Canadians love their Dune Electronic Cigarettes

Posted July 24, 2014 by
People are turning to Dune Cigs over others

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) July 24, 2014

Calgary, Alberta: People across Canada have fell in love with Dune cigs. Due to the quality and taste of these electronic cigarettes sales have been up and continue to rise. When asked, 53% of e-cigarette users have said they are using Dune. This brand is becoming the new standard in the electronic cigarette industry across not only Canada but all of North America. In an independent survey of 100 electronic cigarette users 53% of them said they prefer Dune over the competition. “I have tried others like Smoke NV and the taste just wasn’t there like Dune” Morain Willis has stated during the survey. “The ecig itself seems to last a lot longer no peeling, the battery lasts like it should and it doesn’t dry out like the others on the market” Alex Kefler also mentioned. Dune Cigs are so readily available within Canada and on the internet through their website that is it no wonder why these are becoming the norm. Creating a brand is a large task if one provides a product that isn’t up to standard, it will be at the bottom and stay there. If one creates a product that is held to the highest standards it will become the king of the industry. Dune Cigs is doing it right with their company. Their online presence is booming and so is their retail. Walk into a convenience store and there is a high chance to see Dune displays emptying faster than they can fill them. This is why Dune is owning the market: • High standards in manufacturing has created a product consumers can trust. • People prefer the taste of Dune products over other the competition. • Have a problem with any of their products? Their customer support is unmatched and makes people feel like they actually want business unlike others where one is just an order number! Dune Cigs is becoming the leader in electronic cigarettes not only in Canada, but in the USA as well. Their high standards for manufacturing of not only their units but e-liquids provide their customers with trust. People can find Dune products throughout Canada in over 2000 retail locations. More information can be found at Steven Muzaic Dune Vapor Group Inc. 1-866-731-0428

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