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Celebrate the 4th of July With Patriotic Patsy

Patsy cover and slides

Enjoy Playtime and Imagination with Teelie Turner’s Latest Instant Creations

The 4th of July is nearly here, and Teelie Turner has an innovative new way for you to celebrate this important holiday. One of her magical fairies is Patriotic Patsy and she has numerous amazing options for your enjoyment.

Fairy Gardening can be such a magical experience and just as children love to let their imaginations take them on incredible adventures with paper dolls, Teelie Turner’s Magical Instant Fairy Gardens have the power to bring hours of fun to children, and to children at heart.

There are many advantages to having a Magical Instant Fairy Garden including you can have them immediately after downloading them. They are also affordable and easy to store. These Instant Gardens can be enjoyed on their own or by adding miniature accessories like hotdogs, lemonade, fairy furniture and additional fairies. Many of these items can also be used for multiple fairy gardens helping to keep the cost of creativity reasonable.

These amazing Magical Instant Fairy Gardens are also a DIY craft and interactive and educational play time. Teelie Turner’s goal is to eventually have a Magical Instant Fairy Garden for each of her over one hundred fairies. Numerous holidays, celebrations and seasons will be featured.

So far, she has released instant fairy gardens for Cinco de Mayo (Rosita the Fiesta Fairy) and International Fairy Day (Iaada the International Fairy). Her newest release features Patriotic Patsy in her amazing red, white and blue design. Learn more about Patriotic Patsy on her webpage.

There are additional options for enhancing this experience by choosing clothing, coasters, buttons, stickers, and other magical items from Teelie Turner’s Redbubble Collection. There are several Patriotic Patsy designs available.

Teelie Turner’s goal in recording the many events in her magical world of fairies is to use them as an easy-to-accept tool for teaching life lessons. Adults enjoy reading the stories and enjoy sharing them with their children. The author takes her appreciation of fairies a step further with her hobby, creating miniature fairy gardens. She began her fairy garden work in 2014 and offers details in a website,

Teelie Turner lives in the Pacific Northwest. When she is not busy reporting the adventures of the magical fairies, she enjoys real-world gardening, interior decorating, tennis, boating, and spending time with her husband. She is also involved with philanthropic activities benefiting the community where she lives. She has business experience in publishing, merchandising and electronic commerce.

To find out more about Teelie Turner, visit Send questions via e-mail to, or call 206 414-0543.

We hope you have a wonderful 4th of July. Thank you for travelling through Fairy Land with us. It’s an amazing place to be and we know that you will enjoy the delights that coming from the adventures that take place in your Magical Instant Fairy Garden.

Lynn Randall

NEW Social Media Platform Available for both Apple and Android Smart Phones


Bayard, Iowa – The world of social media has opened up yet again with another app and website.  YoReSpot is a new app designed around two concepts – unity and community.  Unlike many social media services, YoReSpot is against censorship, negativity and the closed mind.  People, even those with conflicting views, have the opportunity to come, have a voice and use it without fear of reprecussion.

Founder Brandon Irlbeck grew weary of watching opposing views to social media moguls and giants censored.  Irlbeck’s background in computer science, a drive to be better than the others, a strong sense of family and 100 percent unbiased towards anyone’s views, personal identifications, religion or much anything else.  The only things absolutely censored are anything inappropriate for children.  Irbeck is a father of four, one of whom is non-verbal autistic.

YoReSpot is 100 percent independent and is hosted on a secure and private server.  This means there is no 3rd party interference with the app, website or users.  The system is also allows for video calling, live streaming, blogs, groups, pages, a marketplace and videos.  There is no charge to sign up and doing so only takes a few seconds.

Irlbeck summed it up best, “giving back to our members is something that YoReSpot is proud of.  We want to make sure that our members know we are all about how we can help each other as a community.”

Many would see this as empty words from a new social media platform trying to gain traction against established giants.  Irlbeck has so far proven to many this is not the case and will continue to do so as YoReSpot continues to grow and thrive.

Recently, as part of the app’s official launch, Irlbeck held a raffle for his family car.  The proceeds went to help the Bayard Public Library in Irlbeck’s hometown.  Colton Truitt of Ankeny, Iowa was the winner of the 2006 Chevy Uplander.  Amanda Cole of Carrol, Iowa, won the $1,000.00 prize.

Irlbeck and his family are soon to set out in their RV.  They are planning to travel and assist users of YoReSpot in any way they can.  Their goal is to share the platform with as many people as possible and help as many as possible along the way.  Their first stop is Marion, Iowa, home of Adrian Hicks.  The Irlbecks plan on helping Hicks with roofing his home before moving onto the next person and YoReSpotter in need.

YoReSpot is available on Android and iOS.  Download, or visit for details.

Arizona band plans big release, coincide with USO monument dedication

Phoenix, Ariz. – The Dina Preston Band is well-known within the global music scene, but soon this Arizona based band is taking themselves to a brand-new level.

The band is planning a single and album release just as the USO unveils a monument by The Verde Valley Military Service Park Committee. The monument will feature the band’s name in homage to their hard work and dedication to serving overseas armed forces through live music performances in 42 countries and 26 world tours, including places such as Afghanistan.

Other names along with the Dina Preston Band include greats like Lucille Ball, Mickey Rooney and Jane Russel, all of whom were a major part of the USO during their storied careers in entertainment.

The monument’s dedication was set for Memorial Day, but the virus pandemic has pushed the date back. The Verde Valley Military Service Park Committee still plans on unveiling the monument on Flag Day-June 14, 2020. The Dina Preston Band will be on hand as well.

“We went overseas for more than 15 years as a part of the Overseas Armed Services Entertainment program. We wanted to give back to the brave men and women who serve. For the Verde Valley Military Service Park Committee to honor us in return is humbling. There is no way the band and I can ever express our complete gratitude to these storied organization,” said Preston.

The song, Give My Broken Heart A Break was written in conjunction with legendary rock lyricist Reggie Vinson, the man behind the Alice Cooper hit Million Dollar Babies. Preston is sure the single will be a hit, and the album, Field of Blue, will do well in addition.

The Dina Preston Band is known for their blend of genres, including country, classic rock, blues and jazz. They have consistently produced 5-Star performances and have traveled to over 40 countries on 26 world tours all without a record deal or management.

The band is excitedly awaiting to be a part of this historic event and are proud to be honored by the USO. Meanwhile, they continue to do what they have always done, practice their music, write songs and create joy when they perform before their fans, old and new.

Follow the band at website. Updates on the unveiling on the monument will be posted there and at the Verde Valley Military Service Park website at

Dina Preston Band

New Game Sees Families Turning Their Houses and Gardens into Giant Board Games

Inspired by 200 million video views on YouTube, Giant Board GameTM provides families with more than 250 hilarious activities to play in their houses and gardens.

LOS ANGELES, April 20th 2020, The Social Store Ltd, creators of global product brands in partnership with social media influencers, announced an exciting new product for kids and families to play at home during lockdown. Building upon the YouTube phenomenon, their new game provides more than 250 challenges and questions to complete. After a soft launch the game sold out in less than 2 days when a couple of mums shared stories on Instagram. The business has now ramped up production to meet demand.

The game includes challenges such as blindfolded drawings; performances such as getting everyone to join a conga; and quick-fire questions such as naming 3 colours that are not in the rainbow.

The launch comes off the back of sales for board games increasing 240% in the last month, with many of the most popular games sold out online. And with Giant Board Game, the fun never stops:

– Play inside and out
– Exercise for body and mind
– Unlimited fun, no two games are ever the same!

The game is simple to play; lay out Giant Board Game cards to create a course, take turns rolling a dice to move, and complete activities in a race to the finish. A Giant Board Game pack includes fifty 8 inch giant game cards with a typical game lasting more than half an hour. It’s suitable for two or more players, aged 5 years and over. The game is available now at for $25.

“It is with great happiness and genuine excitement that we announce the release of Giant Board Game,” said Ian Shepherd, CEO and founder of The Social Store. “With families spending a prolonged period of time together, this game allows them to turn their houses and gardens into a unique game board and compete in challenges together.”

Press kit available at

About The Social Store Limited

Founded in 2017 by ex-Disney executive Ian Shepherd, The Social Store works with global social media stars and influencers to create and sell branded products. The business has achieved success with the UK’s largest influencer branded licensed product range Hearts By Tiana, available in more than 2000 stores, and the UK’s biggest pop-up shop attracting 20,000 people over one weekend in November 2019.

Contact / +44 7916 163355



LINDON, UT – March 23, 2020 – Good news from Lindon, UT. There is a cure for quarantine. A cure for boredom, a cure for feeling trapped at home, and mostly a cure for staying connected. What’s the cure? Puzzles. Puzzles?

The world has changed quite a bit in the last few weeks. Everyone is adapting. And one way—that may surprise you—is that many, many people are doing puzzles. Lots and lots of them. Who would have thought in an economy such as this, puzzles would be a booming market?

This is a time when all of us are reassessing our day to day lives. We are negotiating new challenges. Many of us are working, studying, and socially connecting from home. As we get closed off from social engagements, movie theaters, traveling, etc., we recognize that what matters most is authentic connection with our loved ones.

So, what do puzzles have to do with reconnecting? Trying to sort this out we sat down as a family and did a few puzzles. Who knew it would change our family together time over night? It wasn’t just doing a puzzle—but a completely new way of engaging together. The kids asked questions, they told stories, they even almost laughed at my jokes. Two hours passed and nobody wanted it to end.

Wanting to know more I reached out to the owner of Dowdle Folk Art, Eric Dowdle, and asked if this was a common occurrence. Dowdle laughed and said, “Absolutely.” Then he added, “Doing a puzzle is a time when people come together and do something that appeals to all ages. It’s not difficult, everyone can do it, and before you know it everyone is opening up and sharing together—it’s a time when personalities are revealed, and great stories are told.”

So, I bought more puzzles. Thinking of the stories aspect, I purchased very strategically. I bought “Calgary” and “Washington, D.C.,” since that’s where my wife and I are from. I got the “U.S. Navy” puzzle so I could regale my kids with stories about my time in the service. I grabbed “San Diego” because my wife spent a few years there and never stops talking about it. We grew up to the song, “Over the River and Through the Woods,” so I bought that one as well as a few kids puzzles: “Little Red Hen,” “Old MacDonald,” “Space Adventure,” and the “Three Little Pigs.”

Think of everywhere you’ve lived, worked, played, or traveled—and the chances are Dowdle has painted it and they’ve created a puzzle based on that artwork. He even films in most of the places he paints, which gave me a great idea for an at-home-date-night. My wife and I honeymooned in Hawaii, and so I bought the “North Shore” and we’re going to put it together while we watch the “Painting The Town” episode filmed there.

There’s a lot to consider in the ever-changing world we inhabit, but there’s also some very good news. People are recognizing that puzzles help us connect with those we love. Dowdle says they call them, “Stories in a box.” They might not be the cure for everything, but they just might be the good news we’ve all been looking for.

Eric Dowdle & Company Background

Renown American Folk Artist
Eric is a fine-art painter of Americana, with 400+ original pieces that reflect the heritage, heart, & soul of America, and iconic travel destinations worldwide. Described as a modern-day Currier & Ives, Eric paints for the people, making his works highly valued by collectors.

TV & Radio Personality
Eric captivates people of all ages with his infectious personality. His wit and charm make him a natural in high-impact media platforms where he connects with his audience. He is active in TV, Radio, and Social Media with a large and growing following.

Master Storyteller
As he travels, Eric immerses himself in the unique stories, experiences, and people of a place. He captures in vibrant detail the true essence, character, and stories of the places and people he paints.

Through talent, grit, and determination, Dowdle has grown into a preeminent multi-million-dollar business, with national distribution, capturing the attention of small and big box retailers alike.

Puzzle Enthusiast
Most of Eric’s art pieces have been manufactured into Dowdle Puzzles. In 2010, Dowdle sold their one millionth puzzle and sales have been growing ever since. Dowdle puzzles are a premium puzzle and made in the USA. They’re now distributed throughout the United States and the world.

Contact: Brian Bollard, Marketing Director
Phone: (801) 785-1123