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Noa Noa Tahiti Going Global


Established to address the market demand for high quality and authentic Tahitian food products, Noa Noa Tahiti has been a well-known business for the past 25 years. They use Noni fruits produced from their very own Tahitian organic farm, which is sent to their manufacturing facility where every product is made under strict quality control standards. Every product they have bears the marks of high quality organic produce and has been certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the Japanese Certification Services, Inc., the United States Department of Agriculture, and the International Foundation for Organic Agriculture.

A fruit from the tropics, the Noni fruit has been reported by the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center to provide a number of health benefits. It is known as an antioxidant, and is said to help lower cholesterol, stimulate the immune system, prevent lung, esophageal, as well as other forms of cancer, protect the nervous system, reduce high blood pressure, and improve cognition. With many forms for intake—such as juice, fermented juice, pills, powder, and capsule—it is very easy to include in your diet.

Featured in the Noa Noa press release about Noni are their three famous products: the Noa Noa Tahiti Noni Nitro, the Noa Noa Tahiti Manuka Honey Lozenge, and the Noa Noa Tahiti Organic Noni Juice.

The Noa Noa Tahiti Noni Nitro is a 100% Noni Juice concentrate with Black Ginger extract that contains powerful antioxidants that help lower high blood pressure, maintain healthy cholesterol levels, boost mental sharpness, and improve bone strength and joint mobility. It is, as its name may suggest, “the most powerful form of noni available today”.

The Noa Noa Tahiti Manuka Honey Lozenges are made of 90% Manuka Honey and 10% Maltodextrin. The Manuka Honey has been produced straight from the finest, high quality Manuka Honey farms in the back country of New Zealand. This particular product is said to be useful whenever you’re feeling a bit under the weather, boasting to work on sore throats and can help fight infections.

The third of their featured products, the Noa Noa Tahiti Organic Noni Juice, is made from 100% Tahitian Noni Juice. You can drink it straight from the bottle, or mix it with water, or juice, depending on your personal preference. The Noa Noa Tahiti Organic Noni Juice is the mainstay, flagship product of the Noa Noa Tahiti Company. Containing powerful antioxidants, this 100% organic, high quality Noni juice helps lower blood pressure, maintains healthy cholesterol levels, promotes Immune System functions and improved sexual health, boosts mental sharpness, and helps improve bone strength and joint mobility.

All these products are top of the line. Orders made from their website can be shipped internationally by New Zealand couriers and posts. For inquiries and information, you can contact them through email at:, or you can visit their website at


A one-click solution will make book, movie & music websites more attractive


Many people who search book, music and movie websites for ideas on what to read, watch or listen to next like to check them out at their local library before deciding to buy. Doing this can be a complicated process. Link2Library will find out, without moving from the site being visited, if the item is available at the searcher’s local library.

Link2Library Director and Co-Founder Heidi Z Yao, Ph.D., said the idea for the site came from the fact that when she visited book recommendation sites and found a title that drew her attention she often wanted to have a trial look at it. The process necessary to find out if the title was available at her local library involved several clicks and other steps, and she wondered if it could be possible to access a library website directly from the one she was visiting.

Today Link2Library provides a convenient tool for visitors browsing book, movie and music websites to check whether any item is available at their home library with just one click. Having the Find in Library button on a site makes it more user-friendly. After Find in Library is integrated into a site, Link2Library automatically detects nearby libraries when visitors click the access button. Once the home library is confirmed, a catalog search for the desired item is performed.

In addition to catalog sites such as Amazon, users of sources such as Goodreads can add a Find in Library button to their account. By doing this a direct library check for availability can be made as soon as the review or description is read. As a demonstration, is developed by Link2Library Inc. to show how Find in Library button works after integrating to a website.

More than 10,000 libraries in the USA and Canada have been integrated to Link2 Library, and new libraries are added regularly based upon suggestions from libraries and users of the new site. There is no cost for using Link2Library for non-profit websites. For other websites, after a one month free trial, a subscription fee is based on monthly traffic.

Complete information on what Link2Library does and how to use it can be found at Questions can be emailed through the contact form on the site.

About Link2Library: The mission of Link2Library is to provide a handy tool to book, movie and music websites so that their visitors can check any library item’s availability at home library with one click.

Heidi Z. Yao
Link2Library Inc.
Tel: (226) 241-8808