Taking Lives: A Must Read

Murder mystery lovers will welcome with open arms Joseph Lewis’ trilogy called Taking Lives. It has the right mix of thrill and suspense that reader will enjoy.
by datwriterguy On September 2, 2014

ADRIAN AND SUPER-A: Two More Workbooks for Children with Autism and ADHD

My Rails Publishing releases two more life skills workbooks for young children with autism, Asperger's, or ADHD. The workbooks develop executive functioning and theory of mind, the skills to plan and to understand how others think and feel. The latest addition of workbooks will help children who struggle with waiting their turn or washing hands.
by datwriterguy On August 11, 2014

Gentle Lessons in New Book Series Prepare Children for Today’s Challenges!

Rosemary Evans has created a marvelous set of two books about a cute and appealing fairy named Tina. With each tale she cleverly weaves in a needed and timely moral teaching.
by datwriterguy On August 8, 2014

Award-winning sci-fi novel is a page burner!

Falling From Eden, Inc., award-winning sci-fi novel by Ross Wright, published by Bazorg Press, is a page burner.
by datwriterguy On August 6, 2014