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Get Your Traffic Violation Resolved Easily and Efficiently

Las Vegas, NV – Ticket Rescue is pleased to announce a sufficient way to handle the ticket you received during a traffic violation. Ticket Rescue’s website allows them to analyze your traffic ticket without requiring minimal input from the client. All you need to do is upload a photo of your traffic ticket at their website to get started.

Current methods of handling traffic violations consist of long days of courthouse appearances. This causes most people to give a guilty plea since they do not have time to appear in court. While pleading guilty may seem to be a simple case, you may end up with a bigger penalty than if you hired Ticket Rescue to handle your ticket for you. You risk paying more for your insurance premiums for a situation that could have easily been resolved by hiring the team of attorneys at Ticket Rescue.

Ticket Rescue understands you are busy and that is why they established the system they have in place. All you need to do is upload a photo of your traffic ticket to Ticket Rescue’s website and pay a small fee to have them represent you in court. You will not have to go to their office or schedule a meeting with their lawyers. Their years of success, experience, and knowledge of the traffic laws allows them to fully handle the case. Once they have all the ticket information, they will take over your case, appear in court on your behalf, and ensure that your ticket gets resolved for the lowest price possible

Depending on the situation, Ticket Rescue can help you receive no points on your DMV Record, no traffic school, no increased insurance rates. All of this while you make no court appearances, no waiting in line at the courthouse, and no missed work. Let Ticket Rescue fight your traffic ticket for you. Fighting traffic violations has never been easier!

About Ticket Rescue
Ticket Rescue has the highest level of professionalism. Their office is most known for their ability to analyze your tickets without requiring very little of your time. The company’s mission is to save you time, money, and to give you a chance to defend yourself even when you are not available. Ticket Rescue has built their reputation around their success of handling traffic violations. They’re open Monday through Friday from 8:30AM to 5:30PM and 24-hours a day online. For more information about Ticket Rescue, visit their website at

Ticket Rescue
6623 S. Las Vegas Blvd #305
Las Vegas, NV 89119
(702) 802-2222

JP Auto Transport, The Premiere Vehicle Shipping Company in Los Angeles

Anyone who has ever moved out of state or needed to transport a vehicle over a long distance, knows first-hand, how difficult, expensive and confusing the whole process can quickly become. In Los Angeles, this car shipping process is made much easier with experienced, nationwide car shipping companies like JP Auto Transport; which guide you through the vehicle shipping process and provide the best nationwide vehicle shipping services available.

Founded in 2001 in Los Angeles CA, JP Auto Transport is a nationwide car shipping company with a large fleet of company owned car carrier trailers and an industry leading network of partner car shipping companies in the United States. Today, we sat down with owner of JP Auto Transport, Kevin Parada, to discuss the “ins and outs” of the competitive vehicle shipping industry.

JP Auto Transport (

Q: So from my understanding this is a family business, right? How did this company get started?

A: This company was started in January 2001, post 9/11 terrorist attack. My father was a doorman at a busy hotel in downtown Los Angeles and my mother worked for LA Times, at the time. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, my father who worked at a busy tourist hotel was laid off due to sudden stop of tourist traffic and at the same time, my mother was laid off due to LA Times consolidating their work force.

My father always wanted to work for himself so he went out, bought a tow truck and became self-employed, starting what was known as JP Towing, at the time. My mother, my brothers and I all helped my father work and transport vehicles for much of the early stages in this business. We were all involved and worked many hours with my father as he tried to sustain the business. The business started out with one tow truck and since then, has grown to a fleet of car carriers and a large network or partner car shipping companies.

Q: How has the family business changed since the early days? How have you changed it since taking over?

A: This business is always evolving and becoming larger every day. We started out as a company which only serviced local dealerships but we have grown to become an industry leader in vehicle shipping services and we now accommodate customers across the country and are able to help coordinate vehicle shipping needs for corporate and private clients all over the United States.

Q: What are all the services you offer and what is your most popular service?

A: We offer local and nationwide car shipping services. Whether you’re a car dealership that buys cars in bulk and needs them delivered to your business OR you’re a customer whose moving out of state and needs their personally owned vehicle shipped, we can help. We have a company owned fleet of car carrier trailers & flatbed tow trucks, and we also utilize a strong network of partner car shipping companies across the United States. Big or small jobs, JP Auto Transport is happy to help with all vehicle shipping needs you may have.

Q: Do you ever plan on expanding to other parts of the country?

A: Currently, we ship cars across the entire United States so we’re keeping very busy with volume throughout the country. Soon we’ll look to expand into other parts of North America, such as Canada and Mexico; if everything goes smoothly, our vision is to be able to service countries across the world. Our vision is to make vehicle shipping as quick and as inexpensive as possible for all customers.

Q: What’s been the most difficult part of running the business and how have you gotten past those difficulties?

A: To be completely honest, I don’t ever see anything in this industry as a ‘difficulty’ but always more as an “opportunity”. The transportation and logistics industry doesn’t typically have the younger generation interested in it, so my opportunity lies in being young and having lots of time to be able to make an impact and have an influence on the processes and future of the industry. Streamlined processes, creative ideas, modern technology and implementation of new systems are all major opportunities for someone as young as me. I’m 30 years old and I’ve been part of the auto transport industry since I’ve been 14 years old. I have the ambition, knowledge and desire to become a major player in this industry and that’s what I’m working towards now. Never any difficulties, only opportunities.

Q: A lot of transportation services are looking into self driving vehicles. Do you believe that can transform your industry as well? Would you ever consider it?

A: Something that my mentors have taught me is that a business must always evolve with technology and its customers in order to survive and thrive. If self-driving vehicles begin to have an impact on our industry, that’s clearly something I’ll have to explore. At the moment though, I like to focus on the present and I like to build on what can have an effect on my company NOW. It’s very important to look into the future and prepare for what might come next but it’s equally important to seize the moment NOW and try to have an influence on what you’re able to control TODAY.

Q: What is the long-term vision you have for this business?

A: The long-term vision I have for this company is to become a world-wide solution for vehicle shipping services. I’m working to become the largest car shipping company in California, then the United States and eventually the world. The ultimate goal is to take this company public at some point.

Kevin Parada
JP Auto Transport
Main: (888) 590-0931
Local: (909) 313-2147

Houston TX Experts Patsco Windshield Recommend Cracked Windshield Repair to Ensure Driver and Passenger Safety

Too many people leave themselves at serious risk driving with cracked or chipped windshields. In Houston Patsco Windshield can help, with most of these kind of windshield repairs even covered 100% by insurance companies who considered it a “no fault” insurance issue.

July 25, 2017
It’s not uncommon to get a rock chip or crack to a windshield when driving and while undoubtedly frustrating, with the right contacts it can be a problem easily and inexpensively solved. Enter Patsco Windshield, experts in auto glass repair in Houston TX. When dealing with rock chip, cracked windshield repair of 24 inches or less, the company is often able to do the repair work at no charge to the car or truck owner, with insurance companies picking up the bill thanks to the “no fault” nature of the accident. This can, of course, be a huge relief, to put it mildly.

“We take windshield repair Houston very seriously,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “We fix auto glass problems of all kinds and make sure the job is done to the highest standards. If you are paying for auto insurance, and they will cover this kind of repair, there’s no good reason to take risks or even pick up tickets for driving around with a chip windshield.”

According to Patsco Windshield, they are very happy to have seven locations in Houston to best meet customer needs. It often only takes 15-20 minutes for Patsco Windshield professionals to fix auto glass to the highest standards, getting customers up and running safely in next to no time at all.

Potential customers are recommended to call, send a message or stop in one of the locations to discuss their windshield chip repair concerns.

Feedback from clients have been incredibly positive across the board.

Michelle S., from Houston, recently said in a five star review, “I recently moved to the city and in only a few days I managed to get a rock chip and needed a auto glass repair in Houston TX. A friend told me about the great experiences she has had at Patsco so I gave them a shot. I can’t believe how quick they finished, the quality is amazing, and after a call or two from Patsco my insurance company paid the whole bill. Fully recommended.”

To learn more be sure to visit

Windshield Chip and Crack Repair up to 24 inches. Free with Approved Insurance. Considered it no fault. Most insurance companies will waive your deductible and pay the entire cost. 877-717-5520.

Contact Information
Patsco Windshield Repair
Reginald McClane
(713) 340-9355

9815 South Main,
Houston, TX 77025

Instant Auto Loan Approval For All Car Buyers in Newmarket Guaranteed by New Car Canada

Whatever your current credit looks like, New Car Canada assures a fast and easy approval for all auto loan applicants in Newmarket.

Newmarket, Ontario – March 02, 2017. As cars have become an essential necessity, the demand for auto financing have been an all time high. What sets New Car Canada apart is that they offer a guaranteed 24 hour approval to anyone in Newmarket in need of financing regardless of credit. They also provide more auto loan approvals in Newmarket than any other site. You can simply apply online and submit your application whenever, wherever. New Car Canada is available to all clients 24/7. The company works with various car dealerships in Newmarket so they can work on giving you the best bargaining price available. The best part is that their application process is absolutely free. In fact, you can request for a quote on any vehicle you want and not owe them anything.

Requirements Needed to Get Approved
Applying for a car loan at New Car Canada is very straightforward. If you have a stable job with a basic monthly pay of $1,800, up-to-date driver’s license and able to obtain vehicle insurance coverage, you can get approved within 24 hours. No down payment necessary even with poor credit. Securing an approval is fast and simple with New Car Canada. Click here to know more about their financing services.

About Newmarket
The town of Newmarket is a relatively huge community located at Southern Ontario. Newmarket forms part of Greater Toronto region. Their economy is primarily focused on manufacturing, business, and retail sector. Its major landmarks include Upper Canada Mall, Fairy Lake Park and Newmarket Riverwalk Commons. Last 2013, it was named by Moneysense magazine as one of the best places to live in Canada. Its progressively diverse economy and numerous recreational areas afford its residents to enjoy a good quality of living. Newmarket is near Toronto and this allows commuters to easily go in and out of the city. In fact, many individuals living in Newmarket commute to Toronto for work. Being a bedroom community, it is obvious that having your own private transportation allows for more convenience and control. You can go to work at your own pace without having the need to rely on public transportation.

New Car Canada – Newmarket
New Car Canada has helped hundreds of individuals in Newmarket purchase the car that they need. The company has the fastest and simplest approval process in the province of Ontario. By submitting a few requirements online, you can get approved inside the comforts of your own home. New Car Canada’s auto financing rates are very competitive. Don’t let credit bum you out, take a look at New Car Canada today – Their application process is free and you can easily do it online.

Bad Credit Car Loans Newmarket
206 Yorkshire Drive, Newmarket, ON
L3Y 6J7
(855) 686-7494

Instant Auto Financing Offered in Peterborough Regardless of Credit Score

New Car Canada now offers guaranteed auto loans to everyone in the city looking to purchase a vehicle.

Peterborough, Ontario – March 02, 2017. In this day and age, having your own ride is more of a necessity than a luxury. New Car Canada – Peterborough acknowledges this and provides car buyers affordable auto loan options despite any credit concerns. Every month, they approve more than a thousand applicants in the province of Ontario alone. They accommodate everyone, even those who have experienced consumer proposal, repossession, or bankruptcy. As long as you meet their basic requirements, getting an approval will be a breeze. New Car Canada has reliable car dealership associates all over Ontario so you can quickly get the car that you need. Their online gallery allows you to choose from over 5,000 vehicles. Click here to know more about your options today.

New Car Canada Application Requirements
You can instantly get approved for any type of car in Peterborough as long as you meet the following requirements: a.) proof of monthly salary reaching a minimum of $1,800, b.) able to secure an insurance policy for vehicle and c.) owns a valid driver’s license. Unlike other bad credit car dealers, New Car Canada doesn’t require an initial money down or cash out. Meet the said requirements and your approval is definitely guaranteed. They boast an acceptance rate of 100 percent, the highest among all sites in Peterborough. Furthermore, applying is 100% FREE with no obligations to purchase any item.

Peterborough City
Electric City is the official moniker of Peterborough City as it is the first area in Canada to have ever used electricity. As expected, the city’s economic baseline is on technology and manufacturing. It is currently home to multinational companies like Rolls Royce, General Electric, and Siemens. Peterborough teems with exciting local attractions and notable landmarks. It offers a wide array of art exhibits, cultural shows, museums, heritage sites, and fun recreational centers. Having a car of your own will give you the convenience to explore its wonderful sites.

About New Car Canada
New Car Canada is one of the few online auto loan companies that provides auto loan options to all of their applicants regardless of credit score. Their auto loan rates are reasonable and fair. Find this out for yourself by applying at their website- It is ABSOLUTELY FREE and is guaranteed safe. Apply and get approved in less than 24 hours.

Bad Credit Car Loans Peterborough
212 Rogers Street, Peterborough, ON
K9H 1W3
(855) 686-749