Best Ab Machines For Home Publishes Top Ten List Of Abomdinal Exercise Machines

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Shim Sham Life is proud to publish its list of top ten best ab machines for home on its website. Come see which models and which brands make the top of our list for best ab exercise machines for your home gym

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Press Release) October 25, 2014


Shim Sham Life, a organization dedicated to product reviews and news of all things home related, is proud to publish its list of best ab machines for home at large online retailers and your neighborhood home store.

Emil Yau, online marketing consultant and chief editor at Shim Sham Life puts a high value on bestseller lists as sources of research to supplement your deep dive research of piling through various ab machine ratings and reviews.

“While I definitely enjoy researching ab exercise machine reviews and testimonials, for those new to this field the best place to start your research is bestseller lists. If a specific model of abdominal exercise equipment is very popular, there’s got to be a reason for it.” says Yau. “There is a reason a certain product will be popular in sales. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best ab machine for you. Each person is unique. What it does afford you is a great starting point in your research.”

With all this said and done, Yau invites you to check out the best ab machines bestseller list. And to give you a head start, here are the top three best ab machines for home. Ab exercises in the dog tilt position have been shown to be better for your back, and consequently the Ab Circle Pro Ab Machine has become very popular. The standard ab bench is always a favorite and the APEX Roman Hyper Extension Bench is one of the most popular of these. Finally, due to its lower price and effective advertising campaign, the Ab Rocket continues to be one of the most popular ab machine worldwide.

Abdominal exercise machines continue to evolve as more health studies are done on proper ways to get effective exercise while protecting your body. Considering losing weight and getting an attractive six pack of abs also continues to be a goal for many, the manufacturers of abdominal machines continue to engineer upgrades and changes to meet the demand for quality exercise machines.

“There are so many different models and types of ab machines, with different levels of effectiveness and difficulty, and with a wide variety of prices. So really we think the value of the bestseller list is a great place to start. Look at what is the most popular, then go through your feature list and see what you like, what you don’t like, what you would need, and what you wouldn’t need.” says Yau.

Yau invites you to check out the full bestseller list as well as all other reviews, buying guides, and tips on the Best Ab Machines For Home website.


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