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Revolutionary New Way to Travel Now Available

The COVID-19 virus has curtailed travel for most everyone except those who do so for business, but the travel for leisure and enjoyment has certainly been cut back. People are excited about the chances of getting back to normal, being able to travel, visit friends and make memories.

Enter the Gypsee app.

Gypsee promises to change everything people have learned about travel. Gypsee’s core concept is deceptively simple: memories are best made when shared with friends. It is not the travel that sets Gypsee apart, but the way Gypsee is going change the very face of travel as we all know it.

“My friends and I loved to go places. There was never any issue with payments. However, things changed, and we were unable to continue traveling like we once were. A dear friend and I were lamenting over this, and he had a brilliant idea,” said Andrew Thompson, founder of Gypsee, Inc.

The idea was a way for people to travel together – no matter the location. This means people who live in Seattle, Wash., will be able to catch up with friends in Miami, Fla., in Las Vegas for a vacation adventure designed to do one thing – create memories.

Thompson, a programmer and app developer, started work. He knew there was going to be an issue with people and money. Chances are someone would always be short and have to borrow money.

“We all know how well loaning money to someone works out,” said Thompson, “and this is a key element of how Gypsee stands out from other travel apps and services.”

Gypsee resolves this in three ways: 1. Gypsee is a subscription service; 2. Each individual subscriber is responsible for their own trip; 3. Everyone makes their own monthly payments for their adventure. When the entire adventure is paid, they only need to go to the airport.

“Gypsee will have the tickets and hotels booked for every person. It does not matter if it is two or 22. Gypsee will make sure everyone has a ticket and room at the selected location,” continued Thompson.

Gypsee will have a list of highly desireable locations across the continental U.S. Currently, the app offers Las Vegas, Nev., Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Denver, Colo., and a few other major U.S. cities. Plans are in order to expand to international locations.

“When I [Gypsee] say[s] international locations, this is more than somewhere like Mexico. We are looking into hot spots like Mykonos and even Bali. It is a strong suggestion to get the passport paperwork started,” continued Thompson.

The app is available on both Android and iOS. Details of locations, restaurants and activities at each location are an ongoing process with more and more to be added as the app continues to develop and evolve.

“Gypsee is also actively looking for customers who want to be some of the first to experience what Gypsee does and stands for. We have a special term for these subscribers, perks and other advantages that will be reserved for those specifically. If you and friends are interested, do contact me for more information,” said Thompson.

Go to, and see what it means to Travel with Friends: Simplified.

Gypsee, Inc.
Andrew Thompson, founder


According to the Barometer of Vacation Rental in Spain, produced by HomeAway, it is estimated that between 2014 and 2016 8 million people in Spain chose this type of accommodation. This represents a little more than 35%.

According to the same study, among the segments that most choose a tourist home, are first families, with 45% of reservations. It is followed by couples, with 32% and groups of friends, with 20% as say barcelona apartments.

People who decide to reserve a house for tourist use do so at relatively short notice. 50% book between 15 days and two months in advance. And they value as main aspects of price and location.

In addition, the average length of stay in these accommodations is 5.7 nights and the average size of the group of 4 people.

Among the advantages that users highlight when staying in tourist homes are the following;

Price. The average price is usually lower than that of hotels. However, the total expenditure made by tourists throughout their stay is similar to that of other types of accommodation.

I deal with the owner. The personal and direct relationship is valued. It involves receiving explanations and specific information about the area and activities.

Location. The individual houses offer the possibility of staying in privileged areas. Localities and neighbourhoods are available.

Privacy. Independence and intimacy are maintained, but knowing that there is a contact person for any incident.
Space. Whether you are travelling with your family, a couple or with friends, having space is important. Having different rooms makes you feel more comfortable. In addition, access to the kitchen offers freedom in the choice of menu and timetables.

Equipment. The houses are equipped with utensils and electrical appliances. Options such as a dishwasher, washing machine or a large refrigerator are very valuable.

Exclusivity. The aspect of choosing a unique environment is a relevant value for many of the people who choose this type of accommodation. It contributes to creating an experience of integration in the place.

There are many advantages for people who decide to rent a tourist accommodation, but some disadvantages can also be considered.

Cleaning The house is delivered clean, but during the stay this service is not carried out. The preparation of meals and making the purchase, is also the responsibility of the traveler.

Attention Although there is a contact person who has to be available, the tourist stays independently. It is important to get to know each other well and assess whether the absence of a reception or service in the establishment is relevant to us and to what extent.

Breakdowns. Breakdowns can occur inside the house, in the best of cases it is solved in an agile way and without major consequence. But it can happen that it demands the change to another dwelling. As they are single dwellings, this change will be equivalent, but it can never be the same.


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Experience the Best Andaman Tour Packages with Andaman Bliss Tour and Travels

Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands (INDIA) – Andaman Bliss Tour and Travels, a leading travel agency shares the holiday spirit by offering all types of exciting travel packages for visitors to the enchanting Andaman Islands. The best three packages which are the family package, group package, and the honeymoon package have all been created to provide visitors to Andaman Islands with the best and most comfortable travel solution to enhance their Andaman holiday trip.

All three packages offer exhaustive travel-related solutions under a single roof including hotel booking, flight reservation, conducting sightseeing itineraries and water sports activities. Whether traveling to the Andaman Islands for just two nights and three days or spending an entire week there, travelers can be rest assured they will not miss out on any fun moment while on their visit to the Andaman Islands with any of the packages.

A recent traveler had this to say about their service, “These guys are awesome. So professional in arranging everything from A-Z in Andaman & Nicobar Islands. I had my American friends who needed assistance in the travel assistance – car, hotel, boats, etc. Andaman Bliss took care of everything.”

Andaman Bliss Tour and Travels will prove to be the perfect gateway to one of the India’s best island destinations – Andaman Islands. When searching for a highly renowned and experienced travel agency in Andaman, then Andaman Bliss will be the best choice as it is second to none when it comes to planning a trip to the Island. They have the most experienced team of travel experts that can ensure visitors have a great time while exploring the different places like Havelock Island, Neil Island, Baratang Island, Ross Island, Long Island and some more major attractions. Their local guide and drivers are highly experienced, knowledgeable, professional and very friendly.

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About us:
Andaman Bliss is a highly renowned travel agent in Andaman Island. Since our inception, we have been striving to deliver an unrivaled service to tourists and travelers visiting the Andaman Islands. We offer attractive Andaman Tour Packages, which have been designed to enhance your travel experience and create a memorable holiday.

Contact Info:
Contact Name: Pravin Kumar
Company Name: Andaman Bliss
Address: 1st Floor, Shopping Complex, Dairy Farm, Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands (INDIA), 744103
Contact Email:
Phone Number: +91 9933202248

4 Outstanding Airlines Recognized at The InteliSys Airline Growth Summit

Award winners at The Airline Growth Summit, recognized as outstanding airlines for excellency in marketing, customer service, and humanitarianism were unveiled September 13th in Saint John, New Brunswick.

October 18, 2017
Award winners at The Airline Growth Summit, recognized as outstanding airlines for excellency in marketing, customer service, and humanitarianism were unveiled September 13th in Saint John, New Brunswick.

The Airline Growth Summit brought together InteliSys airline clients as well as aviation specialists, industry partners, marketing and IT professionals and InteliSys team members, for a three day summit to share ideas, techniques and theories all around the theme of boosting airline growth. 4 InteliSys client airlines were recognized in particular for their outstanding work and contributions to their communities and passengers.

Awards were given out in the areas of marketing creativity resulting in revenue growth, generosity and community participation, and exemplifying amazing customer service by putting passengers before profit.

Most Innovative Airline Marketing Campaign presented to VietJet Air

The Most Innovative Airline Marketing Campaign Award was created to recognize an airline that has used their creativity and innovation over the past year to grow their exposure in their competitive market while increasing ticket sales.

InteliSys is proud to name this year’s recipient as VietJet Air! VietJet, also known as the ‘Bikini Airline’ is well known for their creative marketing ploys throughout the years. This year, VietJet Air ran their biggest 0$ seat sale of all time. A marketing campaign that boosted VietJet’s sales and brought even more exposure to their airline. The particular 0$ seat sale was in honour of CEO and Chair lady of the board, Madame Thao’s birthday. VietJet used the opportunity to market to their entire customer base. This was no ordinary seat sale for VietJet. Usually VietJet’s seat sales last for 2 hours – this one

was an entire day. The airline was taking online $0 seat sale reservations for a 24 hour period, bringing in over 221 thousand airline bookings.

InteliSys has had the pleasure of serving VietJet since 2011. At the time, the airline had only 1 aircraft. Now, seven years later, they have a fleet of 55 A320s and are operating over 40% of the Vietnam domestic aviation market. Thanks to their clever and innovative marketing, VietJet continues to grow month over month and have been recognized as one of the world’s fastest growing airlines.

Humanitarian Excellence Award presented to PAL Airlines

The Humanitarian Excellence Award was created to honour an airline that exemplified generosity by going above and beyond expectations and showing great care for the communities that they operate and fly in.

The winner of this year’s Humanitarian Excellence Award is PAL Airlines! PAL consistently gives back to their community in many ways, partaking in numerous community activities, supporting local groups and initiatives, and raising money for causes close to their heart.

The InteliSys team highlighted a few of the many wonderful initiatives that PAL Airlines takes part in. The team at PAL hosts an annual Kite Festival with proceeds going to a different worthy community organization each year. This end of summer event raised $2000 for The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada- Newfoundland & Labrador Chapter in September of 2016. The Kite Festival is well-known around Newfoundland and Labrador as an event that brings the community together under the common goal of supporting a local cause and giving back. Additionally, PAL partners with Ronald McDonald House, supports Young Adult Cancer Canada, and donated over 225 lbs of food to CBC Feed Nova Scotia this year.

PAL truly stepped up this past year, lending a hand on the ground to assist with the flood efforts in Mud Lake. They helped transport over 1,110 lbs of cargo on behalf of the Canadian Red Cross.

Best Passenger Story Award presented to Central Mountain Air

The Best Passenger Story Award was created to honour an airline that received a very positive online review from a satisfied passenger. The winning story is from a passenger on a Central Mountain Air flight.

“Amazing customer service with this airline. I booked this flight from Quesnel to Comox for my father, who is having cognitive difficulties and I was worried about him making his connection in Vancouver. I contacted CMA and they made a point to call me back to discuss the situation and then ensured someone would be there to make sure my father didn’t feel lost and got on the right plane! Due to weather and traffic accidents on the way to the airport, we were late picking my father up, and again I was able to contact someone who sent an attendant to relay the message to my father (who doesn’t own a cell phone). I was so impressed.”

InteliSys is proud to recognize Central Mountain Air for the way they treat their passengers and the extra care they provide; truly putting their customers first!

Jock English Memorial Award for Supremacy in Customer Service presented to Pacific Coastal Airlines

The Jock English Memorial Award for Supremacy in Customer Service is very close to the heart’s of the InteliSys team members. Jock English was the CEO of InteliSys Aviation Systems from 2006 to 2012 when he lost his fight with cancer. Jock was an engineer by trade, a great salesman and CEO. Jock truly cared about relationships with clients and built strong customer relations. He was all about customer service.

The InteliSys team will honour Jock each year by presenting this award to a deserving airline, who follows his passion of customer service. It was an honour to have Jock’s wife of 15 years, Pam Reid, in the audience as the first annual award in Jock’s memory was presented to Pacific Coastal Airlines.

Pacific Coastal Airlines was honoured for this award because of the overall quantity and quality of positive feedback for customer service they received across the internet this year. Specific examples from their passengers demonstrated their dedication to going above and beyond for their clients and the extra compassion they showed for passengers during the wildfires in British Columbia this year. The judging panel highlighted a passenger story that stood out in particular:

“Thank you so much for taking such good care of my daughters for their first flights without a parent! They felt so special and every single person from booking agent to counter people and the whole staff made the experience a complete delight! Flying an 11 year old and 13 year old amid forest fires and evacuation alerts was nerve wracking, but you all made it seamless and safe. Having someone greet them for a flight change
especially eased the anxiety of nervous mom. Also, thank you for not charging the $100 babysitting fee other airlines charge. I will shop you first every time I need to from Vancouver Island.”

It was InteliSys’ honour to present the first Jock English Memorial Award for Supremacy in Customer Service to Pacific Coastal Airlines.

For more information on the award winning airlines, please visit their websites:
VietJet Air , PAL Airlines , Central Mountain Air , Pacific Coastal Airlines

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Far’N Away, Not Your Average European Tour Operator!

Far’N Away is a company with a vision: offering high quality European Holiday tours at competitive rates. The company operates as a small boutique firm, catering to customers seeking to explore interesting European destinations and find some amazing adventures discovering the history of the “Old World”, through castles, dungeons, and neolithic stone circles, among other wonders.

With an ever-increasing dedication to discovery and flexibility, our endeavor is to offer authentic, memorable and fun experiences with an adventurous vibe. Join our journey and travel through Europe off the beaten path, away from corporate tourism and share the experience with friends and loved ones!

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