Baristabarbar Expands its Barista Training in London

Baristabarbar is expanding its barista training facility in central London. After ten years of being the main barista and coffee school in London, they are about to create a new facility to meet the increasing demand at the Baristabarbar Coffee School. Baristabarbar will expand its coffee roastery and create a coffee sensory laboratory. This would allow the coffee courses to include coffee cupping experiences. The barista courses would then be the only place where full barista training could happen at one London location.

Baristabarbar will take on new members of staff to increase capacity and meet the expanding Speciality Coffee market that has doubled in size in London in the past five years.

Baristabaarbar has been expanding its latte art courses to also include advanced techniques for those preparing to compete in the World Barista Championships. The new offering the barista courses will be completed in January 2020.

Baristabarbar has currently trained the majority of baristas working in the UK and this has assisted in bringing London cafes to the standard of other countries such as Sweden and the Netherlands. Baristabarbar aims to double the number of participants in its barista training groups. The full coffee laboratory will also be roasting coffee from around the world.

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