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We Silver Jewels Unveils its Wholesale Collection of Elegant Semi-Precious Silver Jewelry

We Silver Jewels has introduced a stylish selection of semi-precious sterling silver jewelry that the store is offering at wholesale prices.

USA, 21 July

We Silver Jewels is a reliable wholesale jewelry supplier that has recently unveiled an elegant collection of semi-precious sterling silver jewelry in various designs. The semi-precious jewelry collection is made of 925 stamped sterling silver for authenticity and luster. Available in different shapes such as round, oval, pear, circle, braided, teardrop, double line, and star, the large variety of semi-precious stones make for ideal gifts for a loved one. The store is also offering discounts up to 40% on the beautiful collection of wholesale jewelry.

The Houston based wholesale silver jewelry store uses high-quality semi-precious stones to craft a wide range of jewelry products like pendants, charms, rings, earrings, solitaires, and necklaces. The rings and pendants are the bestsellers at the moment, with the store taking bulk orders of rings and pendants made of semi-precious stones every day. We Silver Jewels offers liberal volume discounts on bulk orders of wholesale silver jewelry, including its new range of semi-precious jewelry products.

Appropriate for all occasions, the sterling silver jewelry products supplied by We Silver Jewels meet the industry’s safety standards and are free of harmful metals like lead and mercury. The online store updates its inventory periodically to keep up to date with the latest trends. It even supplies age-appropriate silver and steel jewelry for children. We Silver Jewels delivers orders quickly and ships for free in the USA and Canada for orders over $499. In addition to the conditional free shipping offer and volume discounts on bulk orders, the company also grants 5% off on first orders.

A senior administrator at We Silver Jewels, Tim Green, urged customers to order fast before stocks run out as the semi-precious collection is in high demand. He said, “We have sold out several semi-precious rings, solitaires, and pendants since we launched the collection. Our eye-catching jewelry wholesale products come in a variety of colors based on the stones used, including, among others, red, blue, turquoise, purple, green, and black. From oxidized silver jewelry to antique designs, our semi-precious jewelry will leave customers spoilt for choice.”

About the Company

We Silver Jewels is a respected name in the wholesale jewelry business with years of reliable service and countless customers in Houston, Texas.

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Ultrasonic Pest Control Devices: HappiNest’s solution to traditional options

5th December, New York
Given the latest developments in the world of technology, anyone could easily assume that painful and messy pest traps are no longer the only option people have when it comes to defending their home. According to HappiNest, a young yet eager brand, there is a choice and a smart one for that matter. Having just launched their very own pest repeller pack, containing all the necessary pieces to keep both the home and family safe and as far from any pest danger as possible, HappiNest co-founder states that this newest technology, based on ultrasonic waves represents the future in pest control. According to him, the ultrasonic pest repeller promises to offer users a high level of protection, higher than traditional pest control methods do, without harming the inhabitants of the space in question, including pets. Humorously enough, this device is a danger to pests, but a friend to pets. But how does this technology work?

This technology and by extension, the HappiNest pest control device are based on high frequency sound waves, noticed by insects and rodents. This may be one of the reasons for which people are still suspicious about a technology they cannot hear, see or feel, but as the HappiNest co-founder would say, they will certainly notice it. To get rid of all the questions and suspicion circling around this mosquito repellent, it would be wise to mention that in 2009 the technology obtained the much desired confirmation. Researchers confirmed the efficiency of the technology and of the electronic pest control devices using it.

HappiNest is determined to provide clients with a solution to their pest problems, offering them an enhanced version of other pest repellent gadgets the market may offer. The brand’s co-founder mentions that all devices function perfectly, being extensively tested before releasing it on the market. The design is yet another detail that has not been forgotten by HappiNest. This too has been improved, making the pest repellent quite an addition to any home. Although the brand is new to the market, it is quite clear that HappiNest will stand the test of time. After all, who doesn’t want an efficient, high quality solution to traditional pest control?

For further information about the HappiNest or the pest repeller they provide clients with, please visit the website or use the contact details listed below:

Brand: HappiNest
Your name: Richard LEWIS

Amazon Awards Keen Edge Home Tall Size Reading Pillow the Highly Acclaimed #1 New Release Badge

Bliss Innovations receives #1 New Release Badge in Reading and Bedrest Pillows on their newly released Keen Edge Home Tall Size Hypoallergenic Shredded Foam Reading Pillow.

A proud family owned and operated online supplier of premium homeware, patio and garden products, Bliss Innovations launched its Tall Size Reading Pillow early in October. These Tall Size Pillows are fast gaining popularity by people of all ages who are enjoying the extra back support while relaxing at home, and has just been awarded the highly sought-after Number One New Release Badge in the Reading and Bedrest Pillows by Amazon. “We are delighted at how well our new product release is going with our Reading Pillow on Amazon and the tremendous feedback coming in from our customers,” says Beth Hill, Company spokesperson for Bliss Innovations.

Only the second product in its new premium homeware range, Keen Edge Home, this Tall Size Reading Pillow is fast gaining popularity with both males and females and of all ages. “This popularity is being fuelled by the extra design elements incorporated into this pillow which is making it a must have for the upcoming holiday season,” reports Beth Hill. “These extra design elements include: an extra 2 inches height than most other brands, durable fabric that can easily be spot cleaned, a removable cover that can be machine washed, a convenient carry handle that enables easy transport about the home, a plush ‘velvety feel’ outer cover that is smooth to touch which is an elegant vanilla color chosen to ensure it works with most modern and traditional home décor.”

“There is a limited time discount during the launch period in October to show off our new release,” says Beth Hill.

In the words of one happy customer, “This is the perfect pillow for studying or just watching TV! This pillow is constructed with down alternative, and has the perfect firmness when you are sitting up and leaning against it. Sitting up against pillows can be awkward, but this gives you the perfect amount of back and arm support. There is even a removable cover that you can take off to wash! There is even a handle to carry it around which is rather convenient.”

About Bliss Innovations
Bliss Innovations is a family owned and operated online supplier of premium homeware products that offer innovative and contemporary designs for its customers. The company is committed to bringing its customers the best quality products that deliver on performance, durability and affordability in combination with impeccable customer service.

For further information contact:
Beth Hill, Home Edge Home Representative

The Newly Released Product by Keen Edge Home, the Tall Size Hypoallergenic Shredded Foam Reading Pillow, Proves Popular Among Amazon Shoppers

The new Keen Edge Home Tall Size Hypoallergenic Shredded Foam Reading Pillow was recently launched by Bliss Innovations under its new homeware range called Keen Edge Home. Bliss Innovations, is the company known for their premium home, patio and garden products that deliver on performance, durability and affordability combined with impeccable customer service. This new offer has been extremely popular among shoppers, and customers have been talking about their views and experience with this new product as it is exclusively sold in Amazon.

One of the great features of this new product is its removable outer cover. It is easy to remove and machine wash and as the cover is made from a highly durable fabric it is not only easy to care for but it is perfect for the type of wear that it will receive as it becomes the most popular family pillow. Another feature, is the user-friendly carry handle that has been sewn on top of the reading pillow for easy transport from room to room.

Bliss Innovations offers the Tall Size Hypoallergenic Shredded Foam Reading Pillow with a 5 year replacement ‘no questions asked’ warranty providing customers with an caste iron assurance of the product’s quality.

As a testament to Amazon’s growing reputation and its commitment to customer service and their satisfaction, Keen Edge Home is offering their newly released reading pillow for sale on Amazon during its launch in October. Each year, more and more customers have access to the 2-day shipping ability via Amazon Prime, and so products purchased on Amazon are becoming even more accessible and a safe bet due to Amazon’s customer focused return policy. As we all become increasingly conscious of our health, Keen Edge Home’s new release, the Tall Size Hypoallergenic Shredded Foam Reading Pillow, is a fun and effective way to ensure back support for each family member as they go about their normal activities and relaxing at home.

Designed to work with most of today’s décor, the vanilla color of the outer cover is both visually appealing and is also extremely smooth and velvety to touch. According, to the company spokesman, the pillow has been specifically designed with an extra 2 inches to its height a feature not available with most other brands, which makes it more suitable for males.

Customers have been very excited about this new product as can be seen in a statement from one of its pre-release customers: “I really love the fresh vanilla color. But even more than this, the feel of the velvety material against my skin when I lean against the pillow is just heavenly. It has become my ‘go to’ pillow that I carry with me as I do different jobs and relax at home.”

The new Hypoallergenic Shredded Foam Reading Pillow by Keen Edge Home is available by Keen Edge Home and is available for purchase in October 2017 and will be exclusively sold on Amazon.

For additional information contact:
Beth Hill (Company spokesperson)

Keen Edge Home Launches New Website

To accompany the release of the first product in its new homeware range, Bliss Innovations known for its premium homeware, patio and garden wares has created a new website.

Modesto Ca. Bliss Innovations is proud to announce the launch of its brand-new website to coincide with the release of the first product in its new homeware range, the Keen Edge Home Magnetic Knife Set with Clear Colorful Handles. Specializing in premium homeware products, Keen Edge Home’s new website provides information about its products and their benefits, reviews, discount offers and early release opportunities of upcoming products.

Speaking to the media, a Keen Edge Home’s spokesman said, “We are excited to announce the launch of our new website. This site will provide current information about the company’s products, customer feedback and offers, and this is where customers can also register for product warranties. We want this site to become a go to place for our customers so that they can be informed when new products are released, access discount offers and if interested, can be first to test out new products.”

Its recent release, the Keen Edge Home Magnetic Knife Set contains 5 different knives each with its own specific use and each with its own unique attractive pastel shade. This knife set also contains a stunning black magnetized stand providing a magnificent background for their display on any kitchen countertop.

Not only are the attractive 5 pastel knife shades a welcome and eye-catching addition to any kitchen countertop, recent international research has revealed that using a different colored knife for each type of foodstuff will assist in inhibiting the transfer of harmful bacteria, and an added bonus for any home cook ensure safer choices.

This product comes with a Lifetime guarantee from Bliss Innovation which offers its customers the assurity of the product’s high quality. Information about this product and also about upcoming products from this range can be found on the new Keen Edge Home’s website.

About Bliss Innovations
Bliss Innovations is a family owned and operated business that manufactures premium homewares. Keen Edge Home is its new range of homewares that offer Bliss Innovation promise to wow its customers with outstanding design, durability and style. Located in Modesto California, the business was founded by a health researcher of 20 years’ experience who has a passion for safe, affordable high end essential homeware products that have superior functionality.

For more information, please contact:
Company Representative: Beth Hunter
Address: 805 River Road, Modesto, California