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May 18, 2017 – Huntington Beach, CA – Leomicci, a brand-new, eye-catching line of men’s invincible compression tights and athletic luxury clothing completely made and shipped from the U.S., is taking the men’s athletic apparel industry by storm, providing a sleek and completely unique style for the world’s most renowned athletes and entertainers.

Founded and created by visionary designer Jonathan OE, Leomicci is a story of inspiring others to pursue high-quality, top performance, and motivation to challenge oneself to go farther and faster than ever before.

“After decades of partaking in the leotard, spandex design and development industries, specifically for women in both Japan and the United States, I decided it was time I turn my attention to the male industry and provide them with high performance compression tights.” said Oe. “To me, clothing design is about creating attractive body lines, and making garments that help us all to feel more alive. I weave textures; create tensions, and open space throughout a garment that provides every consumer with security and inspiration. It is my absolute passion, and I am so excited to be finally launching my Leomicci line.”

Oe has worked for Gilda Marx Industries and built a division in Japan. Later, he created TheGluv, a special girls softball compression clothing line. Energized by his successful ventures, Oe turned his attention to today’s Leomicci project.

Leomicci are powerful men’s tights for mixed martial arts, yoga, cross training, and a variety of other physical activities. There are elegantly custom-tailored warm up suits that can be worn in both a business and causal setting. And the Leomicci Raw line comprised of European mercerized cotton muscle tees and old school body builder inspired pieces. The Leomicci apparel line is completely versatile in nature.

To date, Clippers Players Chris Paul and Raymond Felton, Lakers Players D ‘Angelo Russell and Larry Nance Jr., as well as MMA fighters, rock stars, and actors are all wearing and sporting their Leomicci apparel.

Contact/Visit Leomicci Flagship Showroom
+ Production Studio / Made in USA
Phone: +1 (714) 557-1643

Social Media:
Twitter: @Leomicci

SUP Rentals Ltd launches in the UK – Stand up Paddleboards for Hire

1 May 2017 – SUP Rentals Ltd announces the launch of its Oxfordshire based stand up paddle board hire business offering inflatable paddleboards to rent in the UK.

SUP Rentals Ltd offers the rent of stand up paddle boards from one day, up to two weeks with prices starting at £15 per day per paddle board and does not charge deposits.

The Inflatable stand up paddle boards are lightweight and pack down in to a rucksack and the company will deliver to the customer via courier to their doorstep – or customers can collect from their base in Oxfordshire.

The company has invested in a user-friendly website with a professional booking system with live stock availability using secure payments.

Each stand up paddleboard – the Zray Tourer Elite 330 cm / 10’6” – has been carefully selected for adults or families and comes with its own pump, ensuring quick and easy inflation.

Guy Fisher, Director of SUP Rentals Ltd adds, “Stand-up paddling has become one of the fastest growing sports all over the world. The water based activity can be enjoyed on any pool of water, be it a river, lake or sea at any time. In addition to the fun that can be had, it is a great sport that provides full body and low impact exercise which improves body balance and overall strength.

Our SUP boards can be rolled up and packed in a lightweight pack for easy transportation. The boards are safe and durable, with a more rigid construction technology than other inflatable boards currently on the market. We have a long history in renting equipment for water based activities and the quality of our equipment and safety of our customers is second to none. We are excited to see this new business launch in the UK”.

In addition, when hiring the SUP boards, life jackets and dry bags can be reserved through the online booking process.

For more information about SUP Rentals Ltd visit

SUP Rentals Ltd
Address: Harwood, Binfield Heath, Henley on Thames RG9 4EH, UK
Tel +44 (0)1491520667

For more information, images or for a FREE media SUP trial (within 40 miles of Oxfordshire business base) please contact Vanessa Fisher –

Bullyade Introduces Unique Sports Energy Drink for Dogs

Felton, DE – March 28, 2017 – Sarah Perez, CEO of Bullyade, announced that the company has officially launched with its new sports drink for dogs. Bullyade is created with a unique blend of electrolytes and vitamins designed for canines; it provides healthy hydration for dogs that may become dehydrated due to, but not limited to; heat exhaustion, heat stroke, coccidiosis (coccidian) or parvo. Whatever the cause may be; ranging from playing fetch with your dog all the way to dehydration, Bullyade can help!
“We want our pets to enjoy life, the same way we do” said Sarah.

To celebrate the launch of Bullyade, Sarah is offering consumers free shipping on their orders now through June 1st, 2017 when they enter promotional code K9LUVR. Shoppers will also enjoy $5 off their first order.

The company is conducting a contest and accepting entries now through May 20, 2017 to find the perfect canine to represent the Bullyade brand. The top 10 photos will each receive a prize. The ultimate winner will receive a year’s supply of Bullyade and have the opportunity to appear as the company’s mascot on its next label design.

Bullyade provides a complete hydration solution for dogs of any age, size, breed, and activity level. When added to water, Bullyade imbues the liquid with an appealing beef or chicken flavor that dogs can’t resist. The canine recovery formula helps replenish nutrients lost through dehydration from multiple causes.

The formula can provide a life-saving aid for sick dogs. Canines can quickly lose essential nutrients when they’re sick with illnesses ranging from coccidiosis to parvo. A dehydrated dog can progress from a seemingly minor stage of lethargy to death in a matter of hours without sufficient hydration. Bullyade smells and tastes good, encouraging dogs to drink.

Working dogs and those living in hot climates are at particular risk of dehydration and a heat stroke dog is a very real concern. A panting dog is demonstrating a distinct need for fluids, a situation that can be accommodated with Bullyade.

The sports drink for dogs helps with regulating body temperature, while replenishing critical nutrients. The unique formula can assist with optimal performance during strenuous competition and it’s equally applicable and safe for puppies, those in their prime and older dogs.

The launch of Bullyade provides individuals with a single solution to keep their canine friends hydrated and provide them with the essential vitamins and electrolytes that are depleted during illness, hot weather, vigorous activity, and heat stroke. It’s a healthy and tasty treat that’s appropriate anytime.

About Bullyade
Bullyade is specially designed to replace electrolytes and vitamins that are depleted when dogs are sick, exposed to prolonged periods of hot weather, and when suffering from heat stroke. Specially formulated to a dog’s specific needs, it’s safe for dogs of all ages. Available in beef and chicken flavor, it offers a flavorful drink that dogs like. Bullyade also provides sponsorship for amazing pets that are making a mark on the canine world.

Media Contact
Sarah Perez
Bullyade CEO
Phone: (866)-451-4802



Houston, TX, USA – March 01, 2017: Sports Creek has announced that they will soon be opening their facility in Downtown Houston. Sports Creek is going to be the only facility in Houston to have a blue turf soccer field that accommodates 7 versus 7 play. In addition, this sensational facility will also have three sand volleyball courts and a bar. It will be an amazing place for soccer, volleyball and fun for the residents of Houston.. Both sports fans and socialites are already excited about the grand opening of the facility.

“Sports Creek features America’s only blue turf soccer field that can accommodate both 7v7 and 9v9, three professional sand volleyball courts along with a beer and wine bar.” Said a representative of Sports Creek. “We will provide an atmosphere that is sure to entertain both the players and fans alike.” The rep. added. With a stunning blue turf, the soccer field at Sports Creek will be of professional-grade with the dimensions of 240′ x 150’.

Another amazing feature of the Sports Creek is that unlike most of the city’s similar sports courts, it will be able to operate in night times as well due to the state of the art lighting equipment installed at the facility. Moreover, to facilitate the residents of the Greater Houston area, the facility will be open throughout the year to keep the spirit of these healthy sports alive. Soccer and Volleyball are two of the most loved sports in America and the facility will give many aspiring players a chance to make a name and career for themselves.

Being the only blue turf field in America, Sports Creek will have a special place in the country and players from all across the nation will be coming to play. The matches will be held at league level where several teams will also come and compete in an environment like no other. Furthermore, the space at the Sports Creek facility will also be available for rent and people can reserve that space for private events ranging from birthday parties to lavish corporate events. For further updates and details about this upcoming sports sensation in Texas, sports fans can visit the website of Sports Creek or follow their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

Contact Information
Company Name: Sports Creek
Phone: 832-689-9149
Address: 2619 Polk St Houston, TX 77003

Recreation and Sports World Now Sells AFC East Custom Football Jerseys

December 19, 2016 – Traverse City, MI – Traverse City, MI – AFC East custom football jerseys are now available from the Recreation and Sports World website. The online store now sells jerseys with the names and numbers of choice for the New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins, New York Jets and Buffalo Bills. A secure shopping cart allows customers to select the item, color, player or jersey number/name, and size before making their purchase.

Men’s, women’s, and youth sizes are available for each of the AFC East custom football jerseys. There are even custom dog jerseys available. Also, every one of these is authentic and officially licensed. The Nike brand attire is machine washable. Items usually ship within three days of the order.

Each jersey can be presented with a unique touch. One can choose to wear the name and number of their favorite player or select a name and number that is more personal. Custom jerseys are available for all AFC East teams as well as all of those that are part of the NFL.

Football fans across the country can show off their team pride or take advantage of the products’ authenticity. Made of durable materials, each jersey has a quality that makes the price well worth it. In addition to providing all one needs to purchase a custom personalized jersey, the site also provides a history of each team. One can learn when the team started, where it plays, and key moments in its history, including relocations and championships won.

In addition to AFC East custom football jerseys, Recreation and Sports World sells custom college football jerseys, outdoor storage products, and water toys. Learn more, browse the online catalog, and order custom products from the company’s online store located at For custom NFL jerseys, go to

J. McPhee
Traverse City, MI