Versadial Solutions releases Adutante H5 1.6.0, bringing to market a browser-based UI and responsively designed call recording software solution

Versadial Solutions; an industry leading Call Recording Solution Provider has now released the new version of Call Recording Software: AdutanteH5, version 1.6.0.
by datwriterguy On December 4, 2014

Liori Diamonds Publishes the Results of Its Latest Black Diamond Case Study

Liori Diamonds, the well known brand of diamond jewelry, recently announced the results of its annual customer trend spotting study, which focuses on identifying emerging trends in diamond buying habits. One of the highlights included the growing popularity of colored diamonds like black diamond jewelry.
by datwriterguy On December 3, 2014

Mobiquant’s NxVA Monitor to fight mobile security management threats

Mobiquant, the global leader in mobile security management announces the release of NxVA Monitor, a patented technology, within its full range of MSM solutions, allowing IT leaders to realtime monitor mobile applications and systems security.
by datwriterguy On September 20, 2014