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PIZZACAPPUCINO Skyrockets in Popularity With Daily Recipes of Authentic Italian Food

January 20, 2020 – Finding amazing, easy-to-follow Italian food recipes doesn’t have to be a challenge. Leading the way is the team of Italian food-lovers at the new website PIZZACAPPUCCINO.COM, who delivering a fresh and refreshing look at the best and most authentic news, views, and daily recipes from gastronomic Italy. Of to a very quick start, the team has thanked their readers for the platform’s early success and promise to keep the bar and standards high as PIZZACAPPUCCINO continues to grow.

“The idea of founding PIZZACAPPUCCINO was born during our trip to the USA in 2018,” commented Gianluca Ferrara, the founder. “One night me and my wife were hosted by a family and we were watching together a tv show about cooking. We were nearly freaking out when the participant listed one by one his ingredients for pasta Carbonara: we were like ‘no…this is not the right ingredient, oh nooo this one either, oh my God noooooo, nooooo’! So, in that moment we thought: ok there is a lot of confusion about Italian dishes around the World, why don’t we write down the masterpiece of our tradition, directly in English language, in order to be a point of reference? So PIZZACAPPUCCINO was born, combining into the name the two most famous Italian words in the World!”

The authentic recipes shared by the website have all won praise for being universally delicious and completely loyal to their Italian roots. Dinners, quick meals, and desserts have all been featured, and equally fun and informative are the daily news updates, Italian culinary history lessons, and fun cultural tidbits, that combine to make for addictive daily reading, even when a new recipe isn’t needed.

Searching PIZZACAPPUCCINO is simple, from both its search bar, along with “recent”, “most popular”, and “random” charts to help inspire a meal to remember.

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We are Italians. We live in Italy. We love Italian food. Our dream is to make the worldwide point of reference for the authentic Italian food, our daily mission is to collect only the best authentic traditional Italian recipes. Cook Italian, Eat Italian!

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Gianluca Ferrara
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León, Nicaragua / Norway, Iowa, 14, October 2019 – Frontier Co-op is now offering 7 lines of Twin Engine Coffee, roasted in Nicaragua, to its customers. All Twin Engine Coffees are roasted and packaged in an FDA inspected facility in Nicaragua.

Roasting at the source creates jobs in Nicaragua that never before existed. While most coffee is exported unroasted, Twin Engine Coffee is leading the charge to create jobs for roasters, packers, artists, and others in one of the poorest countries in the Americas.

“We are excited to offer Nicaragua’s best coffees to Frontier’s customers. It is creating a direct connection between coffee lovers and our Nicaraguan team who passionately craft great coffee every day.” says Co-Founder Colin Ganley.

Twin Engine Coffee is a Fair Trade Federation member and USDA Certified Organic coffee company with a social mission and award winning coffees. Coffees and Caturra Tea are available at, Twin Engine on, and retailers nationwide. Its Founders Andrea Woolverton and Colin Ganley are Economists and Tasters who moved to Nicaragua to follow the dream of making a difference through delicious coffee.

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Andrea Woolverton or Colin Ganley at 1.612.817.0742 or email

Contact: Andrea Woolverton or Colin Ganley, Twin Engine Coffee
Phone: 1.612.817.0742

The Juice Box BK Debunks 5 Popular Juicing Myths

Brooklyn, New York – Apr 19, 2019 – Without a doubt, everybody accepts there are a lot of benefits to juicing. But while many are of the opinion that juicing is here to stay as it aids nutrition awareness and is a prime key to vigorous health, many others are of the feeling the whole juicing enthusiasm will be short-lived and will certainly fade with time. The Juice Box BK, a healthy living blog in a recent post sheds more light on juicing and debunks 5 of the popular juicing myths.

The first myth to be debunked by The Juice Box BK is that a Juice Diet is just another fad to be replaced by something else in a short while. This is obviously not true as juicing has been around for a long time and shows no sign of going away. People are rather becoming more aware that juicing provides a great source of plant energy and vitamins when included as part of a sensible diet.

The 2nd myth dates back to when a popular juice brand was recalled from stores after it was tainted with E-coli. But the fact remains when preparing any food product, proper hygiene must be followed to ensure no contamination takes place.

Popular Myth number 3 is that Juices do not have fiber. Why this is not exactly untrue, it is not entirely true either. What is true is that much if not all the fiber in the juice can be strained out of the juice if that is the intent.

The forth myth to debunks is that Juices contain no protein and have a lot of sugar, making them essentially spendy kids’ beverages. Yes, while juices contain a lot of sugar, the point behind juicing is to consume healthy fruits and vegetables in a fun, convenient (and tasty!) way.

Finally, the Healthy Living Blog debunks the myth that says the health benefits of juicing are bogus. Research is starting to prove what avid juicers have felt all along; that juicing can, indeed, have important health benefits. For instance, beet juice may help lead to lower blood pressure and carrot juice has been shown to help repair white blood cells damaged by a smoker’s habit.

To learn more about the delicious advantages of juicing and the overall health benefits of juicing, please visit

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R. Blackwell
The Juice Box BK
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Mixologist World offers 5 year warranty for your wine’s aroma

Los Angeles – November 1, 2017 – Mixologist World introduces a 5 year warranty policy for its Wine Decanter Glass Carafe Set! The aroma driven company that transformed the passion for wine into sheer workforce, is all about offering the best deals for the best products! The company provides not only the complete solution for decanting and aerating wine , solution that wine lovers dreamt about, but also the warranty that the products they will purchase have a high standard of quality.

This is a customer need that was urgent, important and identified by the company which later created this 5 year warranty policy.

Thus, it is easy to understand that customers always come first and that the Wine Decanter Glass Carafe Set is a great deal.

Red wine lovers all over the world can now spoil themselves and their guests with outstanding flavours poured from this unique crystal decante. Although the Mixologist World wine decanter is made of an enduring, long lasting glass, which will not break any time soon, it is somehow reassuring for customers to know that they will also benefit from a 5 years warranty.

The company has combined the care for wine with the care for its customers and has discovered the perfect balance. Thus, the Exquisite 100% Hand Blown Lead-Free Aerator Kit comes packaged not only with Wood Stopper, Cleaning Brush & Drying Stand in Deluxe Box, but also with attention for details and a warranty for support.

About Mixologist World
Mixologist World is a is a renowned brand with a real passion for special drinks and wine in particular. The company specializes in best stainless steel insulated coffee mug with lid & handle, best cocktail shaker bar sets, bar accessories set & wine glases racks. At Mixologist World, you will discover the true meaning of passion for designing, building and selling the world’s best bar tool.

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Mixologist World

New Line of Gourmet Teas added to its selection by, a California online store has added a wide variety of both traditional and fruit teas to its product line.

Southern California, USA, December 30, 2016:, a Southern California kitchen supplies and small appliance online retailer has added a new line of gourmet teas to its offerings. Due to a renewed focus on its kitchen accessories and supplies, Veggiesenstaions has come out with a line of teas that offers a fresh, fashionable and well-sourced take on tea and tea accessories.

“This is not your regular diet of grocery store teas”, said, Veggiesensations’ representative, “We’ve procured the best sourced teas from the most reliable bulk producers and distributors. All of our teas are loose leaf tea except the Lady Hannah tea, which is a whole fruit tisane tea with an outstanding fruit flavor.”

“Our vision is providing a large variety of high quality tea assortment to our clients which is available throughout the year at a stable quality and consistent variety.” she said. “We have successfully done that with our coffee selection already and wanted to try it with our tea selection.” carries an exciting variety of teas, including, classic selections such as Black teas, Earl Grey and Green Teas, but also curious varieties like, Tisan, Herbal, Japanese and Fruit teas. “A couple of examples of our flavored teas are clove and sassafras teas which are hard to find.” the representative said.

They also make it very easy for you to shop for teas if you are not familiar with the tea selection. “For your quick reference, we have included a short description of each tea in the picture on our website. That way you will get an idea of what the tea tastes like even if you have never had some of our teas before.”

The detailed description includes not only the description of the tea you are purchasing, but a little bit of detail about the native climate of the tea that gives it the distinctive taste and aroma. For example, the description for the Darjeeling tea reads, “The 100% India Darjeeling, Tippy Gold Broken Orange Pekoe (TGBOP) Tea is grown on the southern slopes of the Himalaya Mountain Range. This fine tea thrives at elevations of 6,800 feet. Darjeeling is India’s foremost producer of premium quality black teas due to a unique combination of higher altitude, soil type, hilly terrain with excellent drainage, weather pattern and the diversity of the bushes all lend a hand in helping create a flavor profile. Darjeeling teas have the most precious qualities of the world.”

Visit to explore their new extensive variety of tea, coffee and tea accessories.

About Veggiesensations
VeggieSensations was established in 2005 and has grown to be a thriving business since then. It is your source for small kitchen appliances and other kitchen needs that one may require to create a healthy meal. They offer canners, canning tools, steamers, juicers, sauce makers, juice presses and many other items.


Customer assistance: 866-469-7417

Postal Address: 484 Lawn View Dr. Chula Vista, CA 91910 (Do not send returns here)