Psicosalud Casica Obrador Offers Program to help People with Problems Regarding their Well-being

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Taking Good Care of One's Health

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) August 9, 2014


The mental health of a person is as important as his or her physical condition. A human body reacts according to the condition of its mind. A person’s state of mind is also fragile. If a person continues to experience stress and trauma, his or her wellbeing might be severely affected. The mind, body and spirit are interconnected systems that must be taken good care of.

Since everybody in today’s society are dealing with their responsibilities at home, office or even at school, they are also experiencing stress, disappointment, fear and failure. If their daily responsibilities overwhelm them, their body will also falter.

If anyone in Barcelona needs psychological help, Psicosalud Casica Obrador is offering a program that aims to help every individual with problems regarding their well-being.

Psicosalud Casica Obrador aids any patient in achieving the most pristine mental health, healthy body condition and deep spiritual enlightenment. The mind, body and spirit, if functioning in harmony will enable any individual achieve their goals in life, as well as recover from any illness.

Pisic offers individual therapy sessions for every troubled family member, as well as group therapy for overstressed office workers. There may be some family members who have conflicts with one another. Most office workers are dealing with several factors like anxiety and stress. These troubled individuals will need the intervention of the wellness program. Parents and children will be guided by the wellness program on dealing with their difference. Office workers meanwhile, will be taught some skills like time management and meditation for dealing with work-related stress.

The wellness program uses a method called Transformative Therapy or Terapia Transformativa wherein various therapeutic body techniques and psychological treatments are applied. This methodology aims to develop the mental and physical capabilities of any patient. As the patient continues to attend the wellness program, their well-being will recover. Any mental, physical or spiritual problems that the patient may be enduring will be analyzed through several tests and personal consultations.

The wellness program also aims to help patients change their lives for the better. The mental, physical and spiritual condition of the patient is the main priority of this wellness program.

Keeping one’s mental and physical health is very important. Anyone must not neglect their health as it affects their performance at work or school. The wellness of an individual depends on the state of his or her mind, body and spirit. Everything is connected with one another.

For more details and information about the program, visit the official website of Pisic at


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