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Simple Device Resolves Age-old Problem With Toilet Seats

As long as there have been toilet seats, there has been the problem of lifting and lowering the seat. Most people loathe having to touch a toilet seat, and for good reason, toilet seats harbor various germs and bacteria.

Places that clean their restrooms with regularity cannot always guarantee clean toilet seats. People are still hesitant to touch a toilet seat even in a freshly-cleaned facility.

The Sani-Hani device means never having to touch a toilet seat lid again to lift or lower the lid.

A small lever that attaches and sticks to the underside of the lid, the Sani-Hani is the perfect solution to using a hand or a foot to raise and lower a toilet seat.

The Sani-Hani is perfect for:

• Restaurants;
• Day cares;
• Hospitals;
• Offices;
• Churches;
• Movie theaters;
• Anywhere that has a public toilet.

“I have found a good number of commercial locations appreciate the benefits of our product. Anywhere that has a toilet can benefit from the Sani-Hani. It requires no special tools and is ready to use as soon as it is attached. Schools especially appreciate it as it helps teach good restroom habits,” said Richard Harris, owner of the Sani-Hani.

Harris is working on reaching more commercial locations, Big Box stores and other locations to help raise awareness of the Sani-Hani in addition to reaching out to the budding entrepreneur show Shark Tank.

The Sani-Hani is sold through and the product’s website. Most of the sales at the e-store are from women making the purchase for the home.

“Unisex bathrooms like in a restaurant or home master-bedroom, often have the common issue of the seat being left up more often than down. Women need to lower the seat but are often hesitant to touch a toilet seat. The Sani-Hani takes care of that,” said Harris.

Media Contact:
Richard Harris, President

BEN SHERMAN has now introduced new clothing for their valued clients

Ben Sherman believes that the attire plays an important role while making a mark in someone’s heart. It gives the first impression to the observer. The way you carry yourself is way more important than anything after that. Once you wear decent clothes, you make room in the other’s heart. Following the trend is no big deal. Following the trend with decency is way important.

The clothing tycoon has been delivering clothing, tailoring, shoes and other clothing for many years. They have now introduced new clothing that matches both trend as well as the season. They organized the expo last week in the main expo center of the city. The representative of the company said,” We are pleased and proud to announce that we are the first to launch new arrivals of the season with all the variety”. The variety includes shirts, knitwear, t-shirts, shorts, jackets and coats, trousers and Polos, he further added.

A competition was also organized at the expo center and gifts were distributed among the winning participants. Feedback forms were also circulated to gather feedback as much as possible. The spokesman of the BEN SHERMAN also presented the new Website of the store. He demonstrated that how you can browse through various categories and ultimately reach your desired product. He also highlighted some of the new products. Canarby Gingham, clip float check, ditsy geo print, dobby check, double spot print, engineered gingham and London lights digital prints were prominent among the new arrivals of shirts. They also showcased color blocked bomber cotton bird eye blazer, hooded Harrington, printed velvet blazer, designer suit, textured knit bomber and tonic cotton blazer. The attendees appreciated their short collection and told that stretch slim short is the favorite product of them. The expo ended with a high tea and participants were seen very happy.

BEN Sherman is a multinational brand for attire and fashion since 1963. It is currently famous in America, Australia, Canada, Germany and some other European countries. Clothing at Ben Sherman includes shirts, knitwear, jackets, blazers, t-shirts, swimwear and shorts. It also has the massive collection of footwear. The other accessories that Ben Sherman deals in are bags, wallets and belts.

Contact Info:
RG10 – Ground Floor
500 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
(+61) 02 9261 4434

Dollar Fanatic LLC. Black Friday AD featuring Free Popular Blu-rays, Video Games, and Gifts.

Dollar Fanatic LLC an Indianapolis, IN based Company that is currently the only real exclusively Online Dollar Store that offers everything for only $1 each, featuring at least 100 Dollar Deals at a time on their website at The company launches it’s Black Friday AD with a twist. The ad includes a variety of very popular products like Blu-rays, Video Games, and various Gift related merchandise for Free with purchase.

The offering of Free Black Friday Deals maybe interesting but it’s not the twist, the twist is this exclusively Online Dollar Store is trying to re-brand Black Friday into Fanatic Friday going as far as launching it’s yearly Fanatic Friday ADs at The Founder Pierre Jackson said, “When we were almost literally pounding our brains for what to do for the notorious Black Friday, keeping in mind we are an Online Dollar Store that already sells everything for $1 which usually equates to 50% thru 95% off. Basically we came up with the solution after asking ourselves how much lower can you go when you already sell everything a dollar. The bell immediately went off in my head, we offer popular items for Free. As far as the changing Black Friday into Fanatic Friday, that was just me being me. My team had mixed feelings on that move, but we will see.”

Outside of the unique concept of offering at least 100 different $1 Deals at a time and being the only exclusively Online Dollar Store, the website has some other interesting characteristics like: Free Shipping on orders of $35 or more and a Fanatic Rewards Club program that rewards customers for purchasing and/or referring friends.

The history of Dollar Fanatic LLC. is not very extensive, they in fact launched the business in January of 2014. The Founder Pierre Jackson said, “Adjustments and even major changes are something we will have to get used to, being the only real exclusively Online One Dollar Store. We’re very new to the game; however, we have about 4 years of Research and Developement along with capital invested in this venture. I knew from the very beginning, being a self described Dollar Store Fanatic plus my initial research of what it would take to bring an extremely popular 50 to 70 billion dollar industry that has been geared towards traditional brick & mortar locations online, it wasn’t going to be easy and to be honest it has proven to be even more challenging than I thought. However we are here with a functioning plan, the know-how, and lots of support and excitement from our growing customer base.”

Dollar Fanatic invites you, whether you are a Dollar Store Fanatic or not, to check them out at and also bookmark their website for yearly Fanatic Friday updates. Also they are social so you can check them out on Twitter at, Facebook at, Pinterest at, along with other social media platforms.

Time Piece Buy New Replica Watches Released

HONG KONG, China (November 03, 2014) – Time Piece Buy releases new replica watches designs, models, and brands. Replica luxury watches are highly sought after items by people who want to look like they have more than they can afford. For people who cannot afford for real luxury watches such as Rolex, Daytona, Explorer, and others – Time Piece Buy offers replica watches that can make them own such luxury watches at lesser price than the real ones. Replica watches are popular and aside from their value of commodity, these watches also serve as symbol of status and wealth. A replica watch changes the lifestyle of the wearer and shares reputation.

Time Piece Buy releases new designs of replica watches that are affordable than the real ones. The website is a great thing as people no longer need to travel to the streets and look for brick and mortar stores that offer high quality replica watches. All products sold at Time Piece Buy website are displayed in detailed profiles with pictures, short description, and price. This allows buyers to get idea of what they are going to get and compare prices of replica watches to suit their budget. Although some replica watches available in most brick and mortar stores are low quality, replicas offered by Time Piece Buy can be passed on to the next generation family treasure just like the real ones.

Replica watches have good quality and durable, too. The industry of replica watches has been improving practicability and accuracy making these items synonyms of accurate watches. For men, having a luxury watch is a symbol of maturity and affirmation of their success, so they want to buy Rolex, Designer X, Daytona, and other brands of luxury watches. Buy, not all people can afford these items, so buying replicas can make this dream come true.

Time Piece Buy knows pretty well the high cost of designer watches, so they offer replica of these items to allow men, as well as women to make their dreams come true. Real designer watches can cost a couple of thousand dollars or more, while their replicas are available for less than $600. Besides, replica watches use sapphire crystal and 316-stainless steel, so they are high quality, too, just like their original counterparts.

Time Piece Buy is an online dealer of replica watches of all kinds. All replica watches use high quality movements with Swiss and Asia grade.

Media Contact: Jason Lee
Location: Hong Kong, China

You Tube Channel Launches Video To Promote And Explain The New Trend For Cashback Sites.


London, UK, October 2014 – Video Marketer Katie Heard announces the launch of her newest video, which explains the new trend for cashback sites whilst shopping online.

“I have just made a video called cashback sites as I think YouTube is an excellent medium to communicate, and it is becoming the preferred method for people to look up information and reviews, across all sectors” says Katie.

“YouTube is now one of the most popular search engines, and in my opinion, video does seem to be the wave of the future on the internet”.

“The popularity of video makes complete sense when you think about it, as a review for whatever product or service, does seem much more genuine when you can see a person talking and giving their review, rather than some faceless words on a website. Also, it is easier to sit back and watch a video. This format is also easier for phones, as it is so easy for anyone to watch and listen to a YouTube video on the go” adds Katie.

The latest video entitled ‘Cashback Sites’, explains the benefits of a cashback program, and demonstrates how one can save a lot of money on any online purchases.

“Most people do not fully understand how cashback programmes work, and because of this are missing out on the potential to save themselves at lot of money throughout the year. I have made this video to encourage viewers to sign up and start saving, as throughout the year, cashback earnings can really add up. It’s a shame for people to miss out on the financial rewards, just because they don’t understand how cashback works” says Katie.

For more information on cashback, please visit

About Me – Katie Heard, is an online marketer who has always preferred to communicate through YouTube rather than websites, as she believes videos are more powerful than the written word. She has worked in the Marketing industry for 20 years, and started to make money saving videos on YouTube last year.

Address: Sutton Road, Muswell Hill, London, N10 1HK, UK