Semi and Big Truck Financing without Any Down Payment

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When leasing a vehicle, it is essential that the company one chooses is reliable and flexible.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) November 6, 2014

NEW YORK, NY (November 05, 2014) – When leasing a vehicle, it is essential that the company one chooses is reliable and flexible. Easy Rig Leasing has made it easy for clients to lease Semi and Big Trucks at affable monthly installments. “Here at Easy Rig Leasing, we have simplified the process of leasing semi and big trucks. Our main goal is to prioritize our clients and give them the best service that they can find anywhere out there. We have some very simple procedures that are suitable for both good credit and bad credit clients” stated the spokesperson from Easy Rig Leasing.

The company doesn’t only deal with good credit clients but also supports bad credit clients too. Not many leasing firms out there lease vehicles to bad credit clients because they find it risky. But Easy Rig Leasing has availed their services for clients with bad credit scores too; in fact they don’t perform a credit check prior to leasing. Here is what the spokesperson further stated about the company’s integral approach towards bad credit clients “We understand that most bad credit clients are experiencing a midlife crisis or going through a rough financial patch, which is why we have enabled our services to bad credit clients. Easy Rig Leasing provides vehicle leasing in the most simplified way, with budgetary solutions for bad credit clients.”

The representative further explained about how their modus operandi is very economic and it is something that every bad credit client can easily cope up with “The best thing about Easy Rig Leasing is that we require no down payments or money down. For most companies, it is mandatory for the client to place a specific sum of money as down payment for the leasing firm to invest in a vehicle. But contrary to that, Easy Rig Leasing requires no initial payment from the customers, thus making it even easier for bad credit clients to lease big or semi trucks for business.”

Easy Rig Leasing also offers semi truck financing bad credit options where they provide big truck leasing services online too. They have a huge inventory where almost all avant garde models or Semi Trucks and Big Trucks are available for leasing. They have all older and newer models in stock. The entire procedure can be performed online with a few simple steps and there are no lengthy documents and papers involved.

Once the vehicle has been leased, the payment for it is broken down into monthly installments that integrate with the lessee’s wherewithal. The company takes great pride in their affable solutions for bad credit clients, the monthly installments are very low and something that the client will be able to afford easily, without any inconvenience or hassle.

Media Contact: Leonard Crandall
Location: New York, NY

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