Could This Parasite Spark a Real-Life Zombie Apocalypse?

“It’s possible,” says author Liam Roth. “What the public doesn’t know about the parasite T-gondii (toxoplasmosa gondii), could endanger the world to a new kind of outbreak. T-gondii is known as the ‘zombie virus’ and could possible bring the events of a zombie-like apocalypse to term.”
by datwriterguy On November 13, 2014

Looking for love in all the wrong places? New Bestseller Positions ‘After 40’ Readers for Dating Success

Playing the dating game can be a challenge at any age or stage in life, but doing so at midlife has a whole host of other concerns that Nancy Michaels and Neil Wood cover in depth in Dating Success After 40.
by datwriterguy On November 5, 2014

Millions Die, Hundreds of Millions More Suffer Needlessly; New Bestseller Confronts the World’s Most Dire Challenges

There is just no reason for millions to die or for hundreds of millions more to suffer needlessly when the solutions are at our fingertips.
by datwriterguy On October 27, 2014

The Seven Spells of Qatain

V.P. Lattimore’s first volume of The Ipe Chronicles, The Seven Spells of Qatain is now available in EBook format.
by datwriterguy On October 11, 2014