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Post-COVID in California – Nuzuna Wellness Centers Open Where Technology Meets Fitness for EveryBODY

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Offering a completely wireless and Bluetooth EMS suit that contains 20 pre-placed electrodes on all major muscles for clients to use at the wellness centers.

(Newport Beach, Calif.) – The COVID-19 pandemic is slowly fading thanks to science, social distancing and personal protections. The past year and a half has many people suffering from weight gain as many are working from home and staying at home, and the lack of physical activity is evident.

Nuzuna Wellness Centers are actively working to reverse this situation as they are opening a chain of wellness centers across California with a new training system. The Nuzuna Power Driven Training, PDT, system. What is going to set Nuzuna Wellness Centers apart from the rest of other exercise locations is the open arms mentality the chain has.

Nuzuna Wellness Centers want any and all body shapes and styles to feel welcome and without fearing being judged. Their goal is a brand with a concentration on health, well-being and empowerment. Participants can use the PDT workout system with careful observation and consultation. As the chain puts it, “This is for everyBODY.”

“We are very excited to bring this technology for health and wellness that includes not only physical therapy for those who need it but training in our facilities with or without a personal trainer,” said Charles Laverty, Founder of Nuzuna.

Nuzuna Wellness Centers are working on a new proprietary fitness suit using EMS, electro-muscle stimulation. This system is designed to provide a total body workout equivalent to a four-hour workout in just 20 short minutes. EMS is designed to stimulate 90 percent of the muscles in the body from large muscle groups to the smallest. The program is safe for almost everyone but checking in with a physician is strongly recommended just like any exercise program.

Nuzuna Wellness Centers has also taken the EMS system one step further and is developing the network for a home EMS suit. The EMS suit means a full body, intensive workout can be done for the busy individual who is staying at home for health or personal reasons to gain the benefits of a workout and exercise without leaving home. The EMS suit is wireless, made with a bi-elastic material and machine washable. The lined silver inside the suit has antibacterial qualities that neutralizes odors and maximizes hygiene.

About Nuzuna Wellness Centers
Nuzuna Wellness Centers is the first company in Southern California that incorporates Germany’s revolutionary Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology to enhance a traditional workout for clients to use at the wellness centers. EMS has been making its way into the fitness industry, promising to strengthen muscles, boost stamina, increase flexibility, and much more internal health benefits that are still under clinical research. Using this training system with Nuzuna’s trainers can provide visible results after just four sessions, whether through one-on-one or group training programs. Nuzuna Wellness Centers offer various class styles, including Kickboxing, TRX Training, Personal/Group Training, Yoga, Pilates, and Indoor Cycling as well as Physical Therapy and Cryotherapy services.

For more information, including information about the EMS suit, visit Follow Nuzuna Wellness Centers on social media on Facebook @NuzunaWellness; Instagram @nuzunafitness; YouTube @NuzunaZoneFitness and LinkedIn @nuzunafit. Learn more about EMS at this video.

For media inquiries and interviews, please contact Kelly Bennett of Bennett Unlimited PR (949) 463-6383 or

Beauty care line has options for multiple skin types

The current pandemic has people making changes to their daily routines. Social distancing and masks seem to be the way things are done now. Most people are not overly concerned about either, but masks can be more than a simple annoyance.

The wearing of masks regularly can cause facial and skin issues ranging from irritation to breakouts and more. These are problems people have faced for time immemorial, but the new pandemic has some reconsidering their daily facial routines.

Jennie Chang saw a niche needing to be filled and created her own product line – NANDALA.

NANDALA uses a special process to extract the essentials of oils from young green tea seeds, long known for its potent anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties in addition to ginseng extract and niacinamide – a special ingredient to brighten dull skin. Chang has taken her product one step further and is tapping into the mineral rich lands of South Korea for the best possible green tea.

“The southern portion of South Korea has some of the richest soil in the world thanks to previous volcanic activity. This means the richness of that earth fills the green tea plants. My products come from these young seeds, and my customers can be sure these products work and work well,” said Chang.

Chang invested considerable time in development of NANDALA. She carefully checked what was most effective for a variety of skin types, took out anything she felt was unnecessary filler and the result is the NANDALA line of skin care products.

“A solid botanical cleansing balm with brightening, tone-up qualities needs to have some degree of moisturizing agent as an integral part. Shea butter and coconut oils are 100 percent natural and contain powerful properties in their own right when it comes to helping skin look healthier and younger. This is why I found the best of the best of both and added them to my NANDALA line,” said Chang.

Chang’s NANDALA line will be sold through her website and an e-store. NANDALA’s website contains products, reviews and a regularly updated blog on skin health and care. Orders are processed behind a secure server, so customers can order without worry. More information, including how to order, is on the website. Visit for details.

Jennie Chang, Founder


A number of hospitals are overwhelmed with patients and deaths. Non-essential businesses are shut down until further notice. Covid-19 once underestimated by most countries has caused significant upheaval around the globe. Without a definitive timeline around the development of vaccines or a cure, government officials and the public are afraid of reopening the economy. But what exactly does it mean to “re-open the economy?”

The CDC drafted a 3 phase reopening roadmap. Each phase includes guidelines for organizations including, schools, camps, childcare centers, religious facilities and mass transit systems that emphasize strict control and social distancing measures. Although the guidelines can only serve as advice and it is up to the individual states to enforce them, it is likely that the states will adapt similar guidelines.

The take away from the guidelines is that social distancing measures will still be incorporated in our lives to ensure the health-safety of the population. Yes, people will need to eventually go back to work in order to put food on the table. But it will have to be done with a lot of caution and discipline.

We’ve come so far in our efforts to flatten the curve. The real scare is going backwards and facing another wave of the virus— especially if the timing coincides with the seasonal flu.
The hard truth is that the virus will still be with us— at least until a vaccine is developed.

So what can we do and how can we as individuals prepare for the reopening?

We can start by:

1) Staying healthy and keeping the immune system strong.

Eating right, exercising daily and getting sufficient amount of sleep.

2) Limiting human contact as much as possible.

Working remotely as much as possible, going out only when it is necessary and maintaining a 2 meters (about 6 feet) distance when out in public.

3) Washing and sanitizing hands properly, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, and ventilating homes and offices frequently.

4) Wearing personal protective equipment —such as masks, goggles, and gloves.

According to the CDC, transmission occurs much more commonly through respiratory droplets than through fomites. This means that maintaining the 2m distance and wearing protective equipment— including masks, goggles and gloves are going to be priority when in public.

But the real question is, how can we get our hands on the supplies in the first place? The reality is that we are facing critical shortages that even the biggest companies in the United States cannot keep up with. And how can we protect ourselves from scams and fraudsters taking advantage of the situation?

The answer is simple— sourcing companies with credibility and experience in dealing with disasters. Private companies that fall under the radar like ANNI Medical manufactures up to 50,000 masks per day. Following the footsteps of larger private companies in the United States like Space X and Tesla, smaller companies like ANNI Medical shifted to manufacturing supplies to relieve the shortage for needed Personal protective equipment. ANNI Medical is the sister company of ANNI K.K, a company that works closely with UNICEF Japan. They had successfully delivered emergency supplies for UNICEF in the March 11, 2011 earthquake and the post Fukushima disaster.

For more information on ANNI medical, click here:

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We understand that many of us have experienced job loss, are battling health issues, and enduring what is seemingly an endless pause to our lives. The mental, emotional and spiritual effects we are experiencing may in some instances outweigh the actual physical damages posed by the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Sometimes it is the survivors that feel the most guilt and pain. Recovering from grief and having to rebuild from what was lost is no walk in the park.

This blog is for you and for those that have left this world behind. This platform was created to help you cope with your loss, to give you reason to move on and to help clarify some of the issues most mainstream media intentionally cover up.

My goal is to alert people of real issues so that we can take the necessary steps to make this world a better place.

We at SARSBLOG will try our best to remain factual so that we can be a reliable support system to you all in this time of crisis.

Thank you and welcome SARSBLOG.

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Brothers Shield Releases “Sneeze Guard” to Help with the Spread of COVID-19

Englewood, NJ, April 20, 2020: Brothers Shield, a Tri State Area product design and logistics company working to create innovations and solutions in the age of coronavirus, this week announced their product, the Sneeze Guard, is officially available for purchase.

Working hard to design a protective sneeze guard made with a Plexiglas shield that guards for coverage from airborne contaminants, the Sneeze Guard is a hand-crafted product that provides barrier protection against bacteria and germs exposed from coughs, sneezes, and other fluid expectoration.

“From food counter workers and those in grocery stores, to those are drive-thrus and other essential businesses, they need some kind of protective barrier that can keep them safe as they interact with people today,” said Mike Zelen, Founder and Owner of Brothers Shield. “We wanted to do our part to make a difference during COVID-19 right now, which is why we designed an effective guard that can slow the spread of this virus.”

The Sneeze Guard is also made with premium, solid wood, including a custom fit generous 0.75” x 1.5”. Designed to be long-lasting, the frame provides extra strength and protection for users.

The Plexiglass used in the making of the product is 0.125” in thickness, leveraging a transparent, acrylic glass that also protects against dust and moisture. The acrylic resin enhances the shield’s transparency and resistance to shattering, impacts, and non-abrasive cleaners.

“These shields can be used at offices, in restaurants, at takeout windows, in retail stores, and more,” said Zelen. “As our country works to open industries back up while the virus is at large, there needs to be way for everyone to reduce their exposure to coughing, sneezing, and spraying droplets from mouths and noses.”

Brothers Shield is open to all custom orders. With a facility located in New Jersey, the company is able to provide quick turnaround to US customers, as well as those that need it most in the Tri State Area.

The Sneeze Guard is a proudly USA-made product. For those in need of additional germ barriers at their operations, or those interested in custom orders, please visit:

About Brothers Shield
Brothers Shield is a New Jersey-based product design company that distributes the Sneeze Guard, an effective Plexiglass germ protective solution for individuals in the age of coronavirus. Proudly made in the USA, Brothers Shield accepts all custom orders from companies looking to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Contact: Mike Zelen
Brothers Shield
500 Nordhoff Place
Englewood NJ, 07631

Diabetic Test Strip Buyers of NJ: An Ideal Place to Sell Diabetic Test Strips for extra Cash During Extreme Times.

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Diabetic Test Strip Buyers of NJ is a perfect place to sell extra diabetic test strips in NJ and nearby areas. They are an honest, a reliable company which makes use of priority customer service, so clients get paid more. The company has 1 location in the NJ area and has been in the business since 2015.

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Diabetic patients are sometimes advised by their doctors to switch their testers. So, what would they do with their unused diabetic strips? Discarding them could mean losing a considerable amount of money. This site will purchase these unused test strips and pay cash on the spot.

According to the owners, Diabetic Test Strip Buyers of NJ- We Come to You & Pick Up purchases all major brands of diabetic test strips such as Aviva Plus, Accu Check, Contour Next, Contour, Freestyle Lite, Devcxon G6, Omni pods, One Touch Ultra, One Touch Verio, and many other others. The company is happy to purchase as many brands that are on the market so they can assist a lot of people suffering from diabetes. They meet their clients in a safe and public place, not like tons of companies who ask clients to mail the strips into them. This makes selling diabetic strips easy and comfortable.

Selling unused diabetic test strips is the smart way of recycling unused boxes and, at the same time, earning money. When it comes to the amount the clients can get, Diabetic Test Strip Buyers of NJ is using a payout calculator based on the brand, box count and expiration date to determine the amount she or he will get.

The company does not accept a box of strips that are expired, nor damaged or opened. The company doesn’t share the info of the seller to the public. Sellers are advised to trust Diabetic Test Strip Buyers of NJ when it comes to selling test strips.

About Diabetic Test Strip Buyers of NJ- We Come to You & Pick Up
Diabetic Test Strip Buyers of NJ- We Come to You & Pick Up is one of the best and most reliable sites with regards to selling diabetic test strips. Also, they offer priority pick up for quick and faster service. There is no need to wait a couple of days to get the mailing kit. also, the company provides competitive payout. Diabetic Test Strip Buyers of NJ advise sellers to compare the rates prior to selling the test strips.

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Company: Diabetic Test Strip Buyers of NJ We Come to You & Pick-Up
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