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Appeal filed to Third Circuit Court

An appeal to the US Third Circuit Court of Appeals is asking the judges there to overturn decisions by a lower court and send the case back to the lower courts in front of another judge.

John F. Marchisotto filed the appeal for a variety of reasons, chief of which is the court system and those working for the court conspired against him to deny his rights.

Mr. Marchisotto is a retired New York City police department sergeant.

“I personally always treated people properly, and professionally, in my career in law enforcement, and never abused my authority, or power against anyone,” he said.

The way he was treated by the New Jersey court system was not equitable, not legal and against the provisions guaranteed in the Constitution.

“I am hoping to make changes in a very broken judicial system. Pro se litigants, should be treated fairly, and not be abused by state, and federal court judges, police, prosecutors, and other officials who enjoy abusing their authority or powers,” he said. “The judicial system should be helping Pro se litigants rather than trying to hurt them. NJ Courts make it almost impossible for a non-attorney to succeed.”

“NJ Superior Court Judge’s, Margaret Goodzeit, and Alberto Rivas “Abused their Authority” “Rigged” manipulated, and controlled by deceptive or dishonest means. This is what they do to Pro se litigants. “The Advisory Committee on Judicial Conduct is an useless organization put in place to appease the public,’ he said.

His appeal says in part, “A jury trial was also demanded by Appellant, and the district court was only interested in dismissing his complaint against the high-profile state and judicial defendants.”

In his appeal, Mr. Marchisotto says Judge Margaret Goodzeit, and Judge Rivas “Abused their Authority”,  improperly “rigged” and dismissed his entire case they heard.

Among other things, Mr. Marchisotto said another District Court judge should have recused himself because of a previous relationship with one of the defendants. “The Chief Justice was his boss, and accelerated his career, and someone who he would be very loyal to. It is the simple basis that humans develop relationships with people they work with and for,“ he said.

By taking his case to the Third Circuit court, he said this sends a message to the court system in New Jersey. He also hopes the cease will bring needed reforms to the courts.

“I am one of a few Pro se’s that has the privilege, to bring my appeal before the 2nd highest court in the land. I hope my voice will pave the way to a better future for all other Pro se litigants that could not get their voice heard,” he said. “The New Jersey Courts are very poorly run, and it’s time for change and new leadership.”

He also objects to the “judicial immunity” judges like to use when someone threatens to sue.

“If a judge does something wrong form the bench, something has to be done. Unfortunately in New Jersey, it seems the entire judicial branch covers up for each other. Bad judges are allowed to stay put and can continue to hand down miscarriages of justice.

For more information, including a copy of the full appeal, contact Mr. Marchisotto at .

John F. Marchisotto
Pro Se Appellant
15 Topaz Drive
Jackson, NJ 08527
(732) 536-7732

Florida Man Helps Hurricane Survivors Rebuild

In Florida, you are either preparing for hurricane season or rebuilding from the last hurricane to make landfall. The costs associated with rebuilding after a hurricane can be enough to break some families and businesses.

This has led many people to one lawyer known for his expertise in insurance claims on property damaged by hurricanes. Attorney Beau Blackwell has recovered millions of dollars to help Hurricane Michael and Irma survivors fix their homes and rebuild their communities. This has quickly established Mr. Blackwell as the state of Florida’s go to attorney for Hurricane damage insurance claims.

Known for his passion and hard-work, Mr. Blackwell has a colorful and hard-hitting litigation style. “When a client’s home or business is hit by a hurricane and their insurance company refuses to pay, they need a lawyer who will stand by them through thick and thin, and say to the insurance companies, ‘If you want to continue to withhold payment, you are going to be in for the fight of your life,’” said Blackwell.

For his achievements, Beau Blackwell was presented with the 2020 Super Lawyers Award, one of the state’s most prestigious awards. Only 5% of the lawyers in the state of Florida are selected.

Friends, colleagues, and family members say Blackwell leads by example, is a professional inside and outside of the courtroom, and goes about his business the right way.

Mr. Blackwell takes pride in always spending the extra time focusing on the details of his clients and their cases to provide a strategic and detail-oriented approach needed to expedite the claim and litigation.

For more information:
Beau Blackwell, Esq.
Cohen Law Group
350 North Lake Destiny Rd.
Maitland, FL 32751
Phone: 407-478-4878
Email Mr. Blackwell directly at

Litigation Funding Is Ready For A Wider Reach In The Russian Market

Although the Russian litigation finance market is at an early stage of development, a surge in the interest for legal funding solutions could be observed over the last year. While third party financing for legal proceedings has previously been provided by private investors or by law firms as an auxiliary business, specialized litigation finance companies have only recently appeared on the market.

“Litigation finance is still a novelty to the Russian legal sphere. However, we have observed widespread support among the judicial community and government structures, who aim to make the Russian judicial system more accessible. “ says Aleksander Bogdanov, director of Seitenberg LLC. “Over the last year we’ve observed a large increase in the requests for litigation funding in Russia”.

As of 2019, Seitenberg LLC, founded by European and Russian business, finance and legal professionals, provides funding for commercial litigation and arbitration in Russia and the CIS. Based in St. Petersburg, Seitenberg funds cases starting from a value of ten million rubles, with a particular focus on contract disputes, shareholder disputes, insolvency cases, intellectual property disputes and commercial fraud as well as divorce cases.

Seitenberg is the first Russian litigation finance provider with particular expertise with international clients. As of February 2020, more than two thirds of cases funded by Seitenberg came from international companies or Russian subsidiaries of international companies. With a team made up of four nationalities, with ten different languages spoken, Seitenberg’s current field of work spans over six countries.

“Litigation Funding in Russia is particularly interesting for international businesses, who otherwise often refrain from pursuing even the most promising claims, due to the financial and other risks involved”, Aleksander Bogdanov explains.

Seitenberg provides its clients with tailor-made litigation funding solutions for their Russian operations, keeping up with international reporting and compliance standards. Besides financing, Seitenberg provides its international clients with analytical, business intelligence, AML compliance and asset tracing services, all provided by in-house teams.

Seitenberg LLC is the first Russian litigation finance company, specializing on international clients. Based in St. Petersburg, Seitenberg provides funding, analytics and operational support to claimants and law firms engaging in litigation, arbitration and restructuring in the Russian Federation and the CIS, significantly reducing the risk that comes with legal disputes in those jurisdictions.

For further information regarding Seitenberg and its activities, please visit

Seitenberg LLC 3-Ya Sovetskaya Ulitsa, 9, A
191036 Saint Petersburg
Russian Federation
+7 (812) 407 15 21

Lawyers of Distinction Partners with Market My Market to Promote their Members’ Accomplishments

Lawyers of Distinction, an organization recognizing excellence in the legal community, chooses digital agency Market My Market’s marketing capabilities to give Lawyers of Distinction members more reach with their outstanding achievements.

Lawyers of Distinction has recently partnered with Market My Market to collaborate on digital offerings for their members. The leadership team at Lawyers of Distinction decided to pursue to collaboration due to Market My Market’s contributions and success in providing their services to the legal community.

Lawyers of Distinction has worked closely with Market My Market to offer some introductory offerings, such as Press Releases and Online Reputation Services, to provide additional awareness of their members’ accomplishments and accolades.

“We have had a relationship with Lawyers of Distinction for some time, and have worked together on some comprehensive articles, guides and webinars,” Ryan Klein, Co-Founder of Market My Market said. “I think it’ll be great to also provide some additional recognition to their members from our digital approaches, as being a part of Lawyers of Distinction should be something that is essentially broadcasted throughout the legal community”.

About Lawyers of Distinction
Lawyers of Distinction is an organization that focuses on helping lawyers distinguish themselves in the very competitive legal community. They offer a yearly membership that includes many invaluable benefits such as a custom plaque, a custom crystal, access to the Lawyers of Distinction private membership group for networking and case referral, premium announcement roster publications in national news, discounts at national hotel and car chains & more.

About Market My Market
Market My Market helps Law Firms brand themselves online and expand their digital presence. Market My Market’s core services include SEO, Content Creation, Website Design, Pay-Per-Click Marketing, and Press Release Distribution. Market My Market helps Law firms implement the right systems, processes and strategies so lawyers can scale their firm.

Press Contact
Jesse Brodsky
4700 Millenia Blvd #175, Orlando, FL 32839
(877) 335-3021

Greathouse Trial Law, LLC Ranks #4 in Law Firm 500 Fastest Growing Law Firms

Greathouse Trial Law, an Atlanta based personal injury firm, has been selected as one of the 2019 Fastest Growing Law Firms in the US by Law Firm 500. The award recognizes law firms for the velocity of their growth, strategic vision, and unwavering commitment to succeed. Greathouse Trial Law was ranked 4th in the nation, with a three-year growth rate of 795%.

The Law Firm 500 award ceremony was held Oct. 11-13 at the Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa in Henderson, Nevada. The Keynote Speaker for the event was Mike Michalowicz, author of the bestselling book “Profit First” and a serial entrepreneur who brought lots of valuable education to the audience.

Since being admitted to practice law in the State of Georgia, Riah Winston Greathouse has been counsel of record in over 1000+ criminal and civil matters throughout the state with a high rate of success. Riah earned his law degree from the Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas, where he graduated in the Top 10% of his law school class. Attorney Riah Greathouse has been counsel of record in over 1000 criminal and civil matters throughout Georgia recovering millions of dollars for his clients.

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