Americans Seeking Large Tax Refunds Receive 1040 Form Instructions to File Accurately in 2014, 2015

For those looking to file their taxes accurately and ensure a large tax refund for their filings, Traverse City Tax Preparation’s article provides simple instructions for using the 1040 tax form.
by datwriterguy On August 25, 2014

Freedom from Worry with TurboTax Freedom Edition for 2014, 2015

Do you need someone besides yourself to prepare your tax return but are short on funds? How does “free” sound? Frank Ellis, a Traverse City tax expert, has good news.
by datwriterguy On August 25, 2014

Diamond specialists helping America to get back on its feet

Houston based diamond specialist Whiteflash is bucking the current economic trend by reporting record high export figures which now total a year on year rise of 30%.
by datwriterguy On August 25, 2014

IRS Tax Refund Cycle Tips Unveiled for 2014, 2015

Teresa Smith provides tips so taxpayers can stay in-line with the IRS 2014 tax refund schedule this year, in a concise article published on
by datwriterguy On August 23, 2014