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Charlotte, North Carolina: The HC Oakes Band ( returns to release their latest viral holiday song “COVID CHRISTMAS BLUES”. The release features crunching riffs, captivating melodic elements, and catchy vocals to form a unique and authentic sound during these uncertain times. With an immersing voice and unique delivery, COVID CHRISTMAS BLUES will bring holiday cheer at a time that we all need a smile.

Make sure you add this release to your Holiday rotation as it will bring a smile to your face.

See the covid christmas blues Music Video:

Download the MP3 from Reverbnation:

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Phone: + (704) 606 2135

Country: United States

Female Rapper Scottie Armonie Dominates with New Single ‘Takeover’

Scottie Armonie Is The First Successful Independent Female Rapper Currently Dominating With Her Single ‘Takeover’ link to Song on Apple Music Is Attached To This Press Release Please Stream NOW! Keep It Coming Records Thanks You!

Scottie Armonie Is A Female Rapper From Long Island She Is 27Years Old And Has Been Doing Music For 12Years She When Younger Participated in 100’s Of Pageants Plays Talent Shows And Most Of All Church Scottie Armonie is The Undeniable First Successful Independent Female Rapper In The World Was Suggested By The Recording Academy In 2012 To Submit To The Independent Grammys List For An “INDIE ARTIST NOMINATION” Was Invited To The Grammys By DHL MEDIA GROUP in 2018 Invited To The Independent Music Awards 4 Years Straight And Was Told By Management She Has A Real Chance Of Winning She is currently Charting With Her Single “TAKEOVER” and Is Being Submitted By Reverbnation.Com For A Independent Music Award For The Wam Awards.

Scottie Has Had Many Co-Signs Shoutout’s And BIG OPPORTUNITIES She Has Been Viewed And Spoken About By EVERY MAJOR RECORD LABEL IN THE WORLD Google Her at www.ScottieArmonie/Google.Com To Find Out More About The Indie Sensation Scottie Armonie!


Mtv Artist Of The Month (March)
Artist Of The Month For Billboard (March)
Featured In Splash Magazine


• StonyBrook University

Connect with Scottie Armonie on social media / @Scottie_Armonie

Link to “TAKEOVER” on Apple Music

Musician Looks to Share With the World

New York – Paulina Zelman has been involved in music for pretty much all of her life. Starting at age seven with the piano, Zelman later picked up the trumpet and many other instruments along the way. Zelman started writing poems in elementary school which eventually turned into singing and songwriting.

Her music has been kept to herself as sharing music with the public was out of her comfort zone. It was a little too much for her to extend her music to the world beyond.

“Music has always been a huge passion of mine. Every since I was really little, I would dance around to different songs. Music has been there for me through everything and brought me happiness. I come from a musical family and I am grateful that they have passed down their musical genes to me,” said Zelman.

Zelman refers to the COVID-19 virus crippling most of the U.S. and the world in her song “Prisoner.” She had a paradigm shift with her music and decided it was time to share what she created with the world. Overwhelmed with emotion, Paulina wrote and played her next single “Never Gone” as a way to cope with her dear friend’s passing. In the song, Paulina sings, “You’re never gone, your soul lives on and on and on.”

“Music has always been therapeutic for me and I enjoyed documenting experiences meaningful to me in the form of songs. I took the big step and released some of my formerly private music on several music sharing locations,” said Zelman.

Her gentle and soothing voice reaches into the folk songs and coffee house artists. Simple and direct, each of her many songs speak to a universal pathos of the world. She plays each instrument herself as well as composed all of the melody and lyrics.

Zelman has several different sites where she shares her soothing, folksy and heartfelt music. Find her on Spotify, her rising Youtube channel, Instagram and Twitter.

Zelman plans on continuing to write and compose music with the hope to spread positivity and remind people they are not alone.

“I love the process of writing songs, playing instruments and creating music. If I can reach one person and improve their day and situation, then I know I have accomplished my mission,” said Zelman.

Paulina Zelman

Matt N Flo Introduces Brand New Single, Take Off – Their Very First Release!

December 2019 – One of the most impressive things about Matt N Flo is that this duo consists of young musicians Matthew Chrisnando and Stefanie Floriana who are respectively 17 at 16 years old. At such a young age they are already very accomplished and they know how to write songs that reach deep within the earth of the audience. At its core, this project is actually a collaboration based on genres as diverse as rock and funk.

Recently, they released a debut single titled Take Off. The track marks the group’s first foray after the music scene, and it is particularly special because it’s already a very eloquent perspective on their talent and passion for creating beautiful music. Matthew and Stefanie are both drummers. This means that they have a standing understanding of rhythm and groove, and how these elements can radically change the mood and feel of any song. This can be heard very clearly on Take Off, which actually showcases a stunning tone and a beautiful set of production aesthetics.

This track has got many progressive rock elements that may remind you of artists as diverse as Emerson Lake and Palmer, as well as Rush, and even King Crimson only to mention about a few. There is a cool retro sound, echoing of the golden age of progressive music, but Matt N Flo also have a very modern way to approach their music, keeping it fresh and spontaneous.

The instrumental sections are impeccable, with killer lead guitar works, as well as an amazing relationship between the bass and the drums. What’s really distinctive about this release is that it tastefully blurs the lines between a wide variety of ideas and stylistic concepts, making for a one-of-a-kind feel and a refreshing attitude. This new project is a really good calling card for an artist who borrows from so many different styles and influences, coming out with a remarkably defined sound, filled with character and deeply personal nuances.

Find out more about and listen to their music on Spotify and other platforms on the web.

About us: We are 17 & 16 years old drummers from Indonesia.

Contact us on instagram: @mattnflo.official

RAINBOW STAR Throws A “Feminist Folk Punk” Right Hook, But With Appalachian Sweetness

Banned feminist art is becoming prevalent, but RAINBOW STAR’s feminist folk punk record promises a rawness and depth unlike any other. Her sophomore album, “Music From The Rainbow Sparkle Palace: Vol. II,” was recorded entirely on an iPhone – no fancy equipment whatsoever – at STAR’s 96 sq. ft. tiny house & homestead in the Appalachian foothills. Most of the tracks are the songs’ original birth-moment. STAR says, “I just feel it coming, grab my phone and an instrument, hit ‘record,’ and BOOM – there’s the song. The purity of that moment is impossible to recreate, so what you get is the very moment of channeling.” What you also get are breaths of fresh air in the form of nature sounds: the organic music of The Rainbow Sparkle Palace, which bookend the album as a gorgeous whippoorwill intro, and crickety night sounds to finish.

Feminist anthem, “Patriarchy Song,” is fierce: “It must be nice to be a guy / All of your anger justified / Get to do whatever you want / Nobody calling you a –” The song was banned from Facebook for being “offensive,” even before its ultra-controversial official music video was released, featuring our shero jogging topless through the heart of her tiny, conservative town, as well as women the world over sharing Me Too moments, calling out domestic violence, coercion, and false feminism. See the banned video here:

“Patriarchy Song” is scant – angelic vocals and an Appalachian banjo dulcimer – with lyrics that go for the jugular, yet come around to unity and peaceful resolution. Since then, STAR says, “I’ve received dozens of bans, blocks, deletes and throttling of my engagement on Facebook and Instagram. It’s apparent they’re in total opposition of feminism. They even refute their own ‘Community Standards,’ which state that a woman’s bare chest as a form of protest is ok; yet they quote those same standards when refusing to allow my posts, on the basis of ‘nudity.’”

Domestic violence survival song, “Texas Oil Rig,” (Official Video: )catches the heart in the chest with its fragility. “I chained myself to a Texas oil rig…” This is a story of domestic abuse and its near-deadly path of destruction, played out on soprano ukulele, with STAR’s sometimes surprisingly powerful vocals weaving amid butterfly-wing whispers.

The album is riddled with reclamation of self, calling one’s love back to its source, calling out injustices, and poetic confessions of the heart. At times lyrics are morbid in their musings, but remain nevertheless somehow soothing.

“Music From The Rainbow Sparkle Palace: Vol. II” is out as of Friday, 9/27, on STAR’s independent record label, Rainbow Sparkle Palace Publishing, and will be available on all major streaming platforms, as well as Amazon, iTunes, etc. The best way to support the artist is at ​​.

10% of profits from the album benefit Hope’s Wings Domestic Violence Shelter in Richmond, Kentucky.

Media Contact: