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Tim Green and Next Kids Worldwide distribute computers to students during Coronavirus Pandemic

During these unprecedented times, Filmmaker and radio personality Tim Greene recently purchased laptop computers for students in the NC Works NEXGEN program. The students did not own computers that would enable them to complete their schoolwork assignments from home since all classes were canceled and continued online due to the COVID -19 Outbreak. Two Nursing Students also received laptop computers from Tim Greene during a Student Success Expo.

NC Works NEXTGEN assists youth 16-24 with barriers to self-sufficiency such as High School dropouts, homelessness, parenting youth and Criminal Backgrounds to gain either employment or higher-level educational pursuits. “It was a pleasure presenting these great students with the tools they needed that will help them continue to be as successful as possible in life,” says Greene.

Next Kids Worldwide® is absolutely free to everyone with no commercials whatsoever. Our tagline is “Strive For Excellence” and we also give free Next Kids Entertainment & Edutainment Workshops for families with kids who want to break into the music/entertainment business in communities nationwide. To date we have given out over 400 Laptop Computers and other prizes to kids who have great grades, but their family may not have the finances to buy a computer during our 30 city tours in underserved neighborhoods because we at Next Kids Worldwide always believe in giving back to communities nationwide for over 15 years. We are also currently negotiating multiple deals for NEXT KIDS WORLDWIDE® Global Merchandising including a Next Kids Clothing Line, Kids Sneakers, Next Kids Record Label, Toy Line, Next Kids Worldwide®Awards Show, Bluetooth Headphones, Breakfast Cereal, Snack Foods Line and Hip Hop Soda Pop” Say’s Greene. We urge parents & kids to help spread the word by sharing our link on TIK TOK, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & other social media sites. Generation Alpha (children born after 2011) does not sit in front of a TV set anymore, they stream all of their entertainment on mobile devices by millions of views and Next Kids Worldwide® will be the commercial free digital destination for kids and families worldwide. With a keen eye for spotting talent, setting up over 200 meetings in Hollywood for talent and being called the Walt Disney of Hip Hop by reporters, Tim Greene will seek out bona fide performers and Kid Influencers for the YouTube Generation. Next Kids Worldwide® talent will also star and act in short films to help keep their viewing audience engaged and entertained. “Getting major inspiration from Tyler Perry opening his massive “Tyler Perry Studios”, Oprah Winfrey launching the “Oprah Winfrey Network” and Ava DuVernay launching her own independent film distribution company “ARRAY”, I thought to myself why not use new technology integration to reach well over a billion underserved kids around the world with fun filled short themed entertainment where they can not only watch the stars, but really have a chance to be a star” Says Greene.

Next Kids Worldwide® creator Tim Greene is a Sony Innovators Award finalist, a former top rated radio personality in Los Angeles at KKBT (FM 92 The Beat) and Stevie Wonder’s KJLH, in Philadelphia at WPHI 100.3 The Beat and was producer and host of the TV & Radio show “Dance City From Hollywood” that aired on Bay FM in Japan. As a mega award winning filmmaker Tim Greene has been a panelist at The Los Angeles Film Festival (Directors Guild Of America’s Main Auditorium-Low Budget Summit), The Philadelphia International Film Festival, The Pan African Film Festival, The Black Hollywood Film Festival , Peachtree Int’l Film Festival (Atlanta), Southwest Georgia Film Festival and Arlene’s Grocery’s Film Festival (New York). Tim has been featured in Backstage Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, The Business Of Film Magazine, Show Business Magazine (New York), Power Networking, Filmmakers Alliance Magazine, New York Beacon, The California Crusader, The Los Angeles Sentinel, Los Angeles Wave, Our Weekly and The LA Weekly. As a songwriter and record producer, Tim has produced 17 single releases. As a former talent manager Tim is known for discovering 73 year old “Rappin Granny” and took her from the streets of South Central Los Angeles to starring in the Fox TV kid’s series “Beetle Borgs”, which was created by Haim Saban of “The Power Rangers” fame as well as over 35 national TV commercials and 17 feature films including The Wayans Brother’s “Don’t Be A Menace”. Tim Greene also served as the Grand Marshal for the 17th “Kingdom Day Parade”, which was seen on KNBC TV in Hollywood California. Tim has received a Certificate Of Commendation from The City Of Los Angeles for “Young People For Young People”, “Men Who Cook And Care”. As a celebrity tennis player in Hollywood Tim has won Tennis Tournaments with The Make A Wish Foundation (Beverly Hills Country Club) and John McEnroe’s “Love Match” Celebrity Tennis Tournament (Riviera Country Club).

The syndicated Radio & TV Show Cooling Out With Tim Greene:

And The New Kids Streaming TV & Radio Network:

To interview Next Kids Worldwide® creator Tim Greene for any Television, Radio, Newspaper and Blogger segments call: Amy Wiseman/Josh Bernstein

(323) 736 – 7731

Regency Furniture to Deliver Thousands of Pounds of Food to Area Food Bank

BRANDYWINE, MD (April 24, 2020) – Premier furniture retail brand, Regency Furniture, is set to donate a truckload of food on Tuesday, April 28th to the Maryland Food Bank to support the non-profit’s food relief efforts during the COVID-19 crisis.

A Regency Furniture Showroom truck is gearing up to deliver the perfect accent piece for the Maryland Food Bank – hundreds of giant boxes filled with thousands of pounds of non-perishable food.

Despite being one of the wealthiest states in the nation, Maryland’s communities are deeply impacted by food insecurity. This donation is expected to feed thousands of families who already depend on the charity for food as well as those who have been impacted by the Corona Virus.

In the age of COVID-19, the company took extra precautions to ensure that all materials, boxes and food are handled with gloves and face masks to minimize the risk of contamination.

Touted as the hub of Maryland’s food assistance safety net, Maryland Food Bank distributes over 40 million meals annually. It is the only non-profit with the capacity to address food insecurity in times of emergencies. But since late March, the order volume has doubled, while donated food available to the network has dropped by 90 percent. Regency Furniture is responding to the non-profits appeal for food donations.

“1 in 9 Marylanders face food insecurity and we are mindful that the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in even more of our community struggling and Regency Furniture wants to help,” said the company’s CEO, Abdul Ayyad. “We’re committed to ensuring that our community children, seniors and working families who are without food, are able to access local emergency support.” Ayyad added.

For more than two decades Regency Furniture Showrooms has been serving the Washington Metropolitan area with the latest styles and trend of furniture. Over the years the company has deepened its commitment to giving back to the community by spearheading several charity fundraisings events. This food donation to Maryland Food Bank is their latest initiative to help the community.

Director of Corporate Relations of Maryland Food Bank, Amy Chase, said: “This very generous support from Regency Furniture is greatly appreciated. It will go a long way in helping us to fulfil the overwhelming demand for food at this time.”

Media who are interested in covering the event, please contact Tara Kelly at (215)201-2326 or by email at Drop off will be Tuesday, April 28th at 11AM. Currently, Maryland showrooms are closed, and Virginia showrooms are open. Online deliveries are currently available. For further information about Regency Furniture visit:

About the Company

Regency Furniture is a premier furniture retail brand that has been serving the Washington Metropolitan area since 1999. What began as a family owned business throughout Maryland, Regency Furniture has established a reputation for providing stylish and affordable furniture backed by high quality customer service.

Media contact: Tara A. Kelly
Tel: 215-201-2326

Cleaning Company has Special for Cancer Patients

Clean Affinity is a professional cleaning service in Portland, Ore. The team prides itself on doing two things: paying their employees a fair and living wage and providing them practical skill developments to advance themselves in the world.

“When I set up this company, it was a goal not to have my employees cleaning toilets until retirement.    I want my people to learn, become better and move on to something that will help them achieve their personal dreams,” said Joanna, owner of Clean Affinity.

Clean Affinity has recently partnered with a non-profit cleaning service, Cleaning For A Reason, helping those within the Portland area who are suffering from cancer and/or cancer treatment.

Joanna and her team have started a special program. Customers can nominate a special person in their lives or community that deserves to have their house cleaned top to bottom.    The team selects a winner, and the winner gets a full house cleaning service of up to seven hours at no charge.

The nominating individual is not left out either. They will also receive a free home cleaning.

Cancer, as all know, is a terrible disease and wreaks havoc on the body. The best treatment available is chemotherapy, which also does rough and terrible things to the person taking chemotherapy.    Hair loss, fatigue and other issues plague cancer patients. Very often, even the most simple and basic of daily tasks and chores become simply too much to do on a regular basis.

“It is because we care about our community that we have partnered with Cleaning For A Reason. We want those who are dealing with cancer and cancer treatments or loved ones who are helping care for them to know we have their backs. A clean home not only is better for the cancer patient health wise, but it also lifts their spirit. This is why we do what we do,” continued Joanna.

“We are looking for special people with extraordinary situations for the award. If you know someone who needs a home cleaned, we want to know. All you need to do is fill out the nomination form,” continued Joanna.

Learn more about Clean Affinity at the website. Visit Nominate a person on their nominations page.

Clean Affinity
Joanna Douglas, owner

Raising Funds for Memorial of Jesus Maria (don Chuy or Chalia) Calderon Marquez

On August 3, 2019, Jesus Maria (don Chuy or Chalia) Calderon Marquez died. He passed away from COPD and complications with his heart and an infection. This was not expected. He was still very strong. The way everything happened is beyond comprehension and the family is still in shock. Understandably Brenda (his daughter) is struggling to cope, so I, Janet Contero, am stepping in to help her with trying to get funding for his memorial services.

His side of the family offered to help when he passed. They even posted pictures of him and a few are trying to raise money. However, the rest of his family as the days went by have stopped calling or are not willing to help.

His daughter and grandchildren are absolutely devastated by Jesus Maria Calderon Marquez’s passing and are struggling to find the funds to cover the cost of the service. It’s been two (2) weeks and his body is still in the hospital morgue. The family does not have much more time before the hospital requests the body to be moved. They have no place to put the body. So, I have started a funeral fundraiser to help cover the cost of his funeral expenses. The family was not prepared for the high cost of a funeral, and during this difficult time is reaching out for help. The money from this campaign is going to his memorial services. The family has chosen cremation and in addition to the cremation services and viewing they also have to buy an urn for the ashes, flowers, and all materials for the memorial. This is URGENT and the family does not know what else to do or what they will do if they cannot pay for his cremation memorial services.

Please consider donating if you can, as any amount will truly help. We are very grateful for every donation during this difficult time.

Thank you so much for your consideration!!!

Janet Contero
Paypal Address: (friends and family)