“Beautiful Monsters” by Cynthia Ogren – A Love Story that will Keep Readers Wanting More

Summer reading may soon be over but fall readers will welcome with open arms Cynthia Orgen’s new release Beautiful Monsters. It is the next good book you’ll want to spend your weekend with.
by datwriterguy On September 28, 2014

New Bestseller Reveals the 7 Secrets to Retrain Your Brain to Optimize Your Life at Any Age!

Rapidly developing technologies and intensely focused research are removing the shroud of mystery that, for thousands of years, has surrounded the brain.
by datwriterguy On September 13, 2014

New Bestseller Reveals the 3 Secrets to Regain Personal Power in Turbulent Times!

Between the lines of life, something occurs from within us each time we face situations that strike a nerve.
by datwriterguy On September 4, 2014

The Sales Assassin Book by Anthony Caliendo

The Sales Assassin book, written by Anthony Caliendo, provides discussions on not what people like to hear, but on what people need to hear. In the dynamic sales environment these days, life is difficult and the truth hurts.
by datwriterguy On September 4, 2014