Dollar Fanatic LLC. Black Friday AD featuring Free Popular Blu-rays, Video Games, and Gifts.

Dollar Fanatic LLC an Indianapolis, IN based Company that is currently the only real exclusively Online Dollar Store that offers everything for only $1 each, featuring at least 100 Dollar Deals at a time on their website at The company launches it’s Black Friday AD with a twist. The ad includes a variety of very popular products like Blu-rays, Video Games, and various Gift related merchandise for Free with purchase.

The offering of Free Black Friday Deals maybe interesting but it’s not the twist, the twist is this exclusively Online Dollar Store is trying to re-brand Black Friday into Fanatic Friday going as far as launching it’s yearly Fanatic Friday ADs at The Founder Pierre Jackson said, “When we were almost literally pounding our brains for what to do for the notorious Black Friday, keeping in mind we are an Online Dollar Store that already sells everything for $1 which usually equates to 50% thru 95% off. Basically we came up with the solution after asking ourselves how much lower can you go when you already sell everything a dollar. The bell immediately went off in my head, we offer popular items for Free. As far as the changing Black Friday into Fanatic Friday, that was just me being me. My team had mixed feelings on that move, but we will see.”

Outside of the unique concept of offering at least 100 different $1 Deals at a time and being the only exclusively Online Dollar Store, the website has some other interesting characteristics like: Free Shipping on orders of $35 or more and a Fanatic Rewards Club program that rewards customers for purchasing and/or referring friends.

The history of Dollar Fanatic LLC. is not very extensive, they in fact launched the business in January of 2014. The Founder Pierre Jackson said, “Adjustments and even major changes are something we will have to get used to, being the only real exclusively Online One Dollar Store. We’re very new to the game; however, we have about 4 years of Research and Developement along with capital invested in this venture. I knew from the very beginning, being a self described Dollar Store Fanatic plus my initial research of what it would take to bring an extremely popular 50 to 70 billion dollar industry that has been geared towards traditional brick & mortar locations online, it wasn’t going to be easy and to be honest it has proven to be even more challenging than I thought. However we are here with a functioning plan, the know-how, and lots of support and excitement from our growing customer base.”

Dollar Fanatic invites you, whether you are a Dollar Store Fanatic or not, to check them out at and also bookmark their website for yearly Fanatic Friday updates. Also they are social so you can check them out on Twitter at, Facebook at, Pinterest at, along with other social media platforms.