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Inspired by Tyler Perry, Filmmaker/Radio Personality launches new Kid’s TV/Radio Network!

Hollywood, California: Award winning filmmaker and radio personality Tim Greene (WWW.TIMGREENEFILMS.COM) has launched Next Kids Worldwide.Com (WWW.NEXTKIDSWORLDWIDE.COM ) which is a new one of a kind commercial free radio and TV streaming platform that will give millions of kids from all around the world in six languages a change to let their talent shine and view positive entertainment 24 hours a day from the stars of tomorrow.

“I was looking for an innovative way to positively motivate and engage the millions of kids, families and communities who are constantly streaming music and video content on their cell phones and laptop computers. With over 15 years of broadcasting experience in major markets like Los Angeles, Philly and Japan I’ve learned that kids love content made for them and by them, and now millions of kids all around the world ages 3 to 12 will have a streaming Radio and Television platform that they can call their own as well as submit original music and videos for consideration to be aired. Parents can send their kid’s original songs and music videos to NEXTKIDS123@GMAIL.COM for consideration. Next Kids Worldwide® will also be releasing a Holiday Mixtape featuring new soon to be classic Holiday Songs called “Jingle Beats Volume 1”. Kids can also submit original Holiday Themed Music and Videos for consideration. Not to be confused with Kidz Bop, the Next Kids Worldwide® Mixtape will feature original songs & videos made by kids for kids.

Listen Live right now at: music is the soundtrack of family life and Next Kids Worldwide® hand selects the music and videos that air on our network so parents do not have to worry about a computer randomly choosing the next song that plays which may introduce your kid to content meant for adults. Parents also do not have to worry about paying monthly subscription fees because Next Kids Worldwide® is absolutely free to everyone with no commercials whatsoever. Our tagline is “Strive For Excellence” and we also give free Next Kids Entertainment & Edutainment Workshops for families with kids who want to break into the music/entertainment business in communities nationwide. To date we have given out over 400 Laptop Computers and other prizes to kids who have great grades, but their family may not have the finances to buy a computer during our 30 city tours in underserved neighborhoods because we at Next Kids Worldwide always believe in giving back to communities nationwide for over 15 years. We are also currently negotiating multiple deals for NEXT KIDS WORLDWIDE® Global Merchandising including a Next Kids Clothing Line, Kids Sneakers, Next Kids Record Label, Toy Line, Next Kids Worldwide®Awards Show, Bluetooth Headphones, Breakfast Cereal, Snack Foods Line and Hip Hop Soda Pop” Say’s Greene. We urge parents & kids to help spread the word by sharing our link on TIK TOK, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & other social media sites. Generation Alpha (children born after 2011) does not sit in front of a TV set anymore, they stream all of their entertainment on mobile devices by millions of views and Next Kids Worldwide® will be the commercial free digital destination for kids and families worldwide. With a keen eye for spotting talent, setting up over 200 meetings in Hollywood for talent and being called the Walt Disney of Hip Hop by reporters, Tim Greene will seek out bona fide performers and Kid Influencers for the YouTube Generation. Next Kids Worldwide® talent will also star and act in short films to help keep their viewing audience engaged and entertained. “Getting major inspiration from Tyler Perry opening his massive “Tyler Perry Studios”, Oprah Winfrey launching the “Oprah Winfrey Network” and Ava DuVernay launching her own independent film distribution company “ARRAY”, I thought to myself why not use new technology integration to reach well over a billion underserved kids around the world with fun filled short themed entertainment where they can not only watch the stars, but really have a chance to be a star” Says Greene.

Next Kids Worldwide® creator Tim Greene is a Sony Innovators Award finalist, a former top rated radio personality in Los Angeles at KKBT (FM 92 The Beat) and Stevie Wonder’s KJLH, in Philadelphia at WPHI 100.3 The Beat and was producer and host of the TV & Radio show “Dance City From Hollywood” that aired on Bay FM in Japan. As a mega award winning filmmaker Tim Greene has been a panelist at The Los Angeles Film Festival (Directors Guild Of America’s Main Auditorium-Low Budget Summit), The Philadelphia International Film Festival, The Pan African Film Festival, The Black Hollywood Film Festival , Peachtree Int’l Film Festival (Atlanta), Southwest Georgia Film Festival and Arlene’s Grocery’s Film Festival (New York). Tim has been featured in Backstage Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, The Business Of Film Magazine, Show Business Magazine (New York), Power Networking, Filmmakers Alliance Magazine, New York Beacon, The California Crusader, The Los Angeles Sentinel, Los Angeles Wave, Our Weekly and The LA Weekly. As a songwriter and record producer, Tim has produced 17 single releases. As a former talent manager Tim is known for discovering 73 year old “Rappin Granny” and took her from the streets of South Central Los Angeles to starring in the Fox TV kid’s series “Beetle Borgs”, which was created by Haim Saban of “The Power Rangers” fame as well as over 35 national TV commercials and 17 feature films including The Wayans Brother’s “Don’t Be A Menace”. Tim Greene also served as the Grand Marshal for the 17th “Kingdom Day Parade”, which was seen on KNBC TV in Hollywood California. Tim has received a Certificate Of Commendation from The City Of Los Angeles for “Young People For Young People”, “Men Who Cook And Care”. As a celebrity tennis player in Hollywood Tim has won Tennis Tournaments with The Make A Wish Foundation (Beverly Hills Country Club) and John McEnroe’s “Love Match” Celebrity Tennis Tournament (Riviera Country Club).

To interview Next Kids Worldwide® creator Tim Greene for any Television, Radio, Newspaper and Blogger segments call: Amy Wiseman/Josh Bernstein At: (323) 736 – 7731

Trending Humorous Stories for today’s kids and High School Students

Every person is different in grasping or perceiving stories. One listens according to the country, culture and place and habits. You must know to which audience are you telling a humorous story. They must be able to enjoy and laugh after your telling. So what to do. You must enter into the situation of the culture and language and then get accustomed with the language and culture of a particular person. This helps you to understand the culture. Of course you cannot tell to USA citizen a comic story that is famous in India. In the same way you cannot even tell to African guy a comic story that is famous in Australia. Every country has its own cultural understanding. Also you must think of age group that you are telling. If the age group is just 15 years, you must use a different narration of humorous story than that of the age group 5.

1. Get into personal lifestyle: while narrating a humour story, you need to consider a practical thinking by entering into day today life of a person. This means fun and comedy is not outside the person but within the personal life of the person. You must go into the life in depth of a person and use his own way of telling. This also remembers me a saying like putting into ones shoes while narrating a funny story.

2. Do not take too much time to fill sentences: It is very important to notice the pitch and voice modulation while telling any comic story. Some people take hell lot time to even tell a single sentence. This does not bring laugh and fun to the listener. You must be fast enough to narrate comic story. Tell sentences fast. Use word one after another without much gap and at the same time maintaining a voice modulation. Make sure also to maintain an eye contact. This will also allow other to listen to your every word and overall a full humorous story.

3. Twist makes up the whole story: Fun and wit are closely related with a sor to twist that is not expecting to happen. You must not give a chance to the listener to understand what you are about to tell. No one should be able to predict. Wit comes all of a sudden and not just revealing some points.

4. Use better words and sentences: When telling a humorous story, easy words and understandable words make things good. If you do not have such usage of better words, you cannot bring humour. So it is advisable to have such humorous words while telling a story.

Contact Information:
Syam Prasad Reddy T
Vignan Universtiy
Vadlamudi, Guntur India
Ph: 6302932642
Website Link:

Florida-based Direct Importer/Manufacturer Offers Authentic Moroccan Decors on Limited Sale Prices


Clearwater, FL- 29 October 2014. Moroccan décor and furniture products are commonly imitated for its exquisite and unique designs. These fake items outsourced from the far east abound many online shopping gateways today. Just Morocco, a Florida-based company producing Moroccan products, has their own authentic Marrakesh workshop right in the heart of Morocco to battle these imitations. Their Moroccan team strive to make the best handmade pieces of furniture all with authentic raw materials. They always have a wide selection on a regularly updated catalog with new items fresh from Marrakesh. Their Florida showroom will soon expand with another showroom in Marrakesh alongside their workshop.

Just Morocco Difference

To combat imitations, Just Morocco made sure that their Moroccan tiles, lanterns, beds and other numerous home furniture are authentic, that is made and sourced from Morocco itself.

Moroccan furniture has a rich historical background. With influence from many other cultures that resulted in modern yet mysterious designs. Through Islamic influences, it has retained its elaborate arches, sketches and domes. Moroccans also almost always prefer wooden furniture that are accented with intricate Islamic geometric designs. Wood also represent the color of the earth which is featured in many other types of Moroccan home decors.

Mass production of such beautiful ornaments had been a practice in other countries especially China to sell cheap yet low-quality products. Just Morocco has always been against this type of business as authentic Moroccan exports are always handcrafted to ensure sturdiness and quality.

One such definitive product that is ingrained in the very core of their culture are Moroccan lanterns. Artistically shaped and used in many Arabian legends, these lamps or lanterns have been the traditional lighting source for many Moroccan homes who then used candles as fixtures inside the lamp. Today, light bulbs have replaced this commodity.

Other products include cabinets, containers, tiles, special gifts, chairs, tables, pottery, and even fabrics and book interiors. is a direct importer and manufacturer of the products seen on their updated online catalog so they stock a huge variety of their products to make wholesale services. They also sell semi-antiques and other high end furniture products coming straight from Morocco.

Their new showroom will soon open at Tamesslouht Route d’Ourika Marrakesh in Morocco.

As their items are all original and handcrafted by master Moroccan artisans, they are usually highly priced compared to competing sellers. To solve this, JustMorocco frequently offers on sale items with varying price discounts on limited time offers so regular and potential customers can get their authentic items at lesser prices.

About Just Morocco

Founded in 2000 as a propositioned Moroccan furniture distributor, Just Morocco is now one of the leading distributors of authentic Moroccan furniture exports in Florida; selling single and wholesale items to Trade partners and discounted items to the general public. Their products come directly from their Marrakesh workshop and handmade, by real Moroccan master artisans. They also sell not just in Florida but elsewhere in the USA and the world. They also cater special and personalized orders.

Azz Taiymi
Tel: (727) 251 4803
Fax: (727) 787 5903
Tropicana Industrial warehouse
29712 US Highway 19 N # 407
Clearwater, FL 33761-1535


A one-click solution will make book, movie & music websites more attractive


Many people who search book, music and movie websites for ideas on what to read, watch or listen to next like to check them out at their local library before deciding to buy. Doing this can be a complicated process. Link2Library will find out, without moving from the site being visited, if the item is available at the searcher’s local library.

Link2Library Director and Co-Founder Heidi Z Yao, Ph.D., said the idea for the site came from the fact that when she visited book recommendation sites and found a title that drew her attention she often wanted to have a trial look at it. The process necessary to find out if the title was available at her local library involved several clicks and other steps, and she wondered if it could be possible to access a library website directly from the one she was visiting.

Today Link2Library provides a convenient tool for visitors browsing book, movie and music websites to check whether any item is available at their home library with just one click. Having the Find in Library button on a site makes it more user-friendly. After Find in Library is integrated into a site, Link2Library automatically detects nearby libraries when visitors click the access button. Once the home library is confirmed, a catalog search for the desired item is performed.

In addition to catalog sites such as Amazon, users of sources such as Goodreads can add a Find in Library button to their account. By doing this a direct library check for availability can be made as soon as the review or description is read. As a demonstration, is developed by Link2Library Inc. to show how Find in Library button works after integrating to a website.

More than 10,000 libraries in the USA and Canada have been integrated to Link2 Library, and new libraries are added regularly based upon suggestions from libraries and users of the new site. There is no cost for using Link2Library for non-profit websites. For other websites, after a one month free trial, a subscription fee is based on monthly traffic.

Complete information on what Link2Library does and how to use it can be found at Questions can be emailed through the contact form on the site.

About Link2Library: The mission of Link2Library is to provide a handy tool to book, movie and music websites so that their visitors can check any library item’s availability at home library with one click.

Heidi Z. Yao
Link2Library Inc.
Tel: (226) 241-8808