INSCATECH Instrumental in Creation of New GFSI Food Fraud Mitigation Requirements

INSCATECH applauds the Global Food Safety Initiative (“GFSI”) in their decision to include new requirements specific to food fraud mitigation in the next full revision of the GFSI Guidance Document (7th Edition) to be released in 2016
by datwriterguy On July 23, 2014

Get Ready For The Splash-Free Coffee While On-The-Go

The Spillinator, an innovative and eco-minded product that provides a splash-free drinking experience for coffee and tea lovers on-the-go. The product, invented by actor Al Santos, ensures that there is no leakage from the lid, so you can enjoy your beverage splash-free.
by datwriterguy On July 16, 2014

Noa Noa Tahiti Going Global

Established to address the market demand for high quality and authentic Tahitian food products, Noa Noa Tahiti has been a well-known business for the past 25 years.
by datwriterguy On July 12, 2014

A one-click solution will make book, movie & music websites more attractive

Link2Library provides a Find in Library option to book, movie and music websites so that visitors can check any library item's availability at their home library with one click.
by datwriterguy On July 4, 2014