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Is Your Child Being Bullied?

(May 27, 2020) – Everyone is special because of the differences, and sometimes it take a child to understand a child. This book by John Paul Padilla sets the boundaries on Anti-Bullying for Children. Kids from an early age should be made to feel comfortable no matter how they look or seem to others. Award-winning author and poet John Paul has made this message his mission, especially through his fictional character, ‘Johnny Big-Ears’.

Johnny Big-Ears can be seen in action in two of John’s award-winning children’s books – “Johnny Big-Ears, the Feel-Good Friend “, and “Johnny Big-Ears Meets His New Neighbor Suzy”. Both stories derive from the author’s childhood experiences and are meant to inform kids about bullying and teasing and how to deal with it. The other fundamental lesson is how to accept ourselves as we are as well as others.

“Bullies are not born; they are made from what they see happening in their environment. If parents teach their kids tolerance and love for themselves no matter who they are or how they look, they will be more secure and happier kids who won’t want to tease others,” says John Paul.

John has set up the Padilla Goldworks Bullying Foundation to get his message across schools, cities, and states. He also volunteers time to share his message across the Central Valley of California schools. The

Johnny Big-Ears book is also now available in a Spanish version.

John’s campaign against bullying derives from his own personal experiences in school, where he was subjected to bullying due to how his ears looked. At eighteen, after surgery, he decided to simply follow his dreams, develop confidence and ignore what people said. The names of his characters are derived from these experiences and reflect the unique features of these kids that make them stand apart.

“Once we accept ourselves as we are, with flaws and all, we will all be truly more successful and happier people,” says John Paul.

The Johnny Big-Ears series is fully illustrated and ideal for children between the ages of 4 to 10. The books include a questionnaire and a special diagram. The two editions and the Spanish version are available at:

About John Paul Padilla

John is a self-published book author, writer, and public speaker against teasing and bullying. John Paul Padilla was born December 11, in Los Angeles, California. He was raised in several cities within the state, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and is currently residing in the Central Valley of California. In June 2003, John Paul was named a Distinguished Member by The International Library of Poetry. In November 2003, his first book, “Wings to Cross an Ocean” was released. In 2007, his poem, “Time for Myself” was chosen to be Editor’s Choice Award, along with being chosen along 33 other poets to be recorded in “The Sound of Poetry “, a CD collection of favorite poems chosen by the International Library of Poetry and In August 2009, his first children’s book, “Johnny Big Ears, The Feel-Good Friend” was released. John self publishes his works through his own publishing company, Padilla Goldworks. For more information, please visit:

Media Contact:
John Padilla

Marketneste Announces Launch of New Product, the Portable Bamboo Cutlery Set

Marketneste LLC, a company that prides itself on providing attractive and practical everyday products for the home is excited to announce the launch of its latest product on – a Portable Bamboo Cutlery Set with a Travel Holder. Designed and specially made of bamboo, the number one renewable resource in the world, this cutlery set is sure to provide a natural dining experience for eco-friendly travelers who need to eat outdoors.

The Marketneste Bamboo Cutlery Set includes a fork, knife, Straw, Chopsticks, Toothbrush, a Straw Cleaning Brush, a Cotton Picnic Napkin and a portable bamboo toothbrush with soft coconut fiber bristle. The set also comes with a travel silverware pouch that has a slot for each utensil. All the utensils are not just great for outdoor use like traveling, camping or hiking only; they are also perfect for normal indoor use at home, in the office or at school. They can be easily cleaned, reusable, 100% food-safe, eco-friendly, non-toxic and will help support a clean and healthy environment.

With its portability and light-weight, Marketneste Bamboo Cutlery Set is easy to carry anywhere and everywhere. They are the perfect travel companion. A recent buyer on had this to say about the set, “I love my bamboo utensil kit! It’s lightweight, yet sturdy, and the utensils are very pretty and comfortable to hold. I will be keeping it in my pocketbook so I can skip the plastic utensils when I get take-out for lunch.”

For more information about the new offering from Marketneste, please visit their website at or buy the cutlery set directly on by clicking on this link:

About Marketneste:

Marketneste LLC is a small family-owned business that provides attractive and practical everyday products for the home. We are committed to simple, minimal design and excellent customer service. We are excited about providing new products that will enhance the beauty and functionality of your home.

Media Contact:
John Evarts

The Move-Ment: Be Here Now Experience Launches 4th Edition At Upper Buena Vista

Miami, Fl. (May 8, 2019) – Miami born and internationally acclaimed personal growth and mindfulness festival, The Move-Ment: Be Here Now Experience announces their fourth edition at Miami’s new urban oasis, Upper Buena Vista. Attendees are set to experience a full day of transformation from within on June 1st, 2019 from 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM.

The Move-Ment -Be Here Now Experience has touched the lives of more than 500 people, where powerful shifts and life changing transformations took place. Each of these events was carefully curated and facilitated by the creative energy of world renowned coaches, healers and spiritual teachers.

The upcoming edition, will be a 12-hour experience where attendees receive all-inclusive access for the activities at the main stage (Heart Stage) and one-on-one sessions with personal growth coaches and spiritual healers (Coaching Garden and Healing Oasis.) In addition, paid services such as Cranio-Sacral, Reiki and massage among other activities will be offered (Conscious Market.)

The Creators of The Move-Ment are calling all Miami locals looking for professionally guided techniques and tools from renown personal growth coaches and spiritual healers. During this soul awakening and spiritually transformative journey, the event attendees will have the option of immersing, experimenting, and losing themselves in sacred geometry, code activations, guided meditations, yoga, music and one-on-one coaching and healing sessions.

Upper Buena Vista was carefully chosen for the fourth edition — full day of transformation — because of its bohemian themed sanctuary and charmingly quiet atmosphere located near the heart of Miami’s main city attractions; Design District, Downtown, Midtown, and Wynwood.


A series of interactive at the festivals main stage:

The Heart Stage
09:00 AM Sacred Geometry Activation (@msmarlenemenedez)
10:30 AM The Science of Yoga (@Inhale Miami )
12:00 PM Akashic Record Hypnosis (@debbieMagic)
01:30 PM Manifesting Masterclass (
03:00 PM Aroma Yoga Flow (@jenniferpensa @Oilgram)
04:30 PM OSHO No Dimensions (@SitaraMeditation)
06:00 PM Water & Fire Purification Ceremony
07:00 PM “Elements”Dance Temple (@zoelmusic)
09:00 PM Closing

Coaching Garden
A dynamic space where a select group of life coaches, holistic practitioners, therapists, and specialists in personal growth will offer one-on-one coaching consultations.

Dr. Todd ( Holistic Psychotherapy for women and couples) Rossana Corniel ( Executive Coach) Dominic Petty ( Inner peace advisor) Marta Jordan ( Ontological Life Coach) Raquel Colomer ( Ontological Health coach) Fernando Arias ( Past Life Coach & Former President of Holistic Chamber of commerce)
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Healing Oasis
The Healing Oasis is a designated area for expressing personal obstacles, issues and challenges and where attendees can receive personal growth advice and healing in return from seven curated healers. 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Conscious Market
Services of healing and relaxation. *Paid services. Not included in ticket price.
9:00 AM – 9:00 PM

The Move-Ment is a vision of two creative women; Sitara, Creative Director and Meditation Facilitator and Zoel, Creative Director and Music Producer. Both based in Miami, wanted to create an event where spirituality could be experienced. After three successful years and events, this will be the fourth edition of the Be Here Now Experience.

“Life is enriched when we make a conscious effort to be present and live in the moment, no matter what that moment holds,” says Zoel, co-creator of The Move-Ment and music producer. “When we are present there is no worry about the future or the past, that is our whole goal with The Move-Ment to bring people to the Here and Now.”

View more photos & poster here.

For more information please visit Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Instagram at @themove_ment. Eventbrite Link

Pest Repeller – Is This Device Safe for Children and Pets?

6th December, New York
Founded out of a strong desire to bring happiness and security, HappiNest surprised its clients with a highly professional product. Looking at the level of popularity already achieved, it would seem that HappiNest has found the recipe for success with this newly launched product. It is the people’s need that determined the apparition of the pest repeller on the market. One cannot ignore the elephant in the room. Is this pest repeller safe for children and pets or isn’t it?

Richard LEWIS said: “All our customers can use this pest repellent in their homes, without any hesitation. Pets, as well as children and other family members, have nothing to fear when it comes to using this product. It is only a threat to pests such as spiders, mosquitoes, rodents, bedbugs and flies. But in the end, this is its purpose. Our device is 100 % safe. The only thing more harmful than exposing people to the diseases pests carry, is using other pet control method such as leaving dangerous poisons, mousetraps, roach motels or glue traps around the house.”

Considering these aspects, HappiNest decided to invest in a product that would do its job professionally. The sole purpose of this pest repellent is to get rid of insects and rodents, without killing, but simply driving them away. In order to have the expected results, the pest repeller should be used in accordance with the received instruction. It is not recommended for the electronic pest repeller to be placed behind solid obstructions like furniture or draperies. Ultrasonic waves will be blocked. This device works incognito and offers the wanted protection without knowing it is there. These being said, the ultrasonic pest repeller can be used in a home, office, garage or other spaces without having to worry about its toxicity levels.

HappiNest is a young brand which has recently launched its newest product on the dedicated market. HappiNest is set on providing customers with highly satisfying shopping experiences, as well as with a professional customer service team ready to answer to all the questions clients might have.

For further information about the company or the product, please visit or use the contact details listed below.

Company: HappiNest
Name: Richard LEWIS
Email address:

TLC Landscapes Announces Amazing Seasonal Deals

TLC Landscapes LLC has been a revered Texas lawnscaper for over twenty years. But this holiday season, the landscaping team is offering unprecedented discounts.

November 30, 2016 – The appearance of a lawn is a key feature of any respectable house. After all, the lawn is one of the most visible parts of the house. In order to provide a gorgeous lawn at an affordable price, TLC Landscapes has launched an arsenal of holiday deals. For a limited time, new customers will receive one free lawn trimming treatment valid through 2017. Additionally, subscribers to the TLC Landscapes annual maintenance plan will receive $100 discount. These savings are perfectly timed, enabling families to save some funds for use as Christmas present money.

TLC Landscapes is also excited to be offering a couple of seasonal services including professional Christmas light hanging for as low as $199.50, adding a bit of cheer to the mix. These lights paired with the excellent landscaping services that TLC Landscapes offers are sure to make any lawn the envy of every neighbor. Fall is also a great time to add lawn fertilization pre-emergent treatment for $39.85. Another seasonal service TLC Landscapes now offers is gutter cleaning. With the help of trained professionals, no one will have to worry about fall leaves blocking the run off from wintertime snow. And with twenty years of experience backing this family-owned company, TLC Landscapes is prepared for anything this winter might throw them.

Discounts Offered Through December:
– Fertilizer Treatments – $10 off – sale price of $39.85
– Annual Maintenance – $100 discount
– Gutter Cleaning – $198.85
– New Customers Get One Free Mowing & Edging Service in 2017

About TLC Landscapes LLC
TLC Landscapes was founded over twenty years ago in Frisco, Texas. Today the company has grown to include Frisco, Plano, Little Elm, Prosper, and McKinney while maintaining its family-owned roots. Through a commitment to every client, this Frisco landscaping company aims to provide affordable and friendly lawn care to as many homes as it can reach.

To learn more visit
Frisco, TX 75035