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Indoor RV, Boat, and WaveRunner Show in full swing in Southaven, Mississippi

Southaven, MS — The Area’s Largest Indoor RV, Boat, and WaveRunner Show at Southaven RV & Marine in Southaven, Mississippi attracts thousands of travelers, campers, boaters and outdoor recreation enthusiasts each year. Already it’s 11th successful year, the event is sure to please all who attend.

The 2020 event is open daily, except Sunday, and ends until Feb. 23, 2020. “As the region’s first and longest, continuously running RV and boat show, the Southaven RV, Boat and WaveRunner Show provides outdoor adventurers an early preview of the many new and exciting products and services they will want for the upcoming 2020 recreation season,” said the show’s producer, Jeff Turnbow. “For example, many will be surprised at the new WaveRunner line as well as our big expansion of boat brands and selection of RV’s”.

Beginning January 25, visitors began experienceing approximately 300 class A, B and C motor homes, 5th Wheels, pop-up campers, tent trailers, sport utility trailers, vans, tow vehicles, accessories, boats, and more at the Southaven RV, Boat, and WaveRunner Show – The Largest Indoor RV and Boat Show of it’s kind in the Mid-South will feature many items discounted up to 40% off year ending models as well new manufacture incentives to jumpstart preseason sales and orders! Enjoy seeing the latest and greatest in boats and RVing! Admission is FREE!

The Indoor RV, Boat, and WaveRunner Show will is located inside Southaven RV and Marine at 5485 Pepper Chase Road in Southaven, Mississippi.

About Southaven RV & Marine
Southaven RV & Marine, a locally owned and operated business, has become the largest indoor RV and marine showroom in the country. Southaven RV and Marine has grown to become recognized as one of the largest RV Dealers and Boat Dealers in the USA.

“We want to provide each and every one of our customers with that wow factor. Whether it be in offering parts, service, or a new RV or boat, we’re here to provide an exceptional travel experience! If we stay focused on these specific goals, then our sales, customer referrals and satisfaction will continue to rise. This is recognition that we are focused and reaching our goals as a team”, says Mark Hixson, CEO and co-owner, Southaven RV & Marine.

Contact Information:
Jeff Turnbow, Chief Marketing Officer
Company: Southaven RV & Marine
Address: 5485 Pepper Chase Road, Southaven, MS 38671
Phone: 501.505.6278

Architaly Green Energy & Lazzarini Design have announced a joint venture in Dubai for the launch of the Jet Capsule across Middle East and Asia

A revolutionary “smart water commuter” designed by Pierpaolo Lazzarini and currently built in Italy, is going to disrupt the Urban Mobility across the Middle East and Asia.

Lazzarini Design has joined hands with Architaly Green Energy DMCC, a well-known sustainability & mobility advisory company based in Dubai, with the scope to set up a modern factory in the UAE, from where to deliver the innovative Jet Capsule and other smart urban vehicles across the Middle East and Asia territories.

Prof. David Provenzani, managing director of Architaly Green Energy, reported that this promising Joint Venture aims to disrupt the Urban Mobility concepts, particularly among large metropolis where water presence is extended and can allow to reach pivotal points of the city using smart water vehicles.

The Jet Capsule, said Provenzani, is a revolutionary luxury water commuter, able to reach every point and able to host up to 12 passengers into a “first class” connected cabin.
This solution can massively shorten the urban commuting time, giving a contribution in order to reduce traffic jams.

Many metropolis across Middle East and Asia have water everywhere (shorelines, lakes, channels, docks, lagoons, rivers).

Jet Capsule offers to any Public Transport Authority to easily set up a widespread net of “Water Stations” across the city, with low cost infrastructures, offering a smart & sustainable mobility solution, everywhere.

Provenzani Continues: “We took inspiration from the past, when civilizations flourished where there was presence of water, allowing them to use natural waterways for commerce and commuting. Our solution becomes now smart and sustainable.”

The Jet Capsule to be built in Dubai for Middle East and Asia markets will be a smart vehicle, with sustainable solutions (hybrid and electric engines) and a solar rooftop able to support the ancillary systems even when engine is off.

The Joint Venture Lazzarini – Architaly Green Energy is ready to disrupt the urban mobility, using natural waterways which have no cost, and with a low carbon footprint, offering amazing “urban cruises”.

This technology of course is also perfect for resorts located where water is present, such as islands, lakes, lagoons.

Here is a video of the Jet Capsule in action:

For more information on how to order a Jet Capsule, or to invest into the Venture, or to become a Jet Capsule agent:

Rideshare Company Expands to Offer Valet Service in Metropolitan Areas

Detroit, Mich. – CueRide, a new rideshare company founded by James Whitaker, is pleased to announce they are expanding their offerings beyond a simple ride for a customer. CueRide will offer a valet service in three metropolitan locations: Detroit, Mich.; Las Vegas, Nev.; and Atlanta, Ga. The surrounding neighborhoods of Atlanta will also be serviced by the valet program. Plans to expand to the outlying areas of the other cities is under consideration.

Many people use a ride share app and service to take them home after a night on the town, at a party or reception where alcohol is served. Realizing the dangers of intoxicated driving, they choose to hire a ride service. The damage and repercussions of a DUI or DWI are serious and life-changing.

Navigating the streets of a major metropolitan city is difficult enough. Las Vegas has a huge pedestrian population along its famous strip. Atlanta’s traffic congestion is well known. People in Detroit joke there are two seasons, “Winter and construction.” This is enough for a non-impaired person.

“Think about it this way,” said James Whitaker, owner of CueRide, “Spending a few dollars on CueRide is better than the 10’s of thousands of dollars it can cost you for a DUI or DWI, and this is without seriously hurting someone. DUI and DWI can also cost you your freedom – permanently.”

Using a rideshare program to get a customer home safely makes sense the night before. The next day, however, the vehicle is still at the place the owner left it. This can pose a real problem for those who have to go to work or need their vehicle for an immediate reason. It also means the vehicle could be in an unsafe location over night, a situation that can present even more problems.

“These three large, metropolitan cities have large crime rates. CueRide customers may come back to find their vehicle vandalized, damaged or even stolen. This is why we started our valet service. It protects the customer and their vehicle equally,” continued Whitaker.

CueRide’s valet system is simple. A customer places the order for the valet service. The two drivers closest to the customer respond to the order request. One driver takes the customer home, and the other driver brings the customer’s vehicle to a destination of choice. It is that simple.

“We are looking to be as customer-focused as possible. This new valet service is something my team and I brainstormed and considered to be a perfect solution,” continued Whitaker.

Whitaker and CueRide are still approximately 30 full days from full launch. Drivers who sign up will have a unique opportunity in the rideshare industry.

“We want to give back to our drivers since they are using their vehicles, gas and depreciation. To that end, we are selling 30 percent of our company’s stock to the drivers. This means in addition to the income from driving, drivers earn additional income as the company grows. It is a win/win for drivers,” said Whitaker.

Learn more at

James Whitaker, owner

UZURV Partners With Nashville MTA to Launch Access On Demand

Richmond, VA (March 26, 2018) — UZURV (YOO-zurv), the nation’s only licensed Specialty Transportation Network Company (TNC) today announced a strategic partnership with Nashville MTA’s Access On Demand. Nashville customers can now enjoy flexibility and freedom to accommodate planned or last minute transportation needs with as little as two hours notice.

“UZURV and Nashville MTA share a mutual commitment to providing safe, reliable, and efficient service. There are significant challenges in the specialty transportation segment and they are made more difficult with 10,000 people per day turning 65 years of age,” said John Donlon, UZURV CEO. “This partnership embraces innovation that allows us to dramatically improve the rider experience and reduce the cost to municipalities,” he continued.

With this new service, registered AccessRide customers can:

• Reserve a private car with no additional pickups or stops along the way.
• Schedule pickups by phone up to two hours before their desired departure time Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
• Favorite and request their preferred car and CPR certified driver.
• Enjoy door-to-door assistance from UZURV drivers.
• Pay with a Credit / Debit card.

UZURV combines the convenience and affordability of on-demand transportation with the security of a reservation service that allows riders to select highly trained drivers and vehicles that match their specific need. UZURV’s service is powered by DemandTrans Solutions, Inc, national transportation management company. The technology framework presents a full menu of providers including independent ride-share drivers, and paratransit suppliers on a single, optimized platform. In addition, UZURV’s Call Center is available to any riders who do not have the use of a smartphone. UZURV’s Access On Demand service is available to all registered AccessRide customers by calling 615-862-5678. To check Access On Demand eligibility, customers may call 615- 862-5950.

About UZURV:
UZURV is the first licensed Specialty Transportation Network Company (TNC) in the country. Its mission is dedicated to providing access to a better quality of life for all people through on-demand, reliable transportation. UZURV service is currently available in more than 155 markets across the United States. The UZURV network is the third largest TNC in the country and is home to more than 53,000 drivers. For more information, visit

Casey Botticello

Wizzbags – A world first in luxury travel

A ground-breaking new company called Wizzbags promises to end the frustration of losing luggage and revolutionise the needs of the modern-day traveler. The idea for the invention came at a challenging period of the founder’s life Augustine Odusanya when he was travelling extensively, and standard luggage never met his needs for security and flexibility. He then began to examine the luggage industry.

Odusanya said “As a frequent traveller, I was frustrated when faced with problems such as packing and unpacking my luggage. Travelling with basic luggage never met my travelling needs. Standing for about 30 minutes to 1 hour, facing the anxiety of losing my luggage or having my luggage stolen has often frustrated me when waiting for it coming through the luggage carousel. I always wondered how other travellers dealt with this issue.”

During his research ran several focus groups and carried out extensive market research into the requirements of the frequent traveller. He found out that affluent and private jet travellers were unsatisfied with the current outdated luggage features and the airport luggage management systems. Further research highlighted that it costs international airlines $2.3 Billion in compensation for mishandled or lost bags for its passengers.

From that day forward Odusanya created Wizzbags.

Wizzbag is designed with the concept of a luxury wardrobe.

The current market leaders only differentiate themselves by offering a variety of exterior designs with no consideration for implementing modern day technology into the packing/unpacking experience.

Unpacking your luggage when getting to your hotel or home has never been easier with Wizzbags. You can also view the inside of the luggage from the apps or handset, furthermore, it has built-in lights, retracting wheels and a built-in umbrella, this is a world first for this industry.

Wizzbag luggage is a masterpiece in the luggage world. It is also the first luggage to be trackable from a dedicated app with the frustration of lost luggage being a thing of the past.

The customisation options on Wizzbags are endless too, with customisable velvet inserts and a selection of bespoke leather trim and stitching to really set the luggage off. The exterior comes in a variety of finishes from hand crafted teak to some of the supplest leather available with option of laser engraving your own unique artwork whether it be a family crest of simply your name.

Augustine Odusanya said “Wizzbag will revolutionise the way we travel and make travelling more enjoyable. We will eliminate the pain of “standing” in the bagging area, as you can monitor your luggage from our apps or handset. The app will also alert you once your luggage is within reach of picking it up from the carousel.”

This company has some of the most fascinating production techniques ever seen for a luggage manufacturer and is at the forefront of combining technology, craftmanship and customisation in modern luggage into a new era.