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Dating App for Vegans and Vegetarians Is Open During COVID-19 Outbreak

Veggly, the top global dating platform connecting vegans and vegetarians, recommends to stay home and opens its platform to help with the quarantine period

NEW YORK – March 26, 2020 – Veggly, a specialty dating app for vegans and vegetarians, has given all of it’s more than 110,000 users free access to 10 Veggly Coins to send Super Likes. The offer is extended to anyone who joins between now and the end of April.

Alex Felipelli, Veggly’s founder and CEO, designed the app to facilitate friendships, flirting and short- and long-term relationships among vegans and vegetarians, who often face challenges forming lasting romantic connections with omnivores.

“As the pandemic evolves and we try to adapt to the new reality, one of WHO’s main recommendations is to maintain social distancing. We reiterated that recommendation and asked all of our users to stay home and hold on to scheduling dates during the virus outbreak!,” Felipelli said.

Veggly, which launched in 2018, is available in English, Danish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, with Polish scheduled to be available this year. Fifty-three percent of users are female and 47% are male. Fifty-eight percent of users are vegan, 28% are vegetarian and 14 percent identify as in transition. The largest age group active on Veggly is 25-34 years old. The app is available for iOS, Android and desktop.

“We understand this is a difficult time for many people and we wanted to help the vegan and vegetarian community the best way we could. The offer allows our users to meet more like-minded people and get to know them better online, while dates should stay on hold, ” Felipelli said.

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About Veggly
Veggly is an exclusive specialty dating app for vegans and vegetarians seeking like-minded matches who share their lifestyle and values. Veggly breaks down barriers that can negatively impact friendships and short- and long-term romantic relationships between people with plant-based lifestyles and omnivores. Launched in 2018, Veggly is available for iOS, Android and desktop in English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian and Danish. For more information, visit

Alex Felipelli
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‘Richdatebusty.Com’ All Set To Commence Operations


Sep 22, 2014: ‘Richdatebusty.Com’ an ideal platform when it comes to busty women rich men dating is all set to commence operations in near future, confirmed a representative of the company. The site would act as a platform for helping busty women date rich men from across the globe. Richdatebusty.Com is a production of, a preferred alternative when it comes to the dating sites. This upcoming website is a platform only for busty women and rich men.

When contacted, a representative of the company confirmed, “Yes we are about to launch our unique platform Richdatebusty.Com for users all over the globe. The launch date is not confirmed yet but we are almost ready with the site and into the testing phase. We expect to launch it in a couple of weeks.” He further added, “The unique website is targeted towards busty women and rich men. It would surely help users in finding their perfect soul mate.”

The website would provide the facility of free signup and paid membership. Users can chose a membership plan in accordance to their preferences and the amount they are willing to spend. The company is also offering free of cost standard membership. Payments for the gold membership can be made through credit cards, PayPal, money order and visa cards among others via a secured gateway. The company would take care of all the security and safety of user’s personal information.

The representative confirmed that users would be able to see the profiles of candidates and browse the related details including relationship status, requirements, qualifications, language, incomes and many more. The gold membership would allow users certain additional benefits including ability to start a conversation with another member and detailed information of other profiles.

About Rich Date Busty
Rich Date Busty is a unique platform related to dating rich men and busty women worldwide. The company basically acts as a dating platform for rich men and busty women and assist them in finding their soul mate with numerous services.

Contact Information
Contact Person: Casper
Contact Number: 416-628-1072
Email id:
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July 14, 2014: is a wonderful site that provides opportunities to individuals, who are interested to share their love stories with the others on the web. This is an interesting place to have fun and experience the best. As the name derives, the site owner plans it to be a lover’s point, where lovers from across the globe can get together and pour their heart out. With members joining every now and then, it is possible for the individual to discuss with the others, who use the site and enjoy getting suggestions and tips to better their love life. Various types of incidents in regards to love can be come across and the person can take pleasure by going through it.

The site is well designed and makes interaction easy and effective. Navigation is excellent and the user can go to the different sections of the site without much hassle. The site boasts of offering a platform for the users to add their love stories in languages like Hindi and English. Besides this, one can also contributed short fictional love stories and even poetry. There is also a ‘forum’ category in the site, where the users can browse to get tips, advice and also confess their love. The site also offers provision to make comments, and is monitored properly by the site owners to make sure that all the comments, posts and stories are decent and free from unwanted elements. Individuals logging to the site do find the site to be entertaining, engaging and interesting and have been recommending it to their friends and others.

In order to become a member, the individual needs to log into the site and fill in the necessary details that are required. It is very easy and just a couple of entries to become an active member. The site also sends to the email address the updates of happening in the site, so that none of them are missed out.

The chat room is an interactive session place for the members, since both genders can log in here and share their story and chat for a long time without being bored. It is also a wonderful place to make new friends and even find new love. The site offers uninterrupted chat sessions and the user is just to have a good computer with a reliable internet connection to take part in it. There are no fees or charges involved to become a member, which is much more interesting and engaging. The site has been enjoying raving reviews from its members and one can find them all over the web. Even submitting a fresh story and checking its status is quite easy and just takes several clicks of the button.

About us is an interactive site for lovers, who can now take active part in submitting stories, poems and chat online with likeminded people by taking free membership. The site is regularly updated to keep it interesting and engaging. For more details, visit




The Benefits of Adult Dating


United Kingdom: Whether you have a high sex drive, or even if you’re just looking for a bit of fun, Adult Dating could be the perfect solution to your issues. Not everyone wants a long-term relationship, as some people are too career-focused to commit. That is one of the main reasons why you should get online as soon as possible and check out your options. There are plenty of men and women in the same boat, and there are now specialist websites that are designed to make your lives easier. Don’t worry about your friends and family finding out, as your details are kept securely at all times.

When all’s said and done, regular dating can cost a lot of money. If you’re only meeting people in the hope of ending the night in bed, why bother with all that hassle. So long as you like the look of each other, there’s nothing wrong with two consenting adults from hooking up in this way. Some people think that emotions could get in the way of them having a good time, but as reviews and testimonials state, that’s rarely the case.

There are many benefits to arranging meets like this, and we’ll go through some of them with you now:

• No hassle – When you meet someone you like, there’s often lots of groundwork before you can take them out on a date. That can take up a lot of valuable time that could be spent on more fruitful endeavors. Making your arrangements through an adult dating site allows you to do everything on your own terms.

• Less cost – If you add up the amount of money spent on cinema tickets, flowers, drinks and meals, you soon realise dates cost a lot of money. Indeed, most people will spend in excess of £100 just to get a member of the opposite sex into bed. Why waste time on all that if the only thing you want is a bit of fun?

• Better results – Of course, even if you do take someone out on a date, there are no guarantees they’ll want to sleep with you at the end of the night. When you contact someone through an adult dating site, the chances of you getting what you want are increased considerably.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of using to find suitable partners, you can get in touch with them via the link at the top of this release. Alternatively, use the email address listed below.

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