for international buyers. Buyers can choose large quantities of organic and artisanally made food, which are professionally supervised from the initial stage to the completed stage. Selected products listed on Sfoodle are organic, biodynamic or categorized PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication).

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