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Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry inspire kids to want to build and own their own Film and Broadcasting Studios!

Tons of toys and over 100 bicycles were gifted to kids during the Winter Wonderland program put on by The Howey, Hudson, Lowe Foundation in Atlanta. Also on hand for the 5th year in a row was popular radio personality and film writer/producer and director Tim Greene (front left – WWW.TIMGREENEFILMS.COM) and National Black Radio Hall Of Fame/Atlanta Chapter President Marsha “Radio Lady” George (front right) to help motivate the future broadcasting and filmmaking stars of tomorrow by introducing them to podcasting and short subject filmmaking. “These kids are amazing, and thanks to Oprah Winfrey starting The Oprah Winfrey Network and Tyler Perry building one of the world’s largest film studios, over 90 percent of the kids now want to build and own their own broadcasting & filmmaking studio as well as create content for their generation. I let them know that the sky used to be the limit but now it is just the starting point of their super successful lives. The kids even knew how to synchronize the handheld Gimbal (camera stabilizer) to their cell phones within seconds. Years ago on my 15 city tours kids wanted to be rappers, now they want to own the record label and the building that label is housed in” say’s Greene. To date Tim Greene has given out over 400 laptop computers to kids in underserved communities nationwide.

Photo By: Kenadae Turner

Pictured: with the 5th graders from Chapel Hill Elementary School are filmmaker/radio personality Tim Greene on the bottom left; Marsha “Radio lady” Washington George on the bottom right representing the National Black Radio Hall of Fame and in the back section Stephen C. Willis – Retired AT&T Technician.

AT&T’s participation through the services of Director/General Manager of Network Provisioning Atlanta, Mrs. Sharon Cochrane was a complete success as her office donated 100 bicycles and bought many smiles on all the parents faces.

Radio Personality and Film Writer/Producer/ Director Tim Greene is a Sony Innovators Award finalist, a former top rated radio personality in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Charlotte North Carolina and was producer and host of the TV & Radio show “Dance City From Hollywood” that aired on Bay FM in Japan. As a mega award winning filmmaker Tim Greene has been a panelist at The Los Angeles Film Festival (Directors Guild Of America’s Main Auditorium-Low Budget Summit), The Philadelphia International Film Festival and The Pan African Film Festival. Tim has been featured in Backstage Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, The Business Of Film Magazine, Show Business Magazine (New York), Power Networking and Filmmakers Alliance Magazine. As a songwriter and record producer, Tim has produced 17 single releases. As a former talent manager Tim is known for discovering 73 year old “Rappin Granny” and took her from the streets of South Central Los Angeles to starring in the Fox TV kid’s series “Beetle Borgs”, which was created by Haim Saban of “The Power Rangers” fame as well as over 35 national TV commercials and 17 feature films. Tim Greene also served as the Grand Marshal for the 17th “Kingdom Day Parade”, which was seen on KNBC TV in Hollywood California. Tim has received a Certificate Of Commendation from The City Of Los Angeles for “Young People For Young People”, “Men Who Cook And Care”. As a celebrity tennis player in Hollywood Tim has won Tennis Tournaments with The Make A Wish Foundation (Beverly Hills Country Club) and John McEnroe’s “Love Match” Celebrity Tennis Tournament (Riviera Country Club). Tim is also the creator of:

The syndicated Radio & TV Show Cooling Out With Tim Greene:

And The New Kids Streaming TV & Radio Network:


To interview Next Kids Worldwide® creator Tim Greene for any Television, Radio, Newspaper and Blogger segments call: Amy Wiseman/Josh Bernstein

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New App Brings Back Childhood Game on a Global Scale

Most people remember sitting around in a circle with a group of friends having a good time. Inevitably, someone would mention playing “Truth or Dare.”

The truths were often bad enough to force people into taking the dare. There would be howls of laughter, good times and most importantly, bonding over some silly fun.

DARE promises a return to those days.

DARE is taking the “Truth or Dare” game and making it global. Participants will be able to pick from a selected number of dares created by the DARE team or offer their own dares for others to attempt.

“We are going to have fun with this for sure, but we [the DARE team] will be making sure each dare that is submitted is legal and safe. There will be no outlandish dares that could get someone killed. Arrested – that remains to be seen,” said Edvard Hoili, inventor of the DARE app.

DARE will have three different possible dare categories, with the largest category, the DO A DARE, from the DARE team. These dares will be eligible for points and placed on leaderboards. All DARE users will be able to view, share and comment.

DARE A FRIEND is the dare for anyone who is on the app. These dares are specifically designed for friends and will not be calculated for points or the leadership board.

“The DARE A FRIEND is going to be a bit more tame than the majority of the dares we are going to be offering. We will have different dares from KARMA to NOT CRAZY to CRAZY. As you can imagine, these dares go up in complexity, level of difficulty and potential embarrassment,” said Hoili.

The final dares offered is DARE THE WORLD. This is where users from across the world will be able to submit dare suggestions and have others attempt them. These will likely prove to be some of the best of the best when it comes to completing a dare.

“The final category will be closely moderated by the team,” continued Hoili.

Not all dares are going to be silly and hilarious. Some dares, for example, will work in the KARMA category and are designed to do some good in the world.

“Just because it is a dare does not mean it has to be something that makes heads turn. Daring someone to volunteer for a few hours on a Saturday for example. This is a valid dare and one that can do some good for a community or group of people. We are hopeful these sort of dares will go over well with our younger crowd so they can learn the value of volunteer work,” continued Hoili.

DARE is slated for release later on this year. Interested participants can learn more about the DARE app at the website. Visit for details.

Edvard Hoili

Fennec Gaming Launches Crowdfunding Campaign on Kickstarter For Its Pawperties Board Game

Fennec Gaming has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for their super-cute cat-themed board game featuring playful cats. Using the exceptional skill of each of these five cats, players can try to win faster.

3 October 2019: Fennec Gaming’s Pawperties is the family-friendly board game aimed for players to use strategy and beat the others. The Cats like Ninja Cat, Mafia Cat, Pirate Cat, Casino Cat, and Happy Cat will give players the much-needed boosts. The company has started pre-order and fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.

“Our Kickstarter program is open now for early backers to donate and see the board game come out with a bang for families to sit and have a real bonding over the game. The game needs 2 to 5 players. Our game is ideal for everyone above the age of 10, and playing it requires a little bit of smartness and lady luck smiling on you!,” states the Owner and Team Manager, Rayna Sheridan.

Further, she added, “We encourage people to move away from smartphones and computers and have fun at the traditional board games. Our range of board games and card games to come are energizing, and ideal for kids to think better and strategize.

Cat-lovers can use their Cat Tree skills to beat the opponents. Pick the cat that matches your personality, and purchase Pawperties. Gain more treats (coins) and purrrrchase spots on your cat tree tower. Pre-order the game at Kickstarter and check out the work of the Fennec Gaming team.

About Fennec Gaming: Fennec Gaming, established by four-game lovers, is planning to come up with a cat-themed board game. The game is perfect fun game for 2-5 persons above age 10+. For more details, please visit

About Kickstarter: This is a reputed crowdfunding platform where innovators and thought leaders come together to promote their product. The platform is ideal for urging sponsors or patrons to fund a project to see it go live in the market.

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Rayna Sheridan

New Trading Card Game Plans on Crowdfunding Campaign

Trading card games dominate much of the roleplay and gaming industries. There are many new and exciting games that appear regularly, and each game challenges players to think and react in different ways.

Many of these games are designed with specific ages groups in mind and often have very specific targets. A new game is on the horizon, promising to be family friendly, fun to play and providing all of the complexities and strategies of the most popular trading card games on the market.

Play the I Am is designed around building a winning hand out of the card deck. The premise is deceptively easy, but founder and inventor Ipoola Gbayike assures players this is anything but the truth.

“Myself and my team designed this game to incorporate strategies and thinking skills while at the same time producing a positive message for those who may be down or struggling in a personal way. This game is designed for anytime there is a gathering of friends or family who are looking to bond more closely together,” said Gbayike.

Each deck of 54 cards has specialized cards that allow players to enhance the gaming experience. These cards form the basis of the strategy that is so important in understanding and playing Play the I Am. Each of the specialized card sets has a statement of inspiration, purpose, a dare or allows a user to ask questions. Each of the card mechanics has a benefit and a penalty.

“It is the benefits and penalties which make the game more exciting and provide an opportunity to grow as a person. Along the way, there is considerable fun to be had by anyone who is playing,” continued Gbayike.

Gbayike and Play the I Am are planning on a huge Kickstarter campaign soon. Their goal is to use the crowdfunding site to bring the game from its current beta state to the market. Backers of the campaign will receive plenty of perks and rewards for being a part.

The team has already taken a very huge first step in preparing people for the game itself. They have created a strategy guide e-book and placed it on the website. They’ve also created a free-eBook, You Are the I AM, with over 150 positive affirmations, available for free download on their website. Interested trading card gamers and card game enthusiasts are encouraged to visit the site and download a copy of these e-books in preparation for the release of Play the I Am.

“We look forward to you visiting our site and getting a copy of the e-book. There is also a place to sign up for updates on the Kickstarter campaign and the status of the game,” said Gbayike.

Learn more at

Media Contact
Play the I Am Cards
Ipoola Gbayike

International Gospel Hip Hop artist Crystal Sherie Sets to release an Inspiring new single “Pay me”


One of American’s most impressive prospects ‘Crystal Sherie a.k.a C-Rob’ who happens to be a Gospel artist, producer, and songwriter with a deft penchant way for creating classic gospel singles has decided to gift the world with a new epic record “Pay me”. The single is slated to be available for download on all digital music streaming platforms from October 14th 2019. The countdown begins!!

It has been an amazing year for one of the most trending international Gospel artist with the name Crystal Sheire as she has grown her fan base on twitter, instagram, facebook, YouTube and other platforms as well as a fast growth in the global music world and this milestone achievements has paid off immensely as she is about to release her new hit single “Pay me”.

Crystal Sherie intends to represent a new generation of Gospel music that will surely touch the lives of Americans including a worldwide audience with her unique vocals and inspiring vibes that she is been known for. Her incredible upbeat attitude, motivational songs and positive energy culminate to make her one of the most sought after Gospel artist in the business today.

The soulful sounds of sensational Gospel singer Crystal Sherie is going to soar to the top of charts and will lighten-up playlists in the remaining quarter of the year with the single “Pay Me” from her upcoming album entitled “TWENTY” which is set to be released on Jan 8, 2020 putting together the TWENTY TOUR. The new single will make you understand Crystal Sherie as an artist with her own strong vision and ambition to make the world a better place for all.

“Pay me” goes for a gorgeous sound, one that captivates the listener, Infused with flavors of rock, neo-soul, it becomes something more showing off the beautiful Crystal Sherie’s undeniably sweet soulful voice. Her voice serves as the heart of the entire journey with poetic, introspective lyrics that focus upon finding restoration in God “Pay Me” makes a worthy repeat record.

When asked about the motivation behind “Pay Me” she said “my intention was to create a listening experience that will be enjoyable for a mass audience and at the same time connect them to honest and Godly life reflecting on their day to day lives”. Listening to “Pay Me” will definitely put you on a cool comfort zone with great inspiration vibes spinning throughout the single. The single is a plus to the much needed Gospel playlists that has suffered in recent years.

With what has been heard so far, the new single is shaping up brilliantly rather than attention grab or mainstream pull to become one of the biggest hit single of the year relating to Gospel style. With her mission of making the world a better place and her reputation on the line, the spectacular and inspiring lyrics on “Pay Me” comes with precision, finesse, and rhythmic flow of a focused artist who puts everything she’s got on everything she does.

Join Crystal Sherie as she takes over the scene in 2019 and sets up her reign in Gospel music for the future to follow. As long as she is breathing the world will always love her music.

About Crystal Sherie

Crystal Sherie aka C-Rob is an international artist, who was featured on the 1999 Stellar awards winning album entitled “So Real” on the song a Chaka Khan Remix, “Tell Me Something God” by 2X Grammy Nominee Kenny Smith.  She then continued to be a part of songs like “Thinking of You” and “Uptown” SOUL feat. C-RoB and “A Party Ain’t a Party” C-RoB, album entitled “SOUL”.

Crystal Sherie is a next generation recording artist. Her unique delivery of her message and style serves as a catalyst for finding innovative ways to worship while not compromising who we worship.  As a multi-dimensional brand Crystal Sherie can be found online at various outlets such as Amazon, iTunes and more.

Crystal Sherie is a woman who looks as if she’s got it all but it wasn’t always this way. Being the middle of four children Crystal Sherie has always chased after her dreams. Having overcome homelessness, poverty, and a life filled with bad choices this self-proclaimed woman of purpose has turned her life around 360 degrees having faith in God and walking out His word.

As a recording artist, Crystal Sherie is commissioned to move in demonstration of HIS power to release a sound in the earth that calls us to uncover what was hidden, discover what is ‘THERE’ and recover by calling forth the leaders of the next generation to come forward and possess their possession in God by following His divine pattern and blueprint to become an original.

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