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London – 7 October 2014 – Using organic products is gaining attention day by day because of it health benefits, and to fulfill the needs of the buyers looking for certified organic products and to help producers sell their organic food items, Sfoodle is launching, the new and only slow food marketplace.

Making a healthy choice regarding food has become an important criteria because of the unhealthy effects of pesticides and chemical fertilizers that are used to grow food. Consuming such foods is harmful to health and to the environment because it causes soil destruction. Today, people prefer to go in for organic foods, which are foods that are not grown with pesticides and fertilizers and are sold free from any type of artificial coloring or preservatives, using methods that preserve the environment.

Organic foods produced by organic agriculture, promote biodiversity, reduces carbon footprint and has greater nutritional value and Sfoodle understands the need to provide the purest and healthiest foods and drinks to people all over the world, and has launched with this vision. is a reliable source for all kinds of organic cooking ingredients, foods, organic drinks, wines and beers that are supervised and certified and which are processed in sustainable farming environments and getting products directly from assures less food safety risks. is the best selling platform to import and export premium quality foods. Cheese, sauces, wines, beer, cooking ingredients, bread, biscuits, balsamic vinegar, preserves, whatever the patrons are looking for, is the only online market place that satisfies their needs. is ideally designed for international wholesale buyers, who can access a huge variety of quality and genuine products in one place, without wasting time in online researches and excellent and trained customer service of Sfoodle provides proper guidance for all import procedures.

Organic food producers can market their products to international consumers through, which offers translation services, so that the products can be displayed to potential customers in their native language, which can help to increase sales and profit.

Apart from international wholesalers and artisan food producers, also caters to the needs of private individuals, who can enjoy a spectrum of organic items, which cannot be found in ordinary super markets.

About Sfoodle
Sfoodle is a game changer in the artisan food field. It is a market place where carefully selected and certified first class organic food items, wines and beers are made available to wholesalers, retailers, importers and private buyers. Organic food items and drinks can be shipped and imported to any part of the world, and Sfoodle operates a hassle-free buying and selling platform for international buyers. Buyers can choose large quantities of organic and artisanally made food, which are professionally supervised from the initial stage to the completed stage. Selected products listed on Sfoodle are organic, biodynamic or categorized PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication).

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Two Years in a Row! Defending Champion WingsUp Comes Up a Winner in Two Categories at 2014 Halton Wing Festival


September 10, 2014, Ontario, Canada- WingsUp, a renowned gourmet chicken wing company from Canada has just won the prestigious titles of “Best Traditional Wing” and “Children’s Choice” in the 2014 Halton Wing Festival. They were the defending “Exotic Wing” and “Kids Choice” champions of 2013 and once again they have proven that they are indeed one of the best gourmet chicken wing companies in Canada. The Halton Wing Festival is held each year in support of people suffering from multiple sclerosis, and all the proceeds from the event go to Halton MS Society, a client service that is dedicated towards helping people fight MS.

The Halton Wing Festival is a unique event that is organized each year to provide chicken wings lovers with an opportunity to enjoy the best chicken wings that various vendors across the Halton area have to offer. It is a licensed event which is organized for a better cause, i.e. to help people suffering from MS. Apart from chicken wings, the event features live entertainment, raffles, and contests. This year several new and old vendors from the Halton region took part in this event. Though the competition was fierce, WingsUp managed to defend its “Children’s Choice” title for a second year in a row. Besides this, they also won the “Best Traditional Wing” title.

The festival helps in raising a substantial amount of money for the Halton MS Society. All the proceeds from the fest go to the “Halton MS client services” which is later used for the welfare of people suffering from multiple sclerosis. It is because of the combined effort, dedication, time and energy of vendors, organizers, sponsors and local people that this event is such a huge success.

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About WingsUp
Established in the year 1988, WingsUp is a leading gourmet chicken wing company that specializes in making a wide variety of fresh and delicious chicken items such as chicken wings, sandwiches, fries and rings, chicken dunkers, ribs, buffalo bites, etc that are unique with mouthwatering recipes. They currently have eight stores with around 116 employees and are one of the fastest growing chicken wing chains in Canada.

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My Weight Loss Dream Launches New Tomato Sauce Cook Book


Portugal – Since 2012 has been providing hints, tops and advice on the best way to reach your weight loss goals. Now the team is making weight loss even easier and more delicious with the new tomato sauce cook book from

Finding healthy, cheap and delicious recipes to fit in with the Slimming World plan or the 5:2 diet can be difficult but with the new tomato sauce cook book from it has never been easier to find inspiration for every meal.

Tomatoes are a fantastic ingredient and a good tomato sauce can be the base to hundreds of different meals, from snacks to family banquets and everything in between, and what is best about tomatoes is that they are proven to be a great aid for anyone looking for rapid weight loss results.

The new tomato sauce cook book from contains 25 exciting recipes, many of which have never been featured on the blog and offer new cooking tips and ideas for those looking to increase their Slimming World recipe repertoire with lots of the recipes being syn free or very low in syns.

The basic ingredient to the recipes is a healthy homemade tomato sauce which takes only 90 minutes to make up an entire months worth. Once you have your delicious tomato sauce prepared then you can get to work on creating wonderful Slimming World and 5:2 diet friendly recipes.

Favourites in the tomato sauce cook book include recipes for Burger and Chips, Pasta and Meatballs, Fishcakes and Chips and Vegetable Ragu and all are sure to be hits with every member of the family.

The new tomato cook book is the ideal companion for anyone following Slimming World and 5:2 eating plans and is available in both pdf and Kindle versions.

People who are interested in finding out more about the new tomato sauce cook book from can visit this link for further details:

About Us: Samantha and Dominic Miller set up to chart their own weight loss journey while providing useful information and hints to others who are trying to real their dieting goals.. The site offers a range of blog posts, weight loss resources and eBooks all related to weight loss and healthy lifestyles. Dominic and Samantha live in Portugal with their 12 year old son and combine their weight loss work with their own weight loss goals.

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INSCATECH Instrumental in Creation of New GFSI Food Fraud Mitigation Requirements


NEW YORK–INSCATECH applauds the Global Food Safety Initiative (“GFSI”) in their decision to include new requirements specific to food fraud mitigation in the next full revision of the GFSI Guidance Document (7th Edition) to be released in 2016. Details can be found in GFSI’s position paper, “GFSI Position on Mitigating the Public Health Risk of Food Fraud”, released on July 14, 2014.

INSCATECH was a key member of the GFSI Board Sponsored Food Fraud Think Tank which was convened to further advance the Food Fraud mitigation topic, and was instrumental having its recommendations adopted by the GFSI Board of Directors. Its fellow Food Fraud Think Tank members included Eurofins, who brought perspectives on analytical testing and certification, and Michigan State University’s Food Fraud Initiative, an interdisciplinary, education and outreach organization. The manufacturers and retailers perspectives on the Think Tank were represented by Danone, Walmart and Royal Ahold respectively. INSCATECH congratulates its colleagues on the Food Fraud Think Tank for collaboratively achieving this groundbreaking advancement in Food Fraud prevention.

The new GFSI requirements specify that companies perform Food Fraud vulnerability assessments and implement a Food Fraud vulnerability control plan to mitigate identified vulnerabilities. INSCATECH is the first and only company currently providing Food Fraud vulnerability assessments and control plans.


INSCATECH is a Food Fraud detection and prevention company. The only company of its kind, INSCATECH has established a solid reputation in the food industry as both a pioneer and the sole provider of food fraud intelligence investigations, forensically based vulnerability assessments, supplier qualification examinations, validated supply chain mapping, and food fraud vulnerability control programs. Through its work with many of the largest food producers and retail grocery conglomerates globally, INSCATECH is leading the food industry towards a harmonized and systematic approach to protecting the safety and authenticity of the global food supply.

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Get Ready For The Splash-Free Coffee While On-The-Go

July 16, 2014: The SpilliNator, an innovative new product by Hollywood actor Al Santos will be launched for customers across the globe in weeks. The product is a small device that can be plugged into the sip-hole on a drink lid and it allows one to pour, sip and even “suck like a mini sip-tube”, while on-the-go without any leakage or splashing.

Santos launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise awareness for The SpilliNator. Team SpilliNator is also providing some great perks for donators as a token of appreciation. The product demo can be viewed at

Speaking about The SpilliNator, Santos said, “Its just the little things in life. Its 2014, why can’t we enjoy our favorite $5 coffee or tea, without the fear of it destroying our favorite shirt and expensive car wash. That same $5 coffee or tea can cost us $35 in dry cleaning and car washes.” “This is going to be a cost effective and environment friendly way for active people to enjoy their coffee splash-fee while on the go. We have worked hard on the product and its patents and we hope people will enjoy our new product”.

According to the sources, The SpilliNator is designed and tested to assist people suffering with Parkinson’s disease and it can help them to enjoy their coffee without the fear of spilling and burning themselves. It also helps mothers who push their kids in strollers. Most interesting, is how it also adds the ability of suck your beverage, much like how you would with a straw. The reusable product is available in various colors. They also have a personal reusable precious metal line of SpilliNator’s that can be used as gifts for coffee and tea lovers. They claim you can make several SpilliNator’s from the same amount of material needed to make just one hard green plastic splash stick.

About Al Santos: Santos is a actor who started working at the age of 15. He was born and raised in New York.

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Contact Person: Makason Sugita
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Address: Beverly Hills, CA, 90036