The 2014 Annual convention of the New Jersey Firefighter’s Mutual Benevolent Association (FMBA) is set to receive Cardio Pulmonary Diagnostics, LLC to raise awareness of a firefighter’s health risks

Cardio Pulmonary Diagnostics, LLC is a medical organization that provides heart and lung care to active and retired public servants, in an effort to support their valiant services and has therefore been invited to provide invaluable insights for the benefit of the firefighters.
by datwriterguy On September 24, 2014

Consumers Warned of Diet Pill Free Trial Scams

A recent surge in free trial offers of diet pills has led to increased consumer mistrust. A diet pill review site issues a warning to be wary of such scams.
by datwriterguy On September 22, 2014

Rough Hand Repair ointment is now made available to the US armed forces, owing to the purchases by the public

Developed by John Fraser, a construction worker and a victim of dry and rough hands himself, this ointment is now available for use by the US armed forces that are in need of a product such as this, on account of their profession.
by datwriterguy On September 20, 2014

A New Weight Loss Product Formulated with Some of the World’s Healthiest Ingredients

A new weight loss product Skinny Fiber has been introduced to offer people with an effective method, which is way more than just another weight loss pill, to lose weight.
by datwriterguy On September 17, 2014