Millions Die, Hundreds of Millions More Suffer Needlessly; New Bestseller Confronts the World’s Most Dire Challenges

There is just no reason for millions to die or for hundreds of millions more to suffer needlessly when the solutions are at our fingertips.
by datwriterguy On October 27, 2014

The Seven Spells of Qatain

V.P. Lattimore’s first volume of The Ipe Chronicles, The Seven Spells of Qatain is now available in EBook format.
by datwriterguy On October 11, 2014

New Motivational Press Imprint Fills Gap in Book Marketing and Distribution

PW Press Books, a new nonfiction trade publishing imprint of Motivational Press, offers professionals, small business owners, and speakers a level of control over publishing and distribution normally available only through self-publishing, while at the same time providing the unique advantages of the parent company’s proven book marketing services.
by datwriterguy On October 11, 2014

Is Marriage Obsolete? New Book Proposes “Radical” Solution

At 51%, marriage is at an all-time low, and according to recent surveys 44 percent of adults under 30 believe that marriage is obsolete.
by datwriterguy On October 10, 2014